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cheesy 50s era infomercial music
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I probably wont' get a single response to this thread but I figure I'd give this a shot.

I need that cheesy, plinky, background music that they use for cheesy 50s/60s era KITCHEN OF THE FUTURE type infomercials.

Why can't I find this. I've been searching google for hours with seaches like:

Retro Commercial Music
Retro 1950s Advertisement Music
Infomercial Retro Music

And any other possible combination of those searches.

Does anyone have ANY idea what I'm talking about. I'm hoping some of the older more experience people on here (Diginerd etc) know what I'm talking about.

If I could just find a video...
then you'd know what sort of dinky, plinky, weird cheesy music I'm talking about.


Are you thinking of something like Orbital's "Easy Serv" from the Blue Album?

Somewhat on-topic, here is a collection of commercials from the '50s and '60s. Kind of amusing and quaint:


Some of the early ads run to exactly one minute, which seems positively "epic" in our era of fifteen-second hooks. :p
Here is a sample of the Orbital song I mentioned:

Easy Serv

Sounds like "kitchen of the future" music to me, but maybe you were thinking of something else...
DJ 00 Tommy
That music sounds abit to chilled out. Maybe if it was slightly faster. I think you could probably make some pretty easily. With all major chords and glockenspiels + thin pads.

Maybe look up the music from The Sims games.
No idea what it is, but I immediately thought of the unkle song "ball busters" :toothless
Try bit-torrent or a non-ty p2p program. (There's a few.)
Look for stuff by Raymond Scott. :)
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