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Modify Technics To Go +/-16%?
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I found this on a webpage. I have not tried it. I was wondering if anyone has done/heard of doing this.

Technics dont have to be limited to +-8%. They can be modified to go upto a max of +-16%. Dont do this if you are totally thick with taking things apart.


2) Remove platter


4) Unscrew all the screws aroung the plastic cover under the platter and remove the plastic cover

5) Look for a few little pots - top right of circuit board (plastic things that you turn with a screwdriver to adjust settings)
if you look closely you will see small printed words near them (cant remember exactly) one is pitch and one is the break

6) If you turn the pot for the pitch to maximum then your SL1200/1210's will go to a nice +-16% (they are close to the bottom when purchased)

7) Put the deck back together again and play

The other pot is for the magnetic breaking system. If your START/STOP button doesnt slam-on like what you want (or goes too hard and into a reverse) then you adjust this.
and void your waranty. Thanks but no thanks.

the entire thing is on
Yeah I adjusted mine, but only because when I bought it, the range was too small, +/- 6% (i could tell by the strobe dots), so i increased it up to about +/- 8% by opening it up..
Yeah I read about this too, but I would never do it, unless of course like in quddha's case where there were below the normal range for some reason. Sure it sounds like it would be a good idea, but the problem with increasing the range of pitch on the 1200s, is that you pay dearly for it in terms of precise beat matching. You're increasing the range of the pitch over the same length of the pitch slider/fader length, so you end up throwing away the precision of a 1200. Beat matching becomes a nightmare when you do that.
My advice is leave your 1200s the way they are, if you really need that great a range of pitch control then go out and buy some Vestax tables, which were built for that :D
or you could take em to a certified technics dealer and have them calibrate them. They will make it +/- 8 for you at no cost if you can show that they arent.
i prefer to leave mine alone.. to me that seems like a pet doctor doing surgery on a person.. i work on cars all the time but for some reason i wouldn't feel comfortable disecting my techs
Dj Thy
Bah, if anyone needs to know how to either

- change the pitch RANGE
- change the brake power
- change the pitch 0% point (there are 2 on SL's, the quartz lock 0%, and the real 0%)
- calibrate your SL's
- factory default settings of all the above
- mod your SL's so they got remote start
- mod your SL mkII so they have a quartz lock defeat button.

Just ask me, I'll be happy to help. I repaired several Techies, so I pretty much know what I'm talking about.

Don't forget that if you increase your pitch range, it will become much less precise. As you have a bigger amount of pitch to cover on the same slider distance...

/mode Technics wizzard OFF :D
you could also just get a pair of 1210M5Gs.... they switch to 16% with a push of a button!!!
Evan Almae
what's the point of pitiching it up so far???:conf:
say for example you want to use a house beat record or a breakbeat record for a particular mix, you have to beatmatch it!

Dj Thy
Sorry, but that can be solved with intelligent track selection. I rarely pitch more than 6%.

Most extreme pitching i have ever done was -8% on one and +8% on the other.... which gives a difference of 16% anyway....

No need IMHO.- My denons at work go +/-10% and are selectable to go +/- 16%- and ive never really gone more than 8% or so...

Good programming will get around the need for it
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