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Problems beat matching
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This morning I woke up and started mixing only to find myself really annoyed at the fact that I have a subtle difference in match up beats. . . To the trained ear it is easy to spot. . .

This matters to me because I really want a solid match up, but it seems like that is sooo hard to keep after a minute or two. I want a Flawless victory like you get in mortal kombat!! I feel like I am just not there yet, but I want to be there. . .

I am always constantly riding the pitch inbetween the beats, but never going over a beat. . .

This subtle difference really gets to me. . .

Anyone have thoughts on this??
more practice. And check if your records are warped.
what kind of equipment u using? vinyl or CDs?
Using turntables
two Stanton ST8 - 80s
Originally posted by we_R_DNA
Using turntables
two Stanton ST8 - 80s

thats ur problem right there... i had stantons too, and its very hard to keep it matched for longer than a minute or so... get technics and u won't have this problem... ur tables are prolly loosing their pitch...
agree with serban

thats your problem. alot of turntables can only hold the pitch for a while then they lose it. but its actually good because when you get technics you will find it much easier to mix.
When i first got my techs back in 99, i found it difficult to mix over my old soundlab dlp3's (whatever yhappened to Sound lab in the budget market). After a week my mixing had improved no end. Good t/t's are ESSENTIAL if you are serious about mixing. I would still say techs over anything with the 4x torque bollox. Technics are robust and durable, built like tanks. I know a guy who has had his mk2's for 12 years and along with my 7 year olds are still going like the day they were bought.
i agree with the above
some people seem to overlook technics, but i wouldn't buy anything else. 1210s all the way.
im at the same problem. My beats dont ever slip but it still dont sound right. I can hear my mixing is ever so slighly off and its highly annoying.. I have 1210's mind. Its all down to practice..
Keeping in mind that I own a pair of Technics 1210's, I wouldn't recommend as a solution that you get better decks than you have, Andrew. If you find that your transitions of 1 or 2 minutes end in the tracks becoming more and more out of beat-sync, the best solution is to ride the pitch all the way through the transition. As you get better at doing this, you will be able to spend less time concentrating on riding the pitch and more on EQing your way through the mix. But, you can't expect to beatmatch the tracks before making the transition, and then not touching the pitch again after that. If you had technics decks, then you might be able to get away with doing that as they are very good at keeping their pitch, but the reality is that you'll be a more agile DJ if you don't require quality decks with stable pitch. Ride or die, muthafucka :p

when riding the pitch, match by the highs first. it's the most accurate. followed by a snare or synths. the kick is the least reliable.
its your headphones!
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