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Disappointing & surprising tracks
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In your experience as a DJ, what were some tracks that, disappointingly, failed to produce a packed dancefloor, when you played them?

And conversely, what were some tracks that resulted in a sensational crowd response?
the UK garage mix of Shola Ama - Imagine, cant remember whose remix it is.

It came out about 4-5 years ago and used to tear dancefloors apart back home when I was 16ish in the midst of the garage boom. I know play commercial house etc every so often up at my stuidents union and we quite often do a classic garage set and when i dropped this the reaction was literally "meh". I was shocked!

Im sure I can think of a trancier example, but thats the most recent one that sticks out in my mind

EDIT: Most surpising tune was Marco V - Automanual, playing after a dnb dj at a house party full of drum heads and emo kids and the place going the off :D:D
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