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Problem with sound during recording
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I have a really annoying problem im facing... It happens randomly. Sometimes I record a set to my computer and the audio sounds perfect, other times after recording an hour + long set I find that the audio is completely ruined and my time has been wasted.

Sometimes the audio starts out normal, then after a few minutes it is really distorted. Here is an example of a clip I recorded.

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I cannot hear the distortion through the speakers, it sounds completely normal. I only discover this wonderful little present after spending hours recording sets and then listening to it on my computer. And it is also not my computer, I even burned a CD thinking it was my PC that was making the wierd noises, but the distortion is still there even on a burned CD. Earlier today I recorded what I could say what was the best mix I've done in a really long time only to find out that the audio was destroyed.

What is causing this? Is it my cartridges? Is it dirty records? Is it crappy rca cables? Ahhh!! I want to be able to record a mix without fear of wasting my time if the final product just ends up sounding like this!

Help me!
you're not running the mixer on over 0dB, are you? if not, then i'd look into getting a new soundcard maybe. but before that i'd probably try to use a different program to record. also are you sure you've not connected the cable from your mixer to mic in on your computer, but line in?
oh and i can't be bothered to listen to the sample! ;)
yeah my two RCA cables are connected to AUX (in 2) on my sound blaster live platinum 5.1 .... the sound card is about 4/5 years old...
Right away, i can say that it is not the clipping, needle or records problem. It should not be the cable problem either. Are you monitoring your mix from the mixer or throught the sound card? Try listening to what you are recording through the sound card, while you are recording. If everything is fine, then its the programs fault. Check all of the recording settings, samplerate and bitrate. They should be 44.100 KHz 16Bit. Cosider trying different program to record with. Different soundcard will help also. Try downloading latest driver for that card.
Your input on your soundcard might be too high. Make sure the wave form looks normal and not huge and distorted.
Are you using FS 1? I have FS 1.5, and if I leave the amp and laptop on for extended periods of time, this tends to happen.....I make sure I restart my laptop and fs amp everytime I spin...
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