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Earplug Questions
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Hi all! I know there have been threads like this before, but I have some specific questions so would like them answered.

I went to a club this past Saturday and had a great time, however it was really loud, and towards the end it was really bothering me, and today my ears are kind of sore Ė and thatís not cool. I forgot to bring earplugs - usually I bring foam cheap ones, and they didnít have any behind the bar. So considering that the next few months are party heavy here in Toronto I thought it would be a good idea to take my ears seriously.

Anyway I remembered reading back here a while ago about fancy earplugs and have been looking into them, specifically the Etymotic ER-20s ( They provide between 15-20db of noise reduction, and apparently do so at all frequencies so the sound does not sound muffled or distorted. This appeals to me as I find the foam cheap ear plugs are often too quiet and they make the music sound much different.

However, the foam ones provide up to 30db of noise cancellation, which is better if my ears are my top priority.

So my questions are:

1) Does anybody have any experience with these earplugs or competitors (if there are any)?

2) Do they cut the sound equally across all frequencies as advertised?

3) Are they significantly better than the foam cheapies, in terms of noise reduction and sound quality?

4) How are they for comfort? I find the foam cheapies not too bad but after 5-6 hours they really start to bug me. However something about the ER-20s seems uncomfortable to me? Can anyone comment on this?

5) Online from Etymoticís webpage they are USD$12, and I phoned Long and McQuade here in Toronto, and they said they sold them for CAD$150, I asked the guy to double check it and he said thatís how much they cost (crazy!) Has anybody ordered them online or bought them in Toronto?

6) And any other tid-bits of info would be highly appreciated!

Thanks for your help everyone. Ears are super important, as that is why we go to these parties!

And while Iím at it I thought Iíd throw in a Poll. Everyone loves Polls.
the ones you were quoted $150 for will be the custom moulded Er15/ER25s
Much better.
Cant comment on the $12 ones as I personally use the custom ones, but they do drop all frequencies by the same amount. You forget you have them in TBH and they are so comfortable (again talking about the custom ones)

The foam ones provide up to -30 on some frequencies- but not others. They also get bloody uncomfortable and someties are a pain to get to seal properly in the ear.
You also get a large occlusion effect (look it up ) with the foamies.

For listening, then personally speaking, the biggest reduction possible is best....when Im doing lights/lasers in big events and venues or out in a club socially, I use foamies with a SNR of 50. When Djing I use my custom -15s/-25dBs.....

$12 isnt going to bankrupt you is it....get them and find out. If you think they suck then go back to foamies.
Mr. Tippy
I have the ER-20's.

They do cut sound more equally than foam ones. The difference is quite noticable. They're not perfect for sound quality, but they're quite good.

I've never worn them for more than an hour at a time, so I can't comment on comfort wearing them longer. I don't find them uncomfortable.

Yes, they're much better than foamies.

I got them for $12.
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