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Talla 2XLC - Live at Kinki Palace (12-25-01)
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Nice mix by talla. I didnt have anyother of his sets So I dlled it last year from RMF, and I was very pleasantly surprised by it. Very nice traxx throught the mix and mixing itself was nice too.. The thing I liked the most was that he played my 2001 no#1 track Nu NRg - Dreamland (although he managed to ruin that beautiful buildup :()
haha I dont know if U guys have the same rip I do, but in the rip I have there was a funny thing: It seems like @ ~58 minute mark recorder accidentally switchde to the local 'soft' radio. and for ~50 seconds there was Whitney Houston in the *.mp3 :) after that he switched back to 'PUNK' :D

nice mix my 9/10 :D
I'm really not sure about this one, it seems to be more of a show off - "look what records I've got" than a good mixing session.

Sorry, I'm a sucker for really sweet mixing (not that I can do it :p).
Great mix! Especially the beginning - the first set I've heard that begins with a Russian tune. And damn I'm pround for this (my) country.

another mix thats been on other sites from 3 weeks ago.....

if there is gonna be 1 mix every 24 days here.....why cant it be unique
Little Theseus
A good set of Talla though, he really improved his mixing skills compared to the other sets I heard from him almost a year ago. Although I think he still has much to learn about his skills, but the choice of his records is brilliant, except for these two: the first one, itís a big hit here in Holland, I hear it 10 times a day, Iím sick of it now :), but I donít think itís the same in other countries. The 2nd track I dislike is at 80.00; itís a completely ed up version of Southside Spinners Ė Luvstruck, download the track and hear the difference.
Anywayz, keep up the good sets!
( I gave this one a 7 by the way )
Originally posted by delstar

another mix thats been on other sites from 3 weeks ago.....

if there is gonna be 1 mix every 24 days here.....why cant it be unique

Greed will get you nowhere.

I have never done things based on what other sites do nor will I ever start to.

If you don't like it, too bad.

If I like it, it goes up - regardless of whether 1 other site has it posted up or 200.

Just because you have it doesn't mean the 10999 other daily visitors to the site have it.

Ever think of that?

Didn't think so.
That mix that he plays is not that different from the original apart from the dodgy chords in the background and some dodgy bloke shouting "Speed Up! Back and Forth!" every now and again. I like Luvstruck, but because it is so old, only really play the Atlantis ITA Mix anymore.
now if talla only knew how to mix cleanly... this set would've gotten an 8 or 9 from me. voted a 6 cuz i can mix better myself. and for that guy who was whining that this set was posted on other sites.


swamper spends a load of time and effort into this site and for u to flame on his msg boards... show the man some respect.
i wont even waste my time swearing at you gsx.....try to be somewhat mature

I think this is a great set. its funny about the mixing thing though. Check this out right, i have like a ton talla cd's (technoclubs) and in every one the mixes are Excellent. but this is only the 2nd live set i have ever heard from him (becides when i saw him at ultra 3 amazing!!!) and the other live set i heard from him was posted here some time ago and the mixing wasn't that good either. its funny the man has awesome records maybe he just isn't a good mixer. maybe when he makes cd's he has to try and mix two tracks togeather like 10 times before he gets it right for it to sound perfect. hehe i dunno kinda makes sence. because as i said on all of his cd's that i have are excellect mixing. but reguardless of the mixing i think that he is a GREAT dj and this is a great set and thank you for posting it. peace and respects. :D
good choice of tunes. I am pretty sick of PPK tho. First time i heard it, it was great, but it sucks now.

The mixing has surely improved since i heard the last talla set on TA (diezenbach or something?)

Its nice to hear fresh tunes too,but the track around 34 mins annoys me :whip:
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