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Miami Music Conference
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The Miami Music Conference dates have been announced

Press Release - October 14, 2005 - For Immediate Release

March 18th - March 26th (Saturday – Sunday) are the dates for the Miami Music Conference, the longest, largest, highest-profile celebration of music in the city's history:

With an extended 9 day schedule of music, celebrity DJs, industry events, and world-class musicians, the Miami Music Conference is the flagship music event of the year.

Why the longer schedule?

In the past, cramming the celebration into just one long weekend has caused several challenges:

1) Not all attendees can fly to Miami on the same weekend.

2) There are too many events to attend and not enough time to attend them;

3) Too many visitors flying into and out of Miami resulting in higher flight rates;

4) Insufficient amount of hotel rooms resulting in over priced accommodations and services;

5) Long lines and over priced door covers resulting from way too much consumer demand:

6) Overcrowded and uncomfortable clubs putting everyone (especially club doormen) in a bad mood;

7) No time to stop and enjoy Miami and the Beaches.

With a generous schedule of 9 days (5 weekdays and 2 weekends), the Miami Music Conference offers two different weekends for attendees to choose from. Miami locals now get a chance to see the action and Spring Breakers can finally take in the experience. DJs can play longer sets, attendees can catch more industry events, and, most importantly, more people can see more DJs. “Clubs have already started booking DJs to play two shows instead of just one. This will be a tremendous help in relieving the over crowding at the clubs”, explained Louis Puig owner of Space, Spirits and Spin.

Finally, in response to the urging of club-goers, DJs, and the entire music industry, everyone will get the lengthened music celebration and relaxation we need and deserve. The South Beach Nightclub and Hotel Association stated; “Miami nightclubs and hotels will finally get the opportunity to properly host our guests and show the world what an incredible place this can be when you have the time to relax and enjoy. Flights and hotel rooms are already being booked so plan ahead and save.”

The festivities will begin on Saturday March 18th with the two-day Global Gathering Music Festival. Global Gathering in England and Ireland are hugely successful celebrations that set attendance records in both countries. Angel Music Group, Track Entertainment and Space bring this phenomenal festival to South Florida as part of the Miami Music Conference. Global Gathering will take place on Saturday and Sunday and will feature a diverse lineup of the world’s top electronic, rock, urban and latin acts. These 2 massive events will attract over 40,000 people to Miami and the beaches
sounds awesome
when are we gonna see you playing out there?
I booked my flight back in Sept

Was a bit scared to see the extended dates and what thats gonna do to my body

But what the hell :D
you only get to abuse and take advantage of your youth so many times in life :d

i hope i can break some records :disbelief :disbelief
I missed it last year so this time is gonna be that much better
Miss Lizzie
Originally posted by Tayfoon
I missed it last year so this time is gonna be that much better

I've never been but my first visit which will sadly not be this year.. I'm sure I'd go off!! Redbulls and vodkatinis
Sounds sweet...2 hrs sets are always a welcome change to the 1 hr ones...
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