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How old are you trancEaddicts? (pg. 6)
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I'll be 21 in a month
Just turned 21 in October 2000 -yes no more when going to Webster Hall and Twilo
PLUR Everyone
Swamper thank u for the music video by Chicane - Saltwater
Saltwater Rain is washing through my soul right now
oh F*CK, 21 already!!!

:) :) :) :)
I turned 20 today !!
Happy bday to myself ! haha
o me well i am twenty 3 whoopee
I'll b 20 in june!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by C-naptik
I turned 20 today !!
Happy bday to myself ! haha

dont know when you wrote this or if youll even see my msg. but happy birthday to you.:)
i'll be 20 on may 9th 2001

can somebody send me a trance greeting card on my bday ?! :p
21.687 :)
Thanks TheEyesofDarkness, well it was March 7th, the date when i wrote this post is written to the left so...hehe

Thank you again for wishing me an delayed happy birthday !

Paul Wilson
19 but I'll be 20 on July 11th!
HI, newbie to this board here but I guess I feel kinda old at 28.

FYI - when I have enough posts this will be my avatar, its small enough right?

Happy to be here!
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