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Mac vs PC? (pg. 2)
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DJ Lucas
mac is what all the bigshots use so there's got to be something to it....but pc is so have more options with PC
I think its just a gimmick personally i think that when someone heres one person say that this is better thna that for this.

Its like a fad nike sneakers and adidas there both sneakers made for walkingbut one person says ones better and there usually a big name producer and the newbs say ohh man i gotta get me one of those macs etc becuase bt says its better.

personaly i wouldnt spend my money on a mac becuase like i said they havent shown me anything special.
Mac is still better though
yep....good luck on your sale
Well Thank you :whip: :whip:
you're welcome
ok guys, this debate has been on since the antique times.

PC is versatile, Mac is stable, but Mac beats PC not only because of the powerful features that it comes with, but also, because you can install Windows XP or 2000 as a sub-platform.

This means that you'll have the versatility of a PC and the power of a mac in one.

I do have a PC now, and trust me, is a cheap ass compaq presario , with a Pentium III and 512 RAM, and still I can make good music with it, now imagine what you can do with a Mac and its sub-platform Windows XP. ;)
going mildly off-topic here, but when you run windoze xp on a mac (I assume virtualPC?), doesn't it use up extra processor grunt re-routing all the calculations to work on a Gx processor?
Of course, that is a price you gotta pay, but , if use for example, a Power Core Mac G5 of 2.4 Ghz, it will be able to handle it really easily.
will be nice to see somebody opinion who has DUAL PROCESOR P4


The problems with PC come from windows, my linux box gets lower latency, pretty much every program is able to route audio to another, thru hardware too, doesn't have sooo much other crap that slows you down, you can tweak anything, all the software is free!

most of your vstis will still work.

but you do have to spend alot of time mucking around on your computer to get it all to work :(

hehe, sorry, im still all excited from all the new things I have been installing
pc is faster and less expensive and doesn't have annoying cutesy icons. Basically you buy mac only because you think it looks cool and can afford it
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