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[New Mix] Looking Forward to Yesterday
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Steven Hays
Steven Hays and The Violet Crown Sessions Present:
Looking Forward to Yesterday / An eclectic mix of forward thinking music.


Duration: 74:53
01. Unknown – Unknown [CDR]
02. Tiebreaker – Prominence (AFK’s Mah-seev Breaks Mix) [Pacific Front Recordings]
03. Watchhmen – Alchemist (Grid System Remix) [Composure Recordings]
04. Fourthstate – Reality Fault [Independent Artists]
05. Crane and Stroud – Anatek (Stroud Breaks Mix) [Mixing Vinyl Records]
06. Blue Room Project – Tone Deaf (Nash T’s Broken Mix) [Mixturi Global]
07. Nikola Gala – Rule the Break [Deep]
08. Stama & Nick Proteus – People and Places From The Past (Fretwell Remix) [Erase]
09. Artistic Noise – Devil’s Burn (Simuck's Remix) [Fiberline Audio]
10. Stuart McKeown – Sub Render [Independent Artists]
11. Peter Martin – Sunday Melody [Prodigal Sounds]


This is a really special mix for me. All songs in this mix truly represent what I'm about as a DJ. Thanks for all the PM's I've been receiving, it really is an inspiration, you know who you are...

01. Unknown – Unknown

All I can say about this track is that is will be released here by the end of the month/early next month. This is honestly the best ambient track I’ve ever heard from the mastering to overall melodic and chill out mood. Perfect for background noise amongst your significant other.

02. Tiebreaker – Prominence (AFK’s Mah-seev Breaks Mix) [Pacific Front Recordings]

Written and produced by Davin Greenwell and Anand Greenwell
Remix and additional production by Davin Greenwell as AFK. Putting these mixes together is like a puzzle. I go through several 10's of tracks and some just happen to fit together. Well, it obvious this was perfect to start the set off. These guys are new to the scene and the original is actually an ambient version. Greenwell did very nice to this track by adding some punch to the track adding to a list of great opening tracks in my arsenal. Davin has had several releases and remixes on this label and is sure to be a future star in the scene.

03. Watchmen – Alchhemist (Grid System Remix) [Composure Recordings]

Watchment and Gridsystem, or Paul and Gareth, are two very unique brothers from the UK. They have a new sound that heightens the plateau of the breaks industry. Alchemist is a very edgy track that pulls out all the goodies on this one. Great breakdowns along with a bouncy bassline along with an inconsistent (good thing) kick. The whole 11minutes and 35 seconds of this track are simply brilliant. It never gets old and only allows for the listener to become aware that what these two guys are coming up with is nothing short of amazing. Watch out for this brotherly love duo this year, they’re going to blow up fast…

04. Fourthstate – Reality Fault [Independent Artists]

"Reality Fault" is yet another track on this mix that just never gets old. Its simple--chilling breakbeat with beautiful atmosphere. Great FX and wonderful panning on this one. A subtle voice to off the breakdown and once again the beat just rolls on. Very solid production that continues to be played over and over on my CD decks.

05. Crane and Stroud – Anotek (Stroud’s Break Mix) [Mixing Vinyl Records]

I’ve always been a fan of Stroud’s work and this one is another consistent player from his arsenal. It brought the mix’s pace up a bit. The stabbing synths were very loud and this track does exactly what I wanted it to do in this mix, get the listener’s attention. I’m known for some very mellow breakbeat sets and to be honest I use them as sleeping aides sometimes. This mix was intended differently and Stroud woke me up. Great remix by Stroud.

06. Blue Room Project – Tone Deaf (Nash T’s Broken Mix) [Mixturi Global]

We all know Nash T from his collaboration with Halogen on “On a Bridge”, which by the way is a superb chilling breaks track. Nash broke out the beats on his own here and remixed famed Blue Room Project’s “Tone Deaf.” This one incorporating a much more powerful bassline to prolong the increased tempo in the set. It was a short track to mix in but a great attention getter. Another great production.

07. Nikola Gala – Rule the Break [Deep]

Deep Records continues to push out great talent. When you think Nikola Gala, “Swing To Harmony” first comes to mind. But when you hear his EP on Deep you think to yourself, “Is this the same producer?” Nikola’s style is all over the place with ambient to progressive house, to what we have here, progressive breaks. This track is hard edged and powerful for any set. A subtle robotic vocal comes in and out and the bassline is plain sick. Everyone should give this EP a try.

08. Stama & Nick Proteus – People and Places From The Past (Fretwell Remix) [Erase]

If anyone is familiar with breaks they surely know who Tim Fretwell is. This is perhaps one of the greatest tracks I’ve ever heard. The mood is driving and it has such a powerful punch to it. It mostly reminds me of something Oakey would cane back in his “Another World” days. Fretwell really out does himself proving this track to be absolutely mind-blowing.

09. Artistic Noise – Devil’s Burn (Simuck’s Remix) [Fiberline Audio]

Simuck is a producer from Lithuania who is best known through his work with Andrew K and “Clouds Go By.” Simuck’s style in this remix is a tribally breakbeat feeling. Very gentle and the vocal is reminiscent of something Underworld would produce. This brought the mix down to its last leg in an effort to cool down the mood. Simuck’s trademark beep is heard in this, and the atmosphere he places in this track is so relaxing. A subtle guitar plays the role of the bringing you out of the breakdown onto the finishing vocals. I think we’ll hear a lot more from Simuck in the future of breakbeat.

10. Stuart McKeown – Sub Render [Independent Artists]

One word, “Wicked.” This track is simply sick. I could easily see James Zabiela throw this down. Hell I think James could sit back and relax with the FX module for once while this track does everything on its own. Crazy beets and beeps and static found here. The background reminds me a lot of FC Kahuna’s “Hayling.” This brought the mix to a close and well done I might add. Superb production by this up and comer.

11. Peter Martin – Sunday Melody [Prodigal Sounds]

Peter’s gearing towards an ambient mood lately, and as a friend of his I have to say he does it great justice. This track was the perfect closing of a wonderful session. Piano’s and all sorts of sounds completed this masterpiece. I have to say after knowing Peter for almost a year now, he never ceases to amaze me with what comes out of that brain of his. Always innovative and always on par with today’s fast paced Electronic Dance Music genre. There is plenty to come from this young 24 yr. old. He’s just now putting his feet into the water, but place your bets that he will be a huge influence and a huge artist in the coming years.

Take care,


*This is posted in the amateur section as well: HERE
username/pw for download?
Originally posted by groovemoose
username/pw for download?

you have to make your own account on the site, then download from there.

Downloading set right now. :)
hey steve,

always like your stuff.
i don't know why but i like to have it on the background while i study. :D
Steven Hays
Thanks guys...:D
heard ur set.. not bad
jkeep the good work....

sounded like one track wasnt on key though
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