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Dallas this weekend (march 4th-5th)
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I will be in dallas this weekend for a large get together with friends. I'm looking for a club that plays good trance. Few of my friends are going to Club blue on friday and then saturday night to a place called Purgatory. Should I go with them or somewhere else?
I use to go to SEVEN on Saturdays. It's a pretty cool place.
I've never been to Club Blue and I heard that Purgatory is really nice.
you might want to go dressed really nice if your going to purgatory its a bit swanky thats what ive heard..

as far a trance clubs they are few and far between in dallas imo
Heaven (top floor of Purgatory) is a great place to hang, dance, and have a good time.

Ragman is the resident there on Saturdays and he plays mostly trance but will mix it up with a little bit of various EDM.

The atmosphere is awesome and the crowd is good. The really try to keep it clean in there. The flip-side to that is that it's pretty expensive. On saturdays it's 24 and up for guys and the cover is $20, 21 and over girls get in free. Drinks are a little pricey too but they are mixed well.

I'll be there Saturday night and I cannot wait. I've not had a bad time there yet.
I'm going to be at Jack's Pub on Saturday to see Kinesis. Plus he plays techno so you won't have to listen to sissy dolphin music all night. Plus he's one of the best DJs i've ever seen.
Originally posted by Zild
...won't have to listen to sissy dolphin music all night.

:stongue: :stongue:

That was pretty funny. In defense of Ragman tho he usually plays to the harder side, so maybe dolphin music like half night long.

I keep hearing good things about Jack's Pub tho; is Kinesis a Sat night resident or is this just a gig for him?
He's from Wisconsin. The man tears the decks up.

check out his myspace page

there are two videos and some audio files
Are you talking about the Jack's Pub at 5550 Yale Blvd?

I didn't know they played trance there or is this just a one time deal?
I have no idea man. I know this party is going to have a Techno headliner I don't think any of the DJs on the lineup spin trance. I like all types of music though and Kinesis is a sick ass DJ. One of the best I've seen.
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