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:::PAUL OAKENFOLD::: @ M-Bar_Houston,TX 04.01.2005
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Finally someone wants to show up this year in H-Town. Its the one and only OAKY!!

Paul Oakenfold

Disco Productions
Friday, 4/1/2005
Presale: $20.00
Ticket Sales Stop at 4:00:00 PM (PST) 4/1/2005

Talent: Paul Oakenfold, Liquid, Todd Sean Carnahan, plus more tba!

Paul Oakenfold will be playing off his new album "THE CLUB:, featured Spike TV's hit series, The Club!

Doors Open at: 9:00 PM
Doors Close at: 3:00 AM
Will Call for Ticket Pick-up Closes at: 3:00 AM
Ages: 21 and up
Event Capacity: 800
M Bar
402 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002 United States

21 and up!! !!!!!!!:whip:
4 months away from 21, BULL!!! and this is an event i would actually go to(dont care if hes good or not, its freakin oakenfold!)
you're not alone! im 6 months away from 21.. God damn it! it ing sux. Anyone know where I can get a fake ID???
ahh... i havent seen oaky live yet, but i'd like to go see him spin that new song from the spike Tv show, The Club, and also the U2 remix he did earlier this year, also featured on his new CD.

Im still waiting on Sasha to show up. Thats the ultimate show, no ifs ands whys or buts!!!

sasha was here only a few months ago.
truly a great show.

gonna pass on oakey.
yeah sasha came by in october, in awsome.
yea i have millions of pics from that day. I just want him to come here again, this year!

what do u guys think about going to oakey?? i have never seen him live, prolly the only famous dj i havent seen live. Shuold I go?
Here's my (heretical) take--if you've never seen Oakie, he's playing in your hometown, & you're thinking about going, by all means, go.

My theory on most things is they're worth doing once, if only to formulate your own slant. Quoting the butthole surfers by way of Orbital: "it's better to regret something you have done than regret something you haven't done."

Let's put it this way--if you think Oakie will be bad (based on what Screen & daydreamer have said) you can only be pleasantly surprised on the upside. & if he is just as bad as they say, you, too, can join the legion of Oakie bashers, & cite examples of his suck-hood from personal experience.

Oakie brings out alot of less tranceaddict, more general fans. Which is good, cause it's easier to talk people into going, who might like Oakie, then want to go to more electronic shows with you in the the path to the dark side begins....

If this wasn't the night before Nu-NRG in Austin, I probably would be going to this myself. (The end of the Orbital quote "& if you see your mother this sure to tell her.. SATAN.")
i'll go to Nu Nrg instead.

i would go but not 21, I have 8 months till im 21.
that in sux! soo many people under 21 who strive to go see oakey! I am gonna call Marvin Zindler (ABC 13 Eyewitness News Investigator/ Houston) and make a scene outta this... ARG!!!

jus' playin....


PS: I still need emails from those who can get me a fake ID! How about this: $20 to the person who can provide it!!
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