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Andrew Parsons - Moody Melodies 016 *Special*
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Hey Guys/Girls

Dont mean to spam the site, but since this is the Texas forum and im from Texas.. any support is welcome lol. Guy Ornadel had to cancel, and has been re-scheduled for later.. sorry guys.

8:00pm EASTERN, 7:00pm CENTRAL for 2 hours of Trance.. and.. Some more trance.

Tracklist will be posted here!!!!

01. Marc Et Claude - Free (Marc Van Linden Remix) [GO FOR IT]
02. Callaghan & Kearney - Resticted Motion (John Askew Remix) [DISCOVER]
03. Mirco De Govia & Ronski Speed - Asarja (Mirco De Govia Remix) [EUPHONIC]
04. Fineart - Polaris (Sean Tyas Remix) [REAL MUSIC]
05. Sunquest - Airborne (Carl B Remix) [REAL MUSIC]
06. ML - Calm Waters [REAL MUSIC]
07. George Hales - Isolation [LANGE]
08. Ferry Corsten - Holding On (Above & Beyond Remix) [POSITIVA]
09. Innerstate - Changes (John 0 Callaghan Remix) [FIRST SECOND]
10. Marcos - Around In Circles (Part 2) [SEQUENTIAL MUSIC]
11. Evolve - Safe To Dream (Thrillseekers Remix) [ADJUSTED]
12. Alex M.O.R.P.H. Vs Fred Bakers - Unification vs Call On Me [WHITE]
13. Plasticboy - Twixt 2005 (Icone Remix) [UNRELEASED CDR]
14. Colorzone - Infrablue [TSUNAMI SPECIAL BLEND]
15. Hexagon - Kimberlight [REAL MUSIC]
16. Active Sight - Adrenalin (M.I.K.E. Vs Fred Bakers Remix) [CAPTIVATING SOUNDS]
17. Witness Of Wonder - Impressions [UNRELEASED CDR]
18. Vascotia - Verona [SPECTRUM]
19. NTT1 - Antarctic [UNRELEASED CDR]

Real Music Recordings
Whohoo. Excellent set so far. Lots of Real Music tunes :D

George Hales also rocks :toocool:
Whats sup. It is awsome to see a fellow TX TA representing our huge ass location on this world. Hopefully we can meet up sometime in the near future and spin for a night or two :) Good job on the mix so far. GOOOO Andrew and PARTY107.
Peace be with you
Id like to.. still working some stuff out here. I havnt played a Texas gig in damn near 4 months.. :(
btw, thanks if you tuned in.
Looking forward to hearing it mang. Damn good tracklisting!!!
Should be on my site by tomorrow.. thanks again! :)
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