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Rec shop on Greenville Ave.
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Anyone been there?
checked out their site and it didnt say anything about having trance in their vinyl selection but they do have house and DnB...

supposedly they have a $1 record section as well?!


-Edit -


Ok so heres my little review of the place after visiting last night -

Rec shop has more of that "Record Store" feel to it as thats all he sells, along with some Dvds, Sk8board stuff and spray cans, as soon as you walk in, to your left are the records and a Stanton setup to check em out on, ahead is the counter with some sk8board stuff to the right and in the glass display case

**Good vibes**(thumbs up), you walk in, the guy (Ben) greets you and asks/answers questions, he pretty much tries to get to know you which is really cool cus at Tower and Bills you feel like just another customer to make a purchase whereas here, you feel like your at a friends house and youre browsing through his collection and buying off a buddy rather than the owner of another store. When you leave he actually asks your name and shakes your hand, also since its privately owned, he's willing to cut you a deal on a good majority of the tracks he obtained when BPM in Deep Ellum closed out which is really cool IMO cus vinyl aint cheap!

- i bought 2records marked at $11.99 and $7.99 which would have come out to $20 bucks but he asked for $15 srtaight up, no tax - i had initially picked out 4 which would have come out to around $40+ he asked for $30 for all 4 but i didnt have the cash for that at the time

-the selection surprised me, pretty even throughout the genres - DnB, House, trance, Breaks - lots of hiphop and the like but not overpoweringly so - there was indeed a $1 section! and it was well stocked with plenty of tunes that id like to sample next time i visit, lots of Whitelabel! i asked him about the ad that said he could order anything ya need as long as its still in press or been repressed which is cool cus he str8 up told me to bring him a list whereas Tower you make your selection on the website and order (but ive been dissapointed with the selection) - **lots of underground** there were a few big names i saw but unlike tower which ive found to be mostly remixes of more mainstream stuff, this place had alot of original mixes and again - whitelabel - ex. at tower i bought Mauro Picotto - Komodo but all they had were the remixes(Black Sleeve) that are nowhere near hard to find, at Rec shop i noticed an original MP - Komodo pressing with the old shiny sleeve with the lizard - again, alot of underground for you DJs out there who are tired of going out and coming back with records that have been mass produced - good place to pick up those singles which can really give character and originality to your set so you arent spinning all tiesto and pvd tunes*

he stands by the statement on the site that he can get you just about anything as long as its still in press or been repressed, im gonna test him out on that one, id like some *hard-to-find-in-Dallas* oldies but goldies like Push - Strangeworld(2000 Remake), Saltwater - The Legacy(Alphazone Remix), Rapid Eye - Circa Forever,etc... classics:D

ill update as soon as i get a chance to try out that offer, but this guys been running for 5months now and hes dj himself - mostly hiphop he admits but a DJ nonetheless so he knows whats up
my rating on the place would be: :(0-10:D

10/10 for the atmosphere when you walk in - think Human Traffic and the way Koop ran his shop

8.5/10 on the selection, heard a lot of tunes i wouldnt have minded having, lots of underground, oldies, whitelabel, a $1 section that id like to spend a good while flipping through, some good DnB and house - plenty of whitelabel in those genres as well

3/10 on the location and how to find the place - you have to park across the street or in front of the mexican restaurant around the corner- really easy to miss - look for a little hole in the wall place with Rec Shop in Yellow on the door-small text so you really have to look

10/10 from a business aspect - you're treated as more than just a customer but as a fellow DJ - i walked in and he was chattin away with some other customer like they were bro's and then at the end he says "whats your name by the way? im ben" *handshake* same deal for me, struck up a good conversation + he cuts you a good Deal IMO - vinyl may be cheap online but you have to wait for shipping and all that, you get your tunes right there and he'll negotiate a price with you

Vinyl is like heroin once you have a taste you find yourself scraping change for more and this place is the dealer that hooks you up and leaves you wanting to come back for more - this guy needs our support to stay alive so at least check him out some time
Nice review!

I'll have to check this place out.
Eric Siefer
Sounds interesting.. This place is in Dallas?

and whats the name of it?
They have a typo on their address section.


1605b Lower Greeenville Ave Dallas,Tx 75206 214-887-1122
Copyright 2005 Rec Shop. All rights reserved.
They have a typo on their address section.


1605b Lower Greeenville Ave Dallas,Tx 75206 214-887-1122
Called "Rec Shop" and its a "diamond in the rough" IMO:D

its on Greenville Ave. right in between Henderson and Ross Ave. look for a big sign on the east side of the road that says "DJs automotive something in black" about half a block to a block North of that its on the west side of the street - depending on if youre going northbound or southbound its right before(southbound)/after(northbound) what looks like the back of a supermarket(Fiesta i think) with all the big doors for the freight trucks - again its really easy to miss - look for a mexican restaurant, youll see tables outside in a balcony-ish area

its right in between the resuarant and the back of the supermarket - theres a parking lot across the street, dunno if you can park there, but you can park in front of the restaurant and walk around the corner...

if you havent noticed, im pretty gungho about this place - mainly b/c ive flipped through tower's stock like 20 times and found nothing but tunes i already have and alot of commercial remixes + ive been wanting to add some DnB to my bag and the only other place in dallas im aware of that has somekind of DnB in stock is Bills and like Ben said- its a good place if you dont mind getting alittle ripped off - he made a little impression of how Bill would sell you a record and it fit my last visit to bills exactly lol... "Hmm thats a double import - $39.99" (Taucher - Infinity Remixes)

so yea, this guy needs our business, hes running a TINY place in a market thats seeing all sorts of new technology and expansion as far as CDs and live mixing programs like Final Scratch and whatnot - and if you're a vinyl enthusiast like myself (or still to broke to afford CD decks anytime soon like me*sheepish grin*:happy2: ) check it out, its all he sells - he might ask how u heard about his place, tell 'em Gabe sent ya;)
-BTW heres the store hours before you drive there and find its closed:crazy:

Tuesday 12:00pm 5:00pm
Thursday 12:00pm 5:00pm
Friday 12:00pm 8:00pm
Saturday 12:00pm 8:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm 6:00pm

Closed Monday & Wednesday
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