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Well, this is the first time I have seen that a "top jockey" has made a remark like this. I have to agree very strongly on what Markus says. We gotta be more respectful here. We all know that top producers/dj's are reading what we are writing, so it's important that we respect everyone who is on thos board and everyone. ;)
Gholy Host
I don't really like people posting stuff like 'We all need to be more tolerant.'

That's bull. Most of us are tolerant, it's as Markus said, there are only a few real @$$holes ruining it for the rest of us. This is the case most times, and it's certainly the case here. Even given the elitist attitude of many tranceaddicts, most of them are civil.

One of my least favorite arguements being 'Oh, you can post your opinion (that it's good) but I can't post mine (it sucks balls, and so do you, the producer, and anyone that likes it)?' No, you're right, I don't want to hear that opinion. They allow KKK rallies, but that doesn't mean everyone likes them.

Another great arguement being 'You can't just scroll down past what I wrote?' No, I can't. I'm here reading all the posts, because most people have worthwile things to say. I can't psychicly predict when some nerf herder is going to post slop and hate.

-Well, that's my tirade for today. I'll be positive for the rest of the day, I promise. :cool:
The reason I chose to join TA was that everyone seemed to have a good amount of knowledge about the scene. There was a broad cross section of tastes - those who loved certain DJ's and those who didn't, those that had inside knowledge of labels that could provide us with information, producers trying to make it big, DJ's trying to promote themselves etc....etc....

All in all there was an abundance of positivity. Don't get me wrong, the positivity still exists but sometimes it seems that there is an aura of negativity that clouds what the core of TA tries to bring.

What we have to remember is that fans are Trance. Without us showing passion for this music and scene that we profess to love, it will cease to exist.

Opinions are every persons right. We all have the right to agree or disagree. My personal opinion is that negativity (if taken too far) only damages this scene we love. Positivity encourages growth, it encourages those producers/DJs/promoters who do come on here and read what we think.

If you have an opinion , remember this, it is just your opinion. Having a debate with someone over an issue is all well and good and remains your right. If it goes to far it only seeks to chip away at what so many have worked so hard to build up.

My comments are unlikely to change the way some people post. There will always be those who are completely over the top in their praise and those who just want to knock people down.

If we kill this scene with constant attacks against tracks, DJs, promoters, record labels - we will only have ourselves to blame.

Remember this - Those people are DJs, Producers etc because WE put them there.

Lets try to be positive even when being negative and see what a change it will make.
Dave: that you have your own opinions etc sure, but stop repeating it like 100 times (yes you really repeat it 100 times) and trying to convince every soul here of your opinion.
markus your music has abeauty that touches my heart. I agree with you abt being civil tho, you may not agree with an opion , bu t there is no reason to flame and ream the guy making it
pho^^ you need to read this post dude

(how dare you reply whilst I was typing my reply :P)
Originally posted by Dave Piazza

We know. You've said that. So why keep bugging Markus, and why keep quoting their posts, saying "Thank you, this is what I meant"?

Give it a rest.
:) :) :) You said it Markus... Peace on earth :) :) :)
Originally posted by Massive84
Lol, things that can happen when you go to sleep hehe.

Anyway let me start with this, Hi, Markus.

Now to the point.
Your asking us to be more constructive and the mods should work harder according you. Now my question would be, what gives you the right to say that, while your not active on the boards, yes you claim to read it, but you never made any post and this is your first one, and maybe the last?

As Swamper stated and am very happy that he did, the Beauty of TA is that everyone can say what he or she wants without any danger. Saying in real life that a this soccer club sux in front of the fans, can be the result of you being beaten up(yes it is a sad world). Saying in real life that your a gay person will result in that people will look weird on you.
Here is the beauty of TA, you can say all you want, and in the worst case you will get mad responses but that's it!
Your never active, you never posted, so how do you know how a moderator should do his/her job?

Let me ask you, what is the meaning of constructive exactly for you? Do you find it painful when someone says "Markus sucks" or do you rather hear "Markus is bad, his mixing skills are not good and he is boring" ? Now the first comment sounds harsh indeed, but sometimes people have the reason to be harsh, and the second comment is more polite but both indicate that this person is not happy with you.

Now you desire the second form, so let me reverse the situation.

"Markus ROX!!!" I assume you find this very annoying comment because there is nothing constructive in it...may I laugh? Because am sure you are reading comments like these with joy, because it indicates people are happy with you.

So why claim that TA should be more constructive? Because there are 2 kind of people, the ones that like you and the ones that don't and BOTH have their freedom to say it! And remember this well!

Your a producer/dj you should know that these things happen, you should know that TA is for everyone, and you should learn to handle situations like these, and instead of asking people to be more constructive, ask them why they say that you suck, because as a producer my self i do the same thing to improve my self.

I didn't read the whole topic but i think I am the only one that will think that your message is meaningless, you say we should respect each other, but you don't respect the people that don't look up to you, you claim that you are great friends with Ozgur and Dave Dresden but you don't like their opinions always, but yet you complained about Dave plaza. You claim that TA is not constructive, because people tend to say simple-minded things "Markus sucks, smells, stinks etc." but the ones that say simple minds things in the reversed situation "Rox, good, awesome" don't get any complains from you I assume.

All in all, if you don't like TA don't read it.

And if you are wondering which side i am? not one, i just listen to music that sounds pleasent to my ears, so i have no idol or favorite track, i have to say there was this 2 hour set from you once that i really loved, but sometimes you didn't impress me, but that goes for ASOT, tiesto, and many things for me :).


I preferably like Massive84's statement on here....and would most likely close this forum and make you all BE QUIET. GAH! you lot don't read crap like i do!...but this here is the 1% that i read :stongue: anywho, stop dropping your useless ideologys to hurt what people's opinions are intitled to. NOW :disbelief
Obviously no one should be censored for what they want to say, if you have an opinion, go for it. That being said, no Markus doesn't frequently post on these forums, but his wife does quite frequently and he does check out the site. In the past he has directed me here for information about sets and he and his wife have wished to attend TA events before shows. He doesn't post here frequently, but he has supported TAs and responds to anyone who sends him an e-mail or wants to talk to him after a show. If you don't like his style, that's cool.

Yeah well said Markus, really cool that you came to post here :)
well said Markus, Enjoy your style most of the time, however I think you need to change it up little from your straight up prog trance style :D

nahh dude honestly I think all of us here on TA are really appreciative of the fact that a big name like yourself took the time out to share his views and opinions with us, the trance community.
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