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Cd Dj Question???
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hi, to all the cd dj's, i was wondering, when you guys make a many songs do you usually compile onto a cd? and do lots of you usually make copies in case you want to play two songs on the same cd back to back???
Dirk W.
I just pack what fits, and yes, I do make duplicates
You know, that's a good question. I had been pondering it for awhile, and while having 13+ tracks on a cd is quite a space savings, I opted for doing it vinyl-style: 1 track per cd.

The reasons I did the 1-per-cd method:

- Extra info on the cd.
I like to write the full artist name, track name, genre, bpm, etc on the cd. If I have 13+ tracks, it won't fit!

- Extra data on the cd.
Not a big deal.. but with 1 track I can make it a hybrid cd (data+audio). 1 audio track, 1 data track containing the wave as a .wav file, the mp3 encoded versions, etc...

- Slightly easier organization of cds
I can mix 'n match, put the cds in whatever order. If I put multiple tracks on a cd, I'd have to put "similar" ones of some sort onto the same cd, otherwise finding which track on which cd ends up being a major pain.

In addition, if the CD player doesn't support CD-TEXT, I won't remember which tracks are in what order unless I print them out on a separate piece of paper and stick it somewhere. Sure I can move to each track and listen to it to identify them instead, but that's wasted time and effort IMO.

These are just my personal reasons. Do what's comfortable for you. I waste a lot of CD capacity doing it 1-per-cd.
you could have 1 track on a cd, with all of the remixes. so you could have 1 cd of just coldplay - clocks and all of its remixes. you get more data per cd, but can still arrange your cds more accurately..

but yes you will waste alot of cd space. i used to fit as many tracks as i could onto a cd, and then make a duplicate. that way instead of using 13 cdrs.. i use 2.

ughhh! i cudnt do that lol, im def a single vinyl style burning person, pretty much everything i buy now i put onto cdr, i burn that track and if it has any remixes b sides etc. I cudnt handle 13 tracks on cdr that wud piss me off id be spending more time reading cdrs than actually picking out the next track lol
thanks guys...after thinking it over a bit...i'm thinking maybe get like 10 tracks on each cd...get two big 256 cd cases, make duplicates and do things that way...and that can be like my record box :tongue2 i'm pretty organized with it, so i'd just print off the tracklist and slide them there a such thing as 'dividers' for large cd cases where you can use them as markers to easily flip through different genres in your collection??? thanks
I dont have my CDJ-1000 yet (SO SOON!), but when I do start burning CDRs I plan on burning one track per CD, then loading up each CD with an assload of samples, scratch sounds, and other goodies, so after I beatmatch I can sit back and hammer those until it's time to mix.
^ i don't understand that? how can you play samples that are saved as tracks on the same cd as the track thats currently playing the song?
You can't.

But what I'm saying is, after I beat match real fast and have the pitch set where I want it, I can skip over real quick to one of my samples and wail on it. Or hit the sample real quick, then beat match. Or beat match a little bit, switch over and sample, then go back to beat matching (auto cue will be nice).
DJ Sid
you could make cdr's with a load of tracks from only 1 artist on it

eg a cd with tracks of TiŽsto, one with Ferry Corsten, one with AvB, one with PvD, etc...

About 10 tracks / cd
I burn about 8 - 10 tracks to cd, but i really would do 1 per cd if i was playing out, coz a lot of the time, when you are quick to swap cd's over and running out of time on the outgoing track, its all to easy just to throw the finsihed cd whereever, then coz you have so many tracks on each cd, i simply number them (coz as was said earlier you cannot write all the info you need on the actual cd), and then to pick out another cd track, you have to match the cd to the cases to find pick a tune out and play it, very anoooying and time consuming if like me you become untidy in the heat of things.
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