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How well does Audiophile card play DivX avi files compared to Audigy?!..
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I am considering getting the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI card, but would like to know how well it plays DivX avi movie files (which I believe is a heavy codec). Will the movies play as smooth as with an Audigy (which is made to play these kind of multimedia files) or could it be that there is some (small) performance loss compared to Audigy?!

Anybody who has this card (and perhaps also had the Audigy to compare) could please let me know this as I would really like to know this so I know what to expect when I get this card?! No hype please, just give me your honest opinion. Thanks very much!! :)
I don't see why or how it would make a difference.. but DivX files play fine on my Audiophile..
i play divx movies on my other pc using its onboard sound and g force 2 graphics and it runs them brilliantly :D
Correct me if I'm wrong but don't DivX files use mp3 quality sound?
DiVx is a video codec, what the heck has that got do do with your soundcard? I think DiVx 3 (now illegal) or something has some kind of mangled mp3 audio codec, but hardly anyone uses that anymore and it wouldnt be less compatible than just normal mp3 anyway.

Most "divx" movie files out there use divx for the video stream and mp3 or ogg for the audio stream.

Even still, compatability-wise, theres not going to be any difference between an audiophile and an audigy anyway, unless the audigy has hardware decoders (which i doubt).

Just my two cents worth, someone correct me if i'm wrong :nervous:

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