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How good is Robben?
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I like football, but I don't follow it all that closely aside from the EPL (Arsenal) and major tournaments (usually Holland). This Euro is the first time I had ever heard of Arjan Robben and now I see that he is going to Chelsea from PSV. As an Arsenal fan, this scares me.
DJ Gerrit
robben is one the best dutch talents! He did very well @ PSV! I think hes gonna rock the premier league :D
he's a really good forward, but physical he has to improve alot to play good in the PL, where the game is alot thougher then in Holland...
Robben could be the new Ryan Giggs ;)! But Robin van Persie will play for Arsenal next season :toothless :rolleyes:
hes a diver just like ruud
i don't think he's THAT good. i mean, can you say over-hyped?

nevertheless he's a good winger. but he'll have to improve a bit to suceed on the english league
I don't rate him at all.

He was shocking against portugal. And he is a diving cheat.
This guy is only 20 years old! I don't think he will be great 60 matches for Chelsea upcoming season, but he has proved his quality during this European Championship!

Chelsea also buyed Kezman from PSV...
He had one poor game amongst a poor team against Portugal, but the rest of the time he was excellent. He might take a little time to settle, but I'm confident in time he'll become one of the most feared wingers in the Premiership.
Originally posted by paranoik0
i mean, can you say over-hyped?

no no my friend, rooney is over-hyped, not robben, there isn't even much of a hype around him anyway imo

Robben will be butt-whiped in the Premier League like C.Ronaldo was against Ashley Cole in the Portugal-UK match

he is not THAT good (yet)
Acid Circus
Originally posted by Tim81
Chelsea also buyed Kezman from PSV...

Now he is an out and out scoring machine, its scary the amount of players Chelsea can buy now!
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