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Paul Robinson for England?
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James has been consistently OK but for a goalie to face 7 penalties and not come close to saving one can't be a good sign.

I guess he's the best England have, and has been building up confidence in recent games. I think Paul Robinson should be in with a shout for WC 2006. He has played like an iron curtain for Leeds when the defence wasn't shipping so many goals and at a ripe old age of 21 is definitley a future prospect.

I fear though when he gets his call up, England will have found another weakest link.

Englands future hope is Chris Kirkland who has been unlucky with broken hands, thus leaving him out of the question for euro 2004 etc. I believe that with a full season behind him he will be englands number 1 too, he's a great keeper & I think Sven & co believe that too
What happened to Seaman?:conf:
Dj Smitty20
Originally posted by Mako
What happened to Seaman?:conf:

broke his collar bone with Man City I believe...and he called it quits. It's too bad...I know he blew it against Brazil, but he was a far sight better than bloody James. He would have stopped at least two of those poor Portuguese penalties. I think England's best goalie, Nigel Martin, should be ashamed of turning the job down. he is the sole reason why Everton stayed in the Premiereship this season. Alas, he will be a little old for WC 2006.
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