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Post everything about the best team of the forthcoming European championship:)

Firt victim: Germany:D
The Netherlands - Faroer Islands was a pretty stupid game to watch, I hope they will reach it to the final, but I'm not expecting that by far.
The Netherlands - Germany 0-0
The Netherlands - Letvia 2-0
The Netherlands - Czech Republic 1-2

The Netherlands go home :(

I hope I'm wrong, but I am not impressed by Seedorf & Co.
If we beat the Germans I won't be sober enough to follow the rest of the tournament
hehehe I'm going to tune in!!1 :D all the way from the states hehehe with pay perview!! Hup holland Hup!
The Netherlands will kick Germany's ass with 3-0 :)
Holland 0 - 1 Ireland

Ireland weren't very good, they just did what they had to do really, sit back and head crosses out of the box and then hit Holland's old defence on the counter-attack.

Considering all Holland's world class attacking midfielders I think they seriously lacked creativity going forward. They had so much possession, so much time, and all they did was put the same crosses into the box again and again.

I think Holland will have to change their tactics if they want to qualify past Germany and Czech Republic.
Sorry guys,

Germany all the way!

I really feel for the Dutch team and their fans. A squad occupied by individual brilliance, they just can't seem to get it together.

I can see them getting past Germany, who have been in recession for the last couple of years and they should surely breeze past Latvia with ease.

But the Czechs have held the upper hand against the Dutch in the last year or so, as we have proven to be stern opponents against anyone.
However, if the Dutch piece the jigsaw together, they will maul us.
Even if I'm Swiss my heart really is for the Netherlands. But seeing their last results, the Dutch players don't make me really hopefully for the EM. But I really hope they beat Germany!!

Originally posted by ahp2002
If we beat the Germans I won't be sober enough to follow the rest of the tournament

substitute England with Holland & Germany with France, and that sums up half of this countries attitude :stongue:
The Dutch team is very lucky they are in a group with Germany (0-2 defeat of Hungary) en Latvia (draw against Azerbeizjan)... Czech is the nr. 1 in my opinion.
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