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Opinions on setting up Shure whitelabels needed
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Hi everyone,

A buddy of mine got a Techincs mk5 and a Shure whitelabel cartige a couple of days ago and the two of us are having a tough time determining the proper way to set it all up. We're quite confident on most of the setup, but the one thing we're both unsure of is whether the bottom of the cartridge needs to be parallel to the record of the tonearm needs to be parallel with the record. Since these two are not parallel with each other, the two can't both be parallel to the record at the same time. Now, most manuals say that the tonearm needs to be parallel with the record, but when we do this, the cartridge is no longer parallel. This concerns me, since I would think that not having the cartridge parallel to the record would increase record wear, and record wear was one of the main reasons why the cartridge was purchased in the first place.

Right now, we have the tracking force set to 2g, anti-skate to 0, and the height at 0mm. This gives a parallel tonearm, but not a parallel cartridge. This setting also doesn't skip at all and playback seems fine, it's just the record wear I'm worried about.

Also, a proper overhang setting is not specified anywhere in the manual either. The Shure manual just says 'position the cartridge at an overhang appropriate for your turntable'. What is appropriate for a mk5? What does the overhang do? How do we set it up properly?

In summary, my questions:

1. Does that tonearm have to be parallel to the record during playback?

2. Does the bottom of the cartridge have to be parallel to the record during playback?

3. Can both the tonearm and bottom of the cartidge be parallel to the record at the same time during playback.

4. What is the purpose of the overhang setting?

5. How do we set up the overhang properly?

Overhang: There is a setting on the cartridge that allows lengthening or shortening of the cartridge itself. It basically works by loosening a locking screw on the top of the cartridge and pulling/pushing the cartridge so that the needle is farther/closer respectively to the pivot point of the tonearm.

EDIT: There was a post asking me to define overhang that was deleted before I had a chance to post my response. I will leave this post here just in case there are others who are unsure of what I am referring to when I mention overhang.
i own shure whitelabels but im not very technical when it comes to them.. cant help ya

all i know is that ive never messed with them and they work fine after a year of purchase and no wear on vinyls. they never skip either.
Ok so what settings do you have on your tone arm???

I'm the buddy that Physe is talking about and right now I have the height set to zero, anti-skate zero and pressure at 2 grams. This makes the tone arm parallel with the table. Everyones says that the cartridge tip (blue horns) should be parallel with the platter but thats impossible.

I have my White Labels set to 2.0-3.0 grams. Depending on what I spin - the needle seem to skip when I pull a backspin a little now and then with only 2 grams pressure - either than that, everything works perfectly. The tonearm height is set to 1 mm and anti-skip is at at 2.5

I hope that helps
dj chex
Here's the settings i use for my whitelabels:

Tonearm height: 3mm
Tracking force: 2.5-3g
Stylus overhang: 51mm
antiskate: 0g

This setup works fine for me. I don't have skipping problems. Also try overhang at 52mm at first to see how you like it. If it skips a little too much shorten it to 51mm than 50mm. The shorter the overhang the more skip resistant it seems to get at this height.

BTW make sure your turntables are level; if they aren't you will have skipping problems w/ all carts.
dj chex
Originally posted by physe

5. How do we set up the overhang properly?

ok on the whitelabels there's a phillips head screw that you can loosen to adjust the overhang. On the sides you will see marker lines and hatch marks. Each mark measures 1mm. When the mark lines up w/ the center mark the overhang is 52mm, than the marks that are closer to the stylus are 51 than 50mm. The marks that are closer to the tonearm are 53 and 54mm. Once you align the mark w/ the hatchmarks carefully tighted the screw and vola' you just adjusted the overhang.

To adjust overhang on regular carts w/ headshells it's a little more tricky. You need a gague for that.


4. What is the purpose of the overhang setting?

Overhang is the distance and angle that a stylus contacts the record at. Usually 52mm is ideal for audio playback on a sl-1200 turntable, while 50mm is good for scratching such. Im no audiophile and i really don't know too much about overhang so i'll give you this link for audiophiles:
In response to the last two posts, the overhang is set at the center (52mm?) and we don't seem to be having any skipping issues. We know how to make adjustments on the overhang, but we are more interested in knowing the effect that the overhang has on sound and recrd wear. I guess I didn't word my question properly in the first place, sorry about that. I guess this question is probalby answered now in the previous post when it says 'usually 52mm is ideal for audio playback on an sl-1200 turntable'.

I will check out the link today sometime and see if that helps at all.

In response to the posts so far, I am not suprised that most people have different setups to meet their different needs. I kind of expected this when I decided to make this post in the first place. Thanks for everyone's input so far though. It is much appreciated.

I think the overhang issue has been solved, but I'm still not sure on whether the tonearm or cartridge needs to be parallel with the record during playback. All I know right now is the settings that we currently have give us very little skipping issues, but the position of the cartrige would suggest to me that we are not optimising record wear, which somewhat defeats the purpose of buying high end cartriges in the first place right?

Another question I have that could possibly help answer the other is: Is the purpose of the tonearm height adjustment solely for making the tonarm/cartidge parallel with the record? This is what would make sense to me, I don't see it having any effect on any of the other setting like tracking force.

Again, thanks for everyone's input so far.
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