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Good tabletop cd players?
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I'm new to dj'ing, so I'm looking for a good pair of tabletop CD players with scratching capabilities, PREFERABLY top-loading, but they don't have to be. I've been looking at Numark Axis 8's because of the price, since I'm not sure I want to sink $600+ into a player just yet. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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hey I don't know much about CDJs but I've heard bad things about the axis 8s, stuff like the scratching on them sounds really bad, the scratch feature on the axis 9s are surposed to be much better, but don't quote me on this, I have no personal experience with these, I would say try looking at Pioneers or Denons, but I think there entry CDJs that have a scratch feature cost to much, so you still might be better of getting the axis 8s if there a good price, anyway, there are DJs on here that will be able to tell you whats what with loads of CDJs so just wait for them to reply.
Ya go for Pioneer's or Denons is what your gonna be told because everything else really isn't as good.
ok, thanks for the info so far, if it's worth saving $600 or so for a denon or pioneer I'd rather do that than buy a crappy CDJ player for half the price...
Get the Denon --> DN-S3000..... I have 2 and they are amazing! and if you look around you can get them for around $600 or less ;)
i have a pair of Axis9's which are really great CD players. I'm thinking of getting newer stuff soon, but that's because I have the money, and I've the Axis 9's to their fullest. I've had them since September, and I spin regularly, but they never fail to amaze me with what they can do. If you're an entry-level CDJ, look into these.

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