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What do you guys do between mixes?
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we all know that the most important part of DJ'ing is the actual mix from song to song. but seeing as good DJ's can beat match in 30 to 90 seconds and the actual mix also lasts between 30-90 seconds, what then do you do after, in the time between those, while a song plays? fiddle around with the eq? drink a beer? talk to friends? dance? what do you do and what do the big DJ's do?
Like you said, fiddle with the eq's, have a drink, ferret around in your record box deciding on the next song.
I once saw Ferry Corsten play live, and he just kind of stood there, one hand either side of the mixer, with a big smile on his face and nodding his head. He did this while waiting for every single mix. Pompous twat!
DJ Sean
Usually I am thinking about the next song after the upcoming mix so I'll be looking through my bin...or I'll dance a bit..have a smoke...a drink or whatever....
I make sure the tracks match up perfectly then i set it in the correct possition then wait..........waiting usually consists of me keepin the beat by dancin/bobbin my head. Tryin to keep focused on the mix. Sometimes if its going great and im really feelin it I'll just let go and BOOGIE LOL :cool:
Fiddle with EQ, Dance, bob to beat, drink, and what I think is very important..crowd interaction. Now I dont mean mic work..cuz that can be very annoying...but u know what I mean
I think a DJ who is into it is soo much more interesting to see that somebody who stands there and plays music. in I paid $40 to see u enjoy yourself god dammit
dj alonzo
I do all of the things you said... fiddle with the EQ, dance a little, talk to a friend, talk to girls, have a drink...
When i get going into a mix,i just cant stop pounding my fists and bobing my head,jumpin up and down etc.I just generaly lose the plot
Originally posted by j_spot
I think a DJ who is into it is soo much more interesting to see that somebody who stands there and plays music. in I paid $40 to see u enjoy yourself god dammit

you have someone specific in mind...? :)
perhaps a world-renowned DJ ...?
By any chance does his last name start with an O?... :)
i usually dance my ass off between mixes and drink my water and play with eq hehe but im mostly jumping around dancing and :D
spend the next 5-8 minutes attempting to beatmatch the next record, lol

between tracks, i match the beats, fiddle with the EQ, talk to tall the ladies who requests tracks that u know u will never play cause ATC, Anne Lee, Sarina Paris and Fragma aren't....... Trance....and if it ain't on vinyl.... i am not playin it.

....and then of course u always have to light up that cig.
rawkus rowan
get a nice young lady from the crowd to kneel down infront of you and....

no, really, what everyone else has said really, have a drink, bounce to the music, and of course, interacting with the crowd, that is so important imo.

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