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how do you know when you need new carts?
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yeah that's pretty self-explanatory.. i think i have stanton 550s
to be honest i dont really give a :p

but im clumsy as , and forgetful, i'll fall asleep with the stylus ripping away at the end of the record, on the paper

and i often drop the tone arm, so the cart is scratching on either the slipmat or even the platter (!!!!!) very very briefly.

so am i looking at pretty much tossing these out now?
cuz they seem to work fine still. had 'em about 3, 4 months of usage
Ask the cartridge gods...hehe

Seriously, if can notice a dip in the sound quality of the output, that's a pretty noticeable sign. Problems with the needle jumping, or losing back-cue positioning quickly are also tell-tale signs that your carts are going.

If you really can't tell, take them to a knowledgeable dealer of dj products, and ask what they think. (Note: try to ask someone knowledgeable outside the retail business, or they could just tell you they are bad because they are trying to make a sale.)

3 to 4 months with the 550's should be fine, even with the ordeal you've been putting yours through ;) But I'd say it would be wise in the very near future to consider replacement, because you are risking ruining what vinyl you have now.
thanks man

basically i'll go get new ones when it starts skipping consistently when i scratch over the beat?
how does that sound
Johnny Eckhardt
Are you talking needles or cartridges? Needles can really vary (even the same kind) as to when they need replacing. If things start to sound a little fuzzy chances are they need to be changed. Cartridges (you say you have Stantons?) can last quite a long time. It's not real often that a cartridge goes bad....but it does happen. I alway have a real nice magnifying lens to check the needles with. What works real good is like just the eye piece from an old microscope or old binoculars. You can get a REAL close up view with one of those.
Thge needle should look very uniform and have a good point on it. If it has any chips or you see that it's worn unevenly.....time to replace it.
yeah i meant needles actually johnny, thanx

but i thought you replace one you replace the whole thing?
Not necessesarily, with some cartridges you can remove the existing needle and buy a replacement that fits. Or you could get one of the cartridge/stylus combos (higher end, ortofon, stanton), and that would replace both.

The magnifying glass is a good idea, save myself some trouble in the future.
they are of no use for you, just mail them to me, ill pay for stamps and , and iŽll throw them away for you....:D
Johnny Eckhardt
You said you were using Stantons? If so, you can just replace the needle. Another way of testing if it's the needle or the cartridge is to swap needles (providing you're using 2 turntables).If the one that sounds bad is now the other turntable, it's your needle. If it's still the same turntable that sounds bad after might be your cartridge. It could also be your cables or something in the mixer. Needles you will have to replace regularly. Cartridges,very seldom. A good cartridge can last years.....needles are a different story.
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