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Rememberance Day
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November 11th should be a day where you remember (at least pause for a few moments to reflect on the sacrifice that others who paid with their lives, so we can have freedom). Everytime I see veterans selling poppies in the mall, I at least go over and say thanks for your sacrifice.
Plus no school! weee!

just kiddin ;) kinda

Im always nice to old people :D they love me.I purposely dont do that stuff to them on the road I do to others cuz im like "this guys prolly seen some , ill leave im be."
Originally posted by torontotrance
November 11th should be a day where you remember (at least pause for a few moments to reflect on the sacrifice that others who paid with their lives, so we can have freedom). Everytime I see veterans selling poppies in the mall, I at least go over and say thanks for your sacrifice.

thats a nice gesture! nicely said too! respect 2u.
i think bout it too sometimes, how afwul it must 've been etc.
why does war exists =\

yeah, I am noticing alot of poppies this year as I ride the subway, it's great to see such support and gratitude to those who gave up everything for us.
Ripped Bag
Originally posted by Gladius
thats a nice gesture! nicely said too! respect 2u.
i think bout it too sometimes, how afwul it must 've been etc.
why does war exists =\


Fighting is part of life.
Originally posted by Ripped Bag
Fighting is part of life.

Maybe to Americans... :rolleyes:

I agree, some issues demand military action, but was such fighting as Vietnam war needed as a part of life?
ummmmm this is not a ing anti american, anti anything....this is support our veterans for what they did for us.
Ripped Bag
Originally posted by cap
Maybe to Americans... :rolleyes:

No one said it was good. Its just a part of life.

Ancient Greek Wars
c.1200 BC Trojan War
499 - 479 BC Persian Wars
491 BC Battle of Marathon
Battle of Salamis
Battle of Thermopylae
431 - 404 BC Peloponnesian War
334 - 323 BC Wars of Alexander the Great
Ancient Roman Wars
264 - 241 BC
218 - 202 BC
149 - 146 BC Punic Wars
215 BC -
197 BC -
168 BC - Macedonian Wars
58 BC - 50 BC Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars
48 BC Battle of Pharsalus
31 BC Battle of Actium
533 - 534 Vandal Wars
Medieval European wars
955 Battle of Lechfeld
1096 - 1291 Crusades
1212 Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa
1314 Bannockburn
1337 - 1453 Hundred Years' War
1346 Crécy
1356 Battle of Poitiers
1415 Battle of Agincourt
1429 Battle of Orleans
1420 - 1436 Hussite Wars

1455 - 1485 Wars of the Roses
Battle of Tewkesbury
Battle of Bosworth Field
1454 - 1466 Thirteen Years' War. Between Poland and Teutonic Knights, which finally broke the power of the latter.
Pike and Shot
1568 - 1648 Eighty Years' War (war of Dutch independence)
1588 Defeat of the Spanish Armada
1618 - 1648 Thirty Years' War. Ends with the Peace of Westphalia.
1639 - 1652 English Civil War.
1648 - 1656 The Deluge. Series of civil wars in Poland and wars

with Sweden, Prussia, Russia and Transylvania, which ended its status as European power and which begun march of

Russia to power status.
1652 - 1654 First Anglo-Dutch War
1664 - 1667 Second Anglo-Dutch War including the capture of New Amsterdam, renamed New York City.
1672 - 1674 Third Anglo-Dutch War
1672 - 1678 Franco-Dutch War
1680 - 1684 Fourth Anglo-Dutch War
1689 - 1698 war of the Grand Alliance
1700 - 1721 Great Northern War between a coaliton of Denmark/Norway, Russia and Saxon/Poland on one side and Sweden on the other side. In 1718, during a siege at the Norwegian border, Sweden's king Charles XII is shot dead.
1702 - 1713 Queen Anne's War The North American phase of the War of Spanish Succession.
1701 - 1714 War of Spanish Succession
1739 - 1742 War of Jenkins' Ear
1744 - 1748 King George's War The North American phase of the War of Austrian Succession.
1740 - 1748 War of the Austrian Succession
1756 - 1763 Seven Years' War, known as the French and Indian War in

the United States.
1754 - 1763 French and Indian War or the Seven Years' War
1775 - 1781 American Revolutionary War with the United Kingdom.
1789 - 1815 French Revolutionary Wars & Napoleonic Wars
Battle of Trafalgar 1805
Battle of Waterloo 1815
Age of Rifles
1808-1809 The Finnish War between Russia and Sweden wherein Sweden cedes

Finland to Russia.
1812 - 1814 War of 1812 fought between the United States and Great Britain, and part of the greater war between Great Britain and France
1821 - 1829 Greek Independence
1835 Toledo War between US territory of Michigan and the US

state of Ohio
1839 - 1842 First Anglo-Afghan War
1843 - 1872 Several Maori Land Wars in New Zealand.
1846 - 1848 Mexican War between the United States and Mexico.
1848 - 1849 Hungarian Revolt of 1848 waged by Hungary against Austria and later Russia.

1848 - 1851 First war of Schleswig
1850 - 1865 Taiping Rebellion
1854 - 1856 Crimean War.
1859 - 1860 Italian Independence War.
1861 - 1865 American Civil War in the United States of

1864 Second war of Schleswig
1866 Austro-Prussian War (aka Seven Weeks War)
1870 - 1871 Franco-Prussian War
1877 - 1878 Russo-Turkish War
1839 - 1842 Second Anglo-Afghan War
1887 - 1889 Italo-Abyssinian War
1895 - 1896 First Italo-Abyssinian War
1894 - 1895 First Sino-Japanese War
1898 Spanish-American War
1899 - 1902 Boer War in South Africa
Early 20th century
1905 Russo-Japanese War
1912 - 1913 The first and second Balkan Wars are fought for control of

the European territories of the Ottoman Empire.
1914 - 1918 World War I, primarily between countries in

1917 - 1918 Russian Revolution
1918 Finnish Civil War, fought between "the reds" (rebellious Socialists) and "the whites" (anti-Socialists) in the aftermath of the Russian Revolutions of 1917. Germany intervened on the side of the Whites.
1918 - 1922 Russian Civil War, fought between "the reds" (Communists) and "the whites" (tsarists) directly after the Bolshevist Revolution. US, France and Great Britain also intervened to "kill communism in the crib."
1919 Third Anglo-Afghan War
1934 - 1936 Northern Expedition by Kuomintang
1935 - 1936 Second Italo-Abyssinian War
1936 - 1939 Spanish Civil War
1937 - 1945 Second Sino-Japanese War
1939 - 1945 World War II (British Empire, United States, Soviet Union and others against fascist Germany, Italy, and Japan).

Mid 20th century
1945 - 1949 Chinese Civil War
1946 - 1954 First Indochina War
1947 - 1949 First Kashmir War between India and Pakistan
1948 - 1949 First Arab-Israeli War
1950 - 1953 Korean War (UN-led coalition Vs. North Korea)
1956 Suez Crisis (Second Arab-Israeli War)
1962 - 1963 Sino-Indian War
1964 - 1973 Vietnam War. War between US-led coalition including

government of South Vietnam and coalition including Viet Cong and North Vietnam.
Late 20th century
1965 Second Kashmir War (Second Indo-Pakistani War)
1967 Six-Day War (Third Arab-Israeli War)
1969 Football War between Honduras and El Salvador.
1971 Bangladesh War of Independence (Third Indo-Pakistani War)
1973 Yom Kippur War (Fourth Arab-Israeli War)
1974 - 1991 Ethiopian Civil War
1979 - 1989 Afghan Civil War
1980 - 1988 Iran-Iraq War
1982 Falklands War (United Kingdom Vs. Argentina)
1989 - 1990 Operation Just Cause (United States Vs. Panama)
1991 Gulf War between Iraq and UN-led coalition
1991 Slovene War of Independence
1991 - 1995 Croatian War of Independence
1992 - 1995 Bosnian Civil War
1994 - 1996 First Chechen War
1998 - 1999 Kosovo War (NATO Vs. Yugoslavia)
1999 - Second Chechen War
21st century
2001 - Invasion of Afghanistan (campaign of War on Terrorism)
2003 - Invasion of Iraq (campaign of War on Terrorism)

Map & Graph: Crime: Top 100 Total crimes (per capita)
â Scroll down for more information â Show map full screen

Country Description Amount
1. Dominica 111.99 per 1000 people
2. New Zealand 109.32 per 1000 people
3. Finland 102.3 per 1000 people
4. Denmark 93.92 per 1000 people
5. Chile 90.97 per 1000 people
6. Montserrat 89.01 per 1000 people
7. United Kingdom 86.5 per 1000 people
8. United States 84.39 per 1000 people
9. Netherlands 81.26 per 1000 people
10. South Africa 78.42 per 1000 people
11. Canada 77.63 per 1000 people
12. Germany 75.25 per 1000 people
13. Norway 72.94 per 1000 people
14. France 63.11 per 1000 people
15. Seychelles 53.65 per 1000 people
16. Hungary 44.67 per 1000 people
17. Estonia 40.83 per 1000 people
18. Italy 38.22 per 1000 people
19. Czech Republic 38.17 per 1000 people
20. Switzerland 37.11 per 1000 people
21. Portugal 36.03 per 1000 people
22. Slovenia 34.98 per 1000 people
23. Poland 32.8 per 1000 people
24. Korea, South 31.93 per 1000 people
25. Zimbabwe 30.87 per 1000 people

Before 500 BC
1469 BC Battle of Megiddo Egypt defeats Canaan - Also known as the original Battle of Armageddon
1296 BC Battle of Qadesh Hittites of king Mutawallis surprise Rameses II but he turns the tide. Results is a draw.
1184 BC Battle of Troy After ten year Trojan War, Troy falls
885 BC Battle of Karkar - Indecisive, Assyrian Shalmaneser III faced a military alliance of king of Damascus and princes representing Tyre
609 BC Battle of Megiddo - Necho II of Egypt defeats and kills King Josiah of Judah
605 BC Battle of Carchemish Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon begins reign by defeating Necho II of Egypt
585 BC Battle of Halys - Thales predicts Eclipse, Lydians vs. Medians
546 BC Battle of Thymbra - Croesus of Lydia is defeated by Cyrus the Great of Persia
540 BC Battle of Alalia
506 BC Battle of Bai ju Forces of Wu under Sun Tzu, defeat the forces of Ch'u.

Fifth Century before the Common Era

496 BC Battle of Lake Regillus - A legendary early Roman victory, won over either the Etruscans or the Latins
494 BC Battle of Lade - defeat of the Ionian Revolt against Persia
490 BC Battle of Marathon August or September. Athens under Miltiades defeat the punitive Persian expedition of Darius I of Persia and Artaphernes, Phidippides dies after running a long distance to tell the Athenians of the victory
480 BC -
August 11 Battle of Thermopylae Persians under Xerxes defeat Spartans under King Leonidas who fight to the last man
August Battle of Artemisium Persian fleet fights an inconclusive battle with the Greek allied fleet.
September 23 Battle of Salamis Greek ships under Themistocles and Eurybiades of Sparta defeat Persian fleet in Bay of Eleusis
Battle of Himera The Carthaginians under Hamilcar are defeated by the Greeks of Sicily, led by Gelon of Syracuse.
479 BC -
August 20 Battle of Plataea End of the Persian invasion of Greece, Mardonius routed by Pausanias, the Spartan commander of the Greek army
Battle of Mycale Greeks under Leotychidas, King of Sparta, sailed to Asia Minor to attack beached Persian fleet, then destroyed trapped Persian army of 60,000
474 BC Battle of Cumae The Syracusans under Hiero I defeat the Etruscans and end Etruscan expansion in southern Italy.
466 BC Battle of the Eurymedon Athenians under Cimon defeat the Persians in a great naval battle.
457 BC -
Battle of Tanagra The Spartans defeat the Athenians, near Thebes
Battle of Oenophyta The Athenians defeat the Thebans and take control of Boeotia
450 BC Battle of Salamis Athenians under Cimon defeat the Persian fleet.
446 BC Battle of Coronea The Athenians are driven from Boeotia
429 BC -
Battle of Chalcis Athenians under Phormio defeat the Peloponnesian fleet
Battle of Naupactus Phormio again defeats the Peloponnesian fleet.
426 BC -
Battle of Tanagra Athenians under Nicias are defeated in an invasion of Boeotia
Battle of Olpae Athenians under Demosthenes defeat the Spartansin Aetolia
425 BC -
Battle of Pylos Athenians under Demosthenes again defeat the Spartans, this time capturing a Spartan fleet and leaving a Spartan contingent isolated on the island of Sphacteria
Battle of Sphacteria The Spartans on Sphacteria are captured by an operation led by Demosthenes and Cleon
424 BC Battle of Delium Another Athenian invasion of Boeotia is defeated
422 BC Battle of Amphipolis. The Spartans under Brasidas defeat the Athenians under Cleon. Both generals are killed.
418 BC Battle of Mantinea The Spartans under King Agis II defeat the Argives, Mantineans, and Athenians.
413 BC Battle of Syracuse The Athenian expedition in Sicily, under Nicias and Demosthenes, is utterly destroyed.
411 BC Battle of Cynossema The Athenians under Alcibiades defeat the Spartan fleet.
410 BC Battle of Cyzicus The Athenian fleet, under the leadership of Alcibiades, destroys the Spartan fleet.
406 BC -
Battle of Ephesus The Spartans under Lysander defeat a segment of the Athenian fleet.
Battle of Arginusae last Athenian victory of Peloponnesian War
405 BC Battle of Aegospotami last battle in Peloponnesian War, navy of Athens, under Conon is destroyed by Lysander
401 BC Battle of Cunaxa Cyrus the Younger revolts against Artaxerxes II of Persia with help of ten thousand Greek mercenaries, including Xenophon, but is defeated

Fourth Century before the Common Era

396 BC Battle of Veii Romans complete conquest of Etruscans
395 BC Battle of Haliartus The Spartan general Lysander is killed in a Spartan defeat to the Thebans
394 BC -
Battle of Coronea King Agesilaus of Sparta defeats the Thebans.
Battle of Cnidus The Spartan fleet under Peisander is utterly destroyed by the Persian-Athenian fleet of Conon
390 BC Battle of the Allia The Gauls defeat the Romans, leading to the Gallic sack of Rome
389 BC Battle of the Elleporus Dionysius of Syracuse defeats the Italiote League, securing his domination of Greek Southern Italy.
376 BC Battle of Naxos The Athenians under Chabrias defeat the Spartans at sea.
371 BC July Battle of Leuctra Spartans under king Cleombrotus lose to the Thebans under Epaminondas - Cleombrotus is killed. This ends the period of Spartan domination of Greece
364 BC Battle of Cynoscephalae The Thebans under Pelopidas fight a drawn battle with Alexander of Pherae in Thessaly. Pelopidas is killed
362 BC Battle of Mantinea The Thebans and their allies, under Epaminondas, defeat the Spartans and Athenians, but Epaminondas himself is killed, ending the brief period of Theban domination
353 BC Battle of Volo Philip II of Macedon defeats the Phocians in the Third Sacred War
342 BC Battle of Mount Gaurus Roman general Marcus Valerius Corvus defeats the Samnites
340 BC Battle of the Crimissus Timoleon defeats the Carthaginian invaders of Sicily
339 BC Battle of Vesuvius Romans under P. Decius Mus are defeated by the rebellious Latins.
338 BC -
August 2 Battle of Chaeronea Philip of Macedon crushes Athens and Thebes in their struggle to maintain their independence
Battle of Trifanum The Roman general T. Manlius Torquatus decisively defeats the Latins.
334 BC Battle of the Granicus - Alexander the Great defeats the Persian army in Western Asia Minor
333 BC Battle of Issus - Alexander the Great defeats the main Persian army under King Darius III in northern Syria.
331 BC -
Battle of Pandosia Alexander of Epirus, the uncle of Alexander the Great, is defeated and killed in Italy by the Samnites.
Battle of Megalopolis Antipater, Alexander's regent in Macedon and Greece, defeats the Spartans under King Agis III
Battle of Gaugamela October 1 Alexander the Great defeats Darius III in Mesopotamia and conquers Persia
326 BC Battle of the Hydaspes Alexander defeats the Indian King Porus
322 BC -
Battle of Crannon Antipater and Craterus crush an Athenian rebellion against Macedonian control
Battle of Amorgos The Macedonian fleet crushes the Athenians about the same time as Crannon.
321 BC Battle of the Claudine Forks The Romans under Spurius Postumius and T. Verturius Calvinus are defeated by the Samnites under Gaius Pontius.
317 BC Battle of Paraetakena Indecisive engagement between Antigonus Monophthalmus and Eumenes in the struggles of the Diadochi
316 BC Battle of Lautulae The Romans are defeated by the Samnites.
315 BC Battle of Ciuna The Romans defeated the Samnites
311 BC Battle of Himera The Carthaginian general Hamilcar defeats the tyrant Agathocles of Syracuse, which is then besieged.
310 BC Battle of Lake Vadimo The Romans defeat the Etruscans.
308 BC Battle of Salamis Demetrius I Poliorcetes defeats the fleet of Menelaeus, brother of Ptolemy I
305 BC Battle of Bovianum The Roman consuls M. Fulvius and L. Postumius decisiviely defeat the Samnites to end the Second Samnite War.
301 BC Battle of Ipsus Antigonus Monophthalmus is defeated and killed by Seleucus and Lysimachus

Third Century before the Common Era

298 BC Battle of Camerinum - The Samnites defeat the Romans under Lucius Cornelius Scipio in the first battle of the Third Samnite War.
295 BC Battle of Sentinum - The Romans under Fabius Rullianus and Publius Decimus Mus defeat the Samnites and their Etruscan and Gallic allies, forcing the Etruscans, Gauls, and Umbrians to make peace
293 BC Battle of Aquilonia - The Romans decisively defeat the Samnites.
285 BC Battle of Arretium A Roman army under Lucius Caecilius is destroyed by the Gauls
283 BC Battle of Lake Vadimo A Roman army under P. Cornelius Dolabello defeats the Etruscans and Gauls.
282 BC Battle of Populonia Etruscan resistance to Roman domination of Italy is finally crushed.
281 BC Battle of Corupedion - Last battle in the wars of the Diadochi. Seleucus defeats and kills Lysimachus.
280 BC Battle of Heraclea First engagement of Roman and Greek armies, the latter led by Pyrrhus of Epirus, who is victorious, but at great cost.
279 BC Battle of Asculum - Pyrrhus again defeats the Romans.
275 BC Battle of Beneventum - Pyrrhus is finally defeated by the Romans under Marcus Curius Dentatus.
262 BC Battle of Agrigentum - Carthaginian forces under Hannibal Gisco and Hanno are defeated by the Romans, giving them control of most of Sicily.
260 BC -
Battle of Changping Army of Qin under Bai Qi routed army of Zhao and massacred 500,000 prisoners of war. Military superiority of Qin over all other states of China. Unification became a matter of time.
Battle of the Lipara Islands - A Roman naval force is defeated by the Carthaginians
Battle of Mylae - A Roman naval force under C. Duillius defeats the Carthaginian fleet, giving Rome control of the western Mediterranean.
258 BC Battle of Cos Naval victory of Antiochus II Theos over Ptolemy II
256 BC -
Battle of Cape Ecnomus A Carthaginian fleet under Hamilcar and Hanno is defeated in an attempt to stop a Roman invasion of Africa by Marcus Atilius Regulus.
Battle of Adys The Romans under Regulus defeat the Carthaginians in North Africa
255 BC Battle of Tunes The Carthaginians under Xanthippus, a Greek mercenary, defeat the Romans under Regulus, who is captured.
251 BC Battle of Panormus - Carthaginian forces under Hasdrubal are defeated by the Romans under L. Caecilius Metellus.
249 BC Battle of Drepana - Carthaginians under Adherbal defeat the fleet of Roman admiral Claudius Pulcher.
242 BC Battle of the Aegates Islands Roman sea victory over the Carthaginians, ending the First Punic War
238 BC Battle of Utica Rebellious Carthaginian mercenaries are defeated by the loyal troops of Hamilcar Barca
225 BC Battle of Faesulae The Romans are defeated by the Gauls of Northern Italy.
224 BC Battle of Telamon The Romans under Aemilius Papus and Caius Atilius Regulus defeat the Gauls.
222 BC -
Battle of Clastidium The Romans under Marcus Claudius Marcellus defeat the Gauls.
Battle of Sellasia Defeat of Cleomenes III of Sparta by Antigonus Doson of Macedon and the Achaean League
218 BC -
November Battle of the Ticinus Hannibal defeats the Romans under Publius Cornelius Scipio the elder in a small cavalry fight.
Battle of the Trebia Hannibal defeats the Romans under Titius Sempronius, who had foolishly attacked.
217 BC -
April Battle of Lake Trasimene - In an ambush, Hannibal destroys the Roman army of Gaius Flaminius, who is killed.
Battle of Raphia Antiochus III the Great is defeated by Ptolemy IV
216 BC -
August 2 Battle of Cannae Hannibal destroys the Roman army of Lucius Aemilius Paulus and Publius Terentius Varro in what is considered one of the great masterpieces of the tactical art.
First Battle of Nola The Roman general Marcus Claudius Marcellus holds off an attack by Hannibal.
215 BC Second Battle of Nola Marcellus again repulses an attack by Hannibal.
214 BC Third Battle of Nola Marcellus fights an inconclusive battle with Hannibal.
212 BC -
First Battle of Capua Hannibal defeats the consuls Q. Fulvius Flaccus and Appius Claudius, but the Roman army escapes
Battle of the Silarus Hannibal destroys the army of the Roman praetor M. Centenius Penula.
Battle of Herdonia Hannibal destroys the Roman army of the praetor Gnaeus Fulvius.
211 BC -
Battle of the Upper Baetis Publius and Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio are killed in battle with the Carthaginians under Hannibal's brother Hasdrubal
Second Battle of Capua Hannibal is unable to break the Roman siege of the city.
210 BC -
Second Battle of Herdoinia Hannibal destroys the Roman army of Fulvius Centumalus, who is killed
Battle of Numistro Hannibal defeats Marcellus once more
209 BC -
Battle of the Arius Antiochus III defeats the Parthians
Battle of Asculum Hannibal once again defeats Marcellus, in an indecisive battle
208 BC Battle of Baecula The Romans in Spain under P. Cornelius Scipio the Younger defeat Hasdrubal Barca
207 BC -
Battle of Grumentum The Roman general Gaius Claudius Nero fights an indecisive battle with Hannibal, then escapes north to confront Hannibal's brother Hasdrubal, who has invaded Italy
Battle of the Metaurus - Hasdrubal is defeated and killed by Nero's Roman army.
Battle of Mantinea Philopoemen of the Achaean League defeats the Spartans under Machanidas, who is killed
206 BC Battle of Ilipa Scipio again decisively defeats the remaining Carthaginian forces in Spain.
204 BC Battle of Crotona Hannibal fights a drawn battle against the Roman general Sempronius in Southern Italy.
203 BC Battle of Bagbrades The Romans under Scipio defeat the Carthaginian army of Hasdrubal Gisco and Syphax. Hannibal is sent to return to Africa.
202 BC October 19 Battle of Zama - Scipio Africanus Major decisively defeats Hannibal in North Africa, ending the Second Punic War
201 BC Battle of Chios Philip V of Macedon is defeated at sea by the Egyptians, Rhodians, and Pergamese
200 BC Battle of Cremona Roman forces defeat the Gauls of Cisalpine Gaul

Second Century before the Common Era
198 BC -
Battle of Panium Antiochus III the Great secures the conquest of Syria and Palestine from Egypt with this victory
Battle of the Aous Roman forces under Titus Quinctius Flamininus defeat the Macedonians under Philip V
197 BC Battle of Cynoscephalae Romans under Flamininus decisively defeats Philip in Thessaly
194 BC -
Battle of Mutina Roman victory over the Gauls
Battle of Gythium With some Roman assistance, Philopoemen of the Achaean League defeats the Spartans under Nabis
191 BC Battle of Thermopylae Romans under Marcus Acilius Glabrio defeat Antiochus III the Great and force him to evacuate Greece
190 BC -
Battle of the Eurymedon Roman forces under Lucius Aemilius Regillus defeat a Seleucid fleet commanded by Hannibal, fighting his last battle.
Battle of Myonessus Another Seleucid fleet is defeated by the Romans
December Battle of Magnesia (near Smyrna) Romans under Lucius Cornelius Scipio and his brother Scipio Africanus Major defeat Antiochus III the Great in the decisive victory of the war.
171 BC Battle of Callicinus Perseus of Macedon defeats a Roman army under Publius Licinius Crassus.
168 BC June 22 Battle of Pydna Romans under Lucius Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus defeat and capture Macedonian King Perseus, ending the Third Macedonian War
166 BC -
Battle of Beth Horon The Jewish rebel leader Judas Maccabaeus defeats the Seleucids.
Battle of Emmaus Judas Maccabeus again defeats the Seleucids
165 BC Battle of Beth Zur Another victory of Judas Maccabaeus over the Seleucids, leading to the recapture of Jerusalem by the rebels
164 BC Battle of Beth Zachariah The Seleucid regent Lysias defeats the Jewish rebels
161 BC -
Battle of Adasa In his last victory, Judas Maccabaeus defeats the Seleucid general Nicanor.
Battle of Elasa Jewish leader Judas Maccabaeus is defeated and killed by the Selucid army of Bacchides
148 BC Battle of Pydna - The forces of the Macedonian pretender Andriscus are defeated by the Romans under Quintus Caecilius Metellus in the decisive engagement of the Fourth Macedonian War
146 BC -
Battle of Carthage - Scipio Africanus Minor captures and destroys Carthage, ending the Third Punic War
Battle of Corinth - The Romans under Lucius Mummius defeat the Achaean League forces of Critolaus, who is killed. Greece comes under direct Roman rule.
145 BC Battle of the Oenoparus Ptolemy VI Philometor defeats the Seleucid usurper Alexander Balas, but is killed in the fighting
129 BC Battle of Ecbatana The Seleucid King Antiochus VII Sidetes is defeated and killed by the Parthians under Phraates II, ending any pretense of Seleucid control over Media or Mesopotamia.
108 BC Battle of the Muthul Roman forces under Caecilius Metellus defeat the forces of Jugurtha of Numidia
105 BC October 6 Battle of Arausio Cimbri inflict a major defeat on the Roman army of Mallius Maximus
102 BC Battle of Aquae Sextae The Romans under Gaius Marius defeat Teutons
101 BC Battle of Vercellae The Romans under Marius defeat the Cimbri, who are entirely annihilated.
Originally posted by torontotrance
ummmmm this is not a ing anti american, anti anything....this is support our veterans for what they did for us.

yes, but rememberance day serves another purpose; as a deterant from war.

It shows how awful war is and its after effects, hence rememberance day is also somewhat of an "anti-war" day as well...
Ripped Bag
First Century before the Common Era

89 BC -
Battle of Fucine Lake Roman forces under Lucius Porcius Cato are defeated by the Italian rebels in the Social War
Battle of Asculum The Roman army of C. Pompeius Strabo decisively defeats the rebels in the Social War.
86 BC Battle of Chaeronea The Roman forces of Lucius Cornelius Sulla defeat the Pontic forces of Archelaus in the First Mithridatic War
85 BC Battle of Orchomenus Sulla again defeats Archelaus in the decisive battle of the First Mithridatic War.
83 BC Battle of Mount Tifata Sulla defeats the popular forces of Caius Norbanus in the First Roman Civil War.
82 BC Battle of Colline Gate Sulla defeats Samnites allied to the popular party in Rome in the decisive battle of the Civil War.
80 BC Battle of the Baetis River Rebel forces under Quintus Sertorius defeat the legal Roman forces of Lucius Fulfidias in Spain.
74 BC Battle of Cyzicus Roman forces under Lucius Lucullus defeat the forces of Mithridates VI of Pontus
72 BC Battle of Cabira Lucullus again defeats Mithridates, overrunning Pontus
69 BC Battle of Tigranocerta Lucullus defeats the army of Tigranes I of Armenia, who was harboring his father-in-law Mithridates VI of Pontus
68 BC Battle of Artaxata Lucullus again defeats Tigranes.
66 BC Battle of the Lycus Pompey the Great decisively defeats Mithridates VI, effectively ending the Third Mithridatic War
62 BC January Battle of Pistoria The forces of the conspirator Catiline are defeated by the loyal Roman armies under Gaius Antonius.
58 BC -
June Battle of the Arar (Saone) Caesar defeats the migrating Helvetians
July Battle of Bibracte Caesar again defeats the Helvetians, this time decisively.
September Caesar decisively defeats the forces of the Germanic chieftain Ariovistus near modern Belfort
57 BC -
Battle of the Axona (Aisne) Caesar defeats the forces of the Belgae under King Galba of Suessiones.
Battle of the Sabis (Sambre) Caesar defeats the Nervii.
53 BC Battle of Carrhae The Roman Triumvir Crassus is defeated and killed by the Parthians
52 BC Battle of Alesia Caesar defeats the Gallic rebel Vercingetorix, completing the Roman conquest of Transalpine Gaul.
49 BC August 24 Battle of the Bagradas River Caesar's general Gaius Curio is defeated in North Africa by the Pompeians under Attius Varus and King Juba of Numidia. Curio commits suicide.
48 BC -
July 10 Battle of Dyrrhachium Caesar barely avoids a catastrophic defeat to Pompey in Macedonia
August 9 Battle of Pharsalus Caesar decisively defeats Pompey, who flees to Egypt
47 BC -
February Battle of the Nile Caesar defeats the forces of the Egyptian king Ptolemy XIII
May Battle of Zela Caesar defeats Pharnaces II of Pontus. This is the battle where he famously said Veni, vidi, vici. (I came, I saw, I conquered.)
46 BC February Battle of Thapsus Caesar defeats the Pompeian army of Metellus Scipio in North Africa.
45 BC March 17 Battle of Munda In his last victory, Caesar defeats the Pompeian forces of Titus Labienus and Gnaeus Pompey the Younger in Spain. Labienus is killed in the battle and the Younger Pompey captured and executed.
43 BC -
April 14 Battle of Forum Gallorum Antony, besieging Caesar's assasin Decimus Brutus in Mutina, defeats the forces of the consul Pansa, who is killed, but is then immediately defeated by the army of the other consul, Hirtius
April 21 Battle of Mutina Antony is again defeated in battle by Hirtius, who is killed. Although Antony fails to capture Mutina, Decimus Brutus is murdered shortly thereafter.
42 BC -
October 3 First Battle of Philippi The Triumvirs Marc Antony and Octavian fight an indecisive battle with Caesar's assassins Marcus Brutus and Cassius. Although Brutus defeats Octavian, Antony defeats Cassius, who commits suicide.
October 23 Second Battle of Philippi Brutus's army is decisively defeated by Antony and Octavian. Brutus escapes, but commits suicide soon after.
41 BC Battle of Perugia Marc Antony's brother Lucius Antonius and his wife Fulvia are defeated by Octavian.
36 BC Battle of Naulochus Octavian's fleet, under the command of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa defeats the forces of the rebel Pompey.
31 BC September 2 Battle of Actium Octavian decisively defeats Antony and Cleopatra in a naval battle near Greece
11 BC Battle of the Lupia River Roman forces under Augustus's stepson Drusus win a victory in Germany.

First Century

9 September Battle of the Teutoburg Forest The German leader Arminius defeats the Roman legions of Publius Quinctilius Varus
24 Battle of Kunyang June, After being sieged for 2 months, 9000 insurgents under Liu Xiu defeat 450,000 of Wang Mang's troops, ushering in the fall of Wang Mang and restoration of Han Dynasty.
50 Battle of Caer Caradock The British chieftain Caractacus is defeated and captured by the Romans under Ostorius Scapula.
61 Battle of Towcester The uprising of the British queen Boudicca against the Romans is defeated by Suetonius Paullinus
62 Battle of Rhandeia Romans under Lucius Caesennius Paetus are defeated by a Parthian-Armenian army under King Tiridates of Parthia.
69 -
April 14 Battle of Bedriacum Vitellius, commander of the Rhine armies, defeats Emperor Otho and seizes the throne.
October 24 Second Battle of Bedriacum Forces under Antonius Primus, the commander of the Danube armies, loyal to Vespasian, defeat the forces of Emperor Vitellius.
84 Battle of Mons Graupius. The Romans under Agricola defeat the Caledonians.

Second Century
193 -
Battle of Cyzicus Septimius Severus, the new Emperor, defeats his eastern rival Pescennius Niger
Battle of Nicaea Severus again defeats Niger
194 Battle of Issus (194) Severus finally defeats Niger.
197 Battle of Lugdunum February 17 Emperor Septimius Severus defeats and kills his rival Clodius Albinus, securing full control over the Empire.

Third Century
200 Battle of Guan Du
208 Battle of Red Cliff - War of Three Kingdoms
218 Battle of Antioch - Varius Avitus defeats Emperor Macrinus to claim the throne under the name Elagabalus.
238 Battle of Carthage (238) - Troops loyal to the Roman Emperor Maximinus defeat and kill the usurper Gordian II.
243 Battle of Resaena Roman forces under Gordian III defeat the Persians under Shapur I. Gordian is murdered before he can exploit his victory.
250 Battle of Philippopolis - King Cuiva of the Goths defeats a Roman army.
251 Battle of Abrittus The Goths defeat and kill the Roman Emperor Trajan Decius
260 Battle of Edessa King Shapur I of Persia defeats and captures the Roman Emperor Valerian
268 Battle of Lake Benacus The Romans under Claudius II defeat the Alamanni
269 Battle of Naissus Claudius II decisively defeats the Goths, earning the surname Gothicus.
271 -
Battle of Placentia. The Emperor Aurelian is defeated by the Alemanni forces invading Italy
Battle of Fano Aurelian defeats the Alemanni, who begin to retreat from Italy
Battle of Pavia (271) Aurelian destroys the retreating Alemanni army.
Battle of Immae Aurelian defeats the army of Zenobia of Palmyra
272 Battle of Emesa Aurelian decisively defeats Zenobia.
273 Battle of Chalons (273) Aurelian defeats the Gallic usurper Tetricus, reestablishing central control of the whole empire.
285 Battle of the Margus The usurper Diocletian defeats the army of the Emperor Carinus, who is killed.
296 Battle of Callinicum The Romans under the Caesar Galerius are defeated by the Persians under Narses.
298 -
Battle of Lingones The Caesar Constantius Chlorus defeats the Alemanni
Battle of Vindonissa Constantius again defeats the Alemanni

Fourth Century

312 -
Battle of Turin (312) Constantine defeats forces loyal to Maxentius.
October 28 Battle of Milvian Bridge Constantine defeats Maxentius and takes control of Italy.
313 Battle of Tzirallum In the eastern part of the Empire, the forces of Licinius defeat Maximin Daia.
314 -
Battle of Cibalae Constantine defeats Licinius
Battle of Mardia Constantine again defeats Licinius, who cedes Illyricum to Constantine.
323 -
July 3 Battle of Adrianople (323) Constantine defeats Licinius, who flees to Byzantium
July Battle of the Hellespont Flavius Julius Crispus, son of Constantine defeats the naval forces of Licinius
September 18 Battle of Chrysopolis Constantine decisively defeats Licinius, establishing his sole control over the empire.
344 Battle of Singara Emperor Constantius II fights an indecisive battle against the Persian King Shapur II (approximate date)
351 Battle of Mursa Major The Emperor Constantius II defeats the usurper Magnentius
353 Battle of Mons Seleucus Final defeat of Magnentius by Constantius II
356 Battle of Reims (356) The Caesar Julian is defeated by the Alemanni
357 Battle of Strasbourg (357) Julian expels the Alamanni from the Rhineland
359 Battle of Amida Persians capture Amida from Romans
363 Battle of Ctesiphon The Emperor Julian the Apostate defeats Shapur II of Persia outside the walls of the Persian capital, but is unable to take the city, leading to an ultimate disaster on the retreat back to Roman territory.
367 Battle of Solicinium Romans under Emperor Valentinian I defeat yet another Alemanni incursion.
373 Battle of the Tanais River The Huns defeat the Alans near the Don, beginning the great period of the Germanic migrations.
377 Battle of the Willows Roman troops fight an inconclusive battle against the Visigoths under Fritigern
378 -
Battle of Argentaria The Western Emperor Gratianus is victorious over the Alemanni, yet again.
August 9 Battle of Adrianople (378) The Visigoths under Fritigern defeat and kill the Eastern Emperor Valens
383 Battle of Feishui
388 Battle of the Save Emperor Theodosius I defeats the usurper Magnus Maximus.
394 Battle of Frigdus September 6 The Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius I defeats and kills the pagan usurper Eugenius and his Frankish general Arbogast.

Fifth Century

402 -
Battle of Asta The Roman general Stilicho fights an indecisive engagement against Alaric's Visigoths.
April 6 Battle of Pollentia Stilicho stymies the Visigoths under Alaric
403 Battle of Verona June. Stilicho again defeats Alaric, who withdraws from Italy.
410 Sack of Rome August 24. The Visigoths under Alaric sack Rome.
425 The Roman general Aetius defeats the Visigoths under Theodoric I.
430 Battle of Halys
432 Battle of Ravenna (432) The Roman general Aetius defeats his rival Count Boniface, who is killed.
436 Battle of Narbonne Aetius again defeats the Visigoths under Theodoric.
447 Battle of the Utus Attila the Hun is defeated by the East Romans in an indecisive battle
451 Battle of Chalons June - Forces of the Visigoth king Theodoric and Romans under Aetius repulse the attack of Attila the Hun. Theodoric is killed in the battle.
454 Battle of Nedao A Germanic alliance under the leadership of the Ostrogoths and the Gepids breaks Hunnic power in Europe
496 Battle of Tolbiac Franks under Clovis I defeat Alamanni
500 Battle of Mons Badonicus or Battle of Mynydd Baddon Later connected to King Arthur

Sixth Century

507 Battle of Vouillé Franks under the lead of Clovis I defeat the Visigoths under Alaric II
528 Battle of Daras Justinian's commander Belisarius defeats Persians in his first major battle of the campaign to regain Eastern empire
533 Battle of Ad Decimum (or "Battle of Carthage (533)") Belisarius defeats Vandals near Carthage
533 Battle of Ticameron
537 Battle of Camlann King Arthur killed, perhaps mythical
552 -
Battle of Taginae Eunuch general Narses replaces Belisarius and defeats Ostrogoths under Totila
Battle of Asfeld Longobards under king Audoin defeat the Gepids
573 Battle of Arfderydd
577 Battle of Deorham West Saxons vs Celts in Wiltshire, England

Seventh Century

603 Battle of Degsastan - The Northumbrians defeat king Gabhráin of Dalriada
616 Battle of Chester - Northumbrian King Aethelfrith defeats the army of Powys
627 Battle of Nineveh - Romans beat Sassanid Persians
631 Battle of Wogastisburg - King Samo defeats Austrasian forces, led by Dagobert I, Merovingian king of the Franks
632 Battle of Akraba
633 Battle of Hatfield Chase - Penda of Mercia defeats and kills Edwin of Northumbria
634 Battle of Heavenfield - Oswald of Bernicia defeats and kills the Welsh Cadwallon
636 Battle of Yarmuk - Islamic forces conquer Syria from Byzantines
642 Battle of Nehaward - Arabs gain final victory over Persians, Sassanid dynasty ended
642 Battle of Maserfeld August 5 - Penda of Mercia defeats and kills Oswald of Bernicia
655 Battle of Winwaed - Northumbrian King Oswiu defeats and kills pagan Mercian king Penda
656 Battle of Jamal or Battle of Camel
677 Battle of Syllaeum - Arab fleet destroyed by Byzantium, menace to Europe ended
680 Battle of Kerbela October 10 - Husain killed, becomes Shiite martyr
685 Battle of Nechtansmere - Picts defeat Northumbrians in Scotland
689 Battle of Coronate - The army of Cunincpert, king of the Lombards, defeat the followers of the usurper Alahis on the Adda River.
692 Battle of Sevastapol - Arabs defeat Justinian II
698 Battle of Carthage - Moslem Conquest of North Africa

Eighth Century

709 Battle of Kabul - Moslem Conquest of the East
718 Battle of Covadonga - Spanish Christians defeat Moors for the first time (date uncertain 718 - 725)
732 Battle of Tours October 11 - Moors lose to Charles Martel near Poitiers
757 Battle of Suiyang
778 Battle of Roncesvalles - Charlemagne's rear guard Roland devastated by Basques

Ninth Century

811 Battle of Pliska - Forces of Nicephorus I of Byzantium walk into trap of Bulgarian khan Krum
878 Vikings defeat forces of St Cuthbert in West Sussex
891 Battle of Leuven - Arnulf of Carinthia defeats Normans

Tenth Century

917 Battle of Anchialus August 20 - Tsar Simeon I of Bulgaria invades Thrace and drive Byzantines out
923 Battle of Soissons June 15 - Rollo of Normandy killed by Charles III, but Charles is defeated and imprisoned by Rudolf duke of Burgundy who succeeded Robert
955 Battle of Lechfeld August 10 - Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor defeats Magyars, ends invasion of West
972 Battle of Cedynia
991 Battle of Maldon August 10 or 11 - Olaf Tryggvason's Vikings defeat English of Ealdorman Brihtnoth of Essex

Eleventh Century

1014 Battle of Clontarf Irish King Brian Boru ends Norse rule of Ireland
1014 Battle of Kleidion Byzantine Emperor Basil II conquers the Bulgarians
1016 Battle of Neaje Future Norwegian king Saint Olav Haraldsson laid foundation for his reign in this victory.
1018 Battle of Vlaardingen Count Dirk III defeats an army sent by Henry I, Holy Roman Emperor at Vlaardingen
1030 Battle of Stiklestad Norwegian King Saint Olaf Haraldsson killed in the battle but it ensured Christianization of Norway
1053 Battle of Civitate Robert Guiscard's Normans destroy the army of Pope Leo IX.
1054 Battle of Dunsinane Malcolm defeats Macbeth
1057 Battle of Lumphanan
1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge September 25, Harold Godwinson of England defeated his brother Tostig Godwinson and Harald III of Norway
1066 Battle of Hastings October 14, William the Conqueror defeats Harold Godwinson
1071 Battle of Manzikert Byzantines lose Asia Minor, Emperor Romanus IV Diogenes leads Christians against Seljuk Turks
1071 Byzantines lose Bari, their last possession in Italy, to the Norman Robert Guiscard
1097 April, Muslims defeated by Byzantines and Crusaders at Nicaea
1097 July 1, first Christian victory of the First Crusade at Dorylaeum
1098 June 3, Crusaders capture Antioch after a lengthy siege
1099 July 15, Crusaders capture Jerusalem after a lengthy siege and bloody street fighting

Twelfth Century
1106 Battle of Tinchebrai Henry I defeats brother Robert of Normandy in northwestern France
1108 Battle of Ucles May
1109 Battle of Naklo Boleslav III of Poland defeats Pomeranians
1109 Battle of Hundsfeld Boleslav III of Poland defeats German king Henry V
1119 Battle of Ager Sanguinis (the Field of Blood) (June 27) Crusaders defeatd by Ilghazi
1138 Battle of the Standard near Northallerton
1157 Battle of Grathe Heath
1176 Battle of Legnano May 29 Lombard League defeats and wounds HRE Frederick Barbarossa

1176 Battle of Myriokephalon Seljuk Turks defeat army of Emperor Manuel I Comnenus of the Byzantine Empire in Phrygia

1185 Battle of Dan-no-ura in Japan - Last battle of Taira-Minamoto War
1187 Battle of Hattin July 4 Saladin defeats Crusaders.
1191 Battle of Arsuf September 7 Richard Lionheart's forces repel Saladin's attack.

Thirteenth Century

1204 Battle of Constantinople Byzantine Empire conquered by Fourth Crusade
1205 Battle of Adrianople - Fourth Crusade
1212 Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa July 16 Moors expelled from most of Iberia a joint army of the Christian kingdoms of Castile, León, Portugal, Navarre and Aragon.
1213 Battle of Damme - English under William Longsword, Earl of Salisbury sink most of fleet of France's King Philip II in the harbor of Damme.
1214 Battle of Bouvines France conquers Flanders
1214 Battle of Tournai France defeats Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor and King John of England
1214 Battle of Beijing - Gengis Khan and the mongols capture Beijing
1217 Battle of South Foreland - Fleet of English Hubert and Burgh defeat French fleet of Eustace the Monk off Dover
1223 Battle of Kalka River Subutai leads Mongols as they show force in Russia
1241 Battle of Liegnitz Mongols of Golden Horde defeat feudal nobility including Knights Templar in Silesia and then retire to Asia
1245 Battle of Evesham August 4 - (Baron's War)
1242 Battle of Lake Peipus April 5 Alexander Nevsky defeats Teutonic Knights
1250 Battle of Fariskur April 6 Egyptians defeat 7th Crusade forces of Louis IX of France
1254 Battle of Adrianople - Byzantine-Bulgarian Wars
1260 Battle of Kressenbrunn - Premysl Ottokar II defeats Bela IV

1260 Battle of Ain Jalut September 3 - Mongol Wars - Muslim army defeats Mongols north of Palestine
1263 Battle of Largs
1266 Battle of Benevento
1268 Battle of Xiangyang First war ever involving the usage of firearms
1274 Battle of Hakata Bay - Mongol Wars -
1279 Battle of Yamen
1281 August 15 Typhoon wipes out the invading fleet of Kublai Khan in Japan ? Divine Wind.
1288 Battle of Worringen -Germany
1296 Battle of Dunbar first battle of the Wars of Scottish Independence
1296 Battle of Curzota Genoa defeats Venetian fleet including Marco Polo
1297 Battle of Stirling Bridge - Scots of William Wallace defeat English of John de Warrenne
1298 Battle of Falkirk July 22 in Stirlingshire, English Archers defeat Scots led by William Wallace, longbow's first great victory

Fourteenth Century
1302 Battle of the Golden Spurs July 11 in Flanders, Flemish burghers led by Count Guy de Dampierre defeat French knights
1314 Battle of Bannockburn Robert the Bruce defeats Edward II, takes Stirling Castle and frees Scotland
1315 Battle of Morgarten November 15 Swiss defeat Leopold of Austria
1322 Battle of Muhldorf September 28 German Louis IV defeats Frederick of Austria
1332 Battle of Plowce September 27 Poland's Ladislas IV Lokietek defeats Teutonic Knights
1333 Battle of Halidon Hill July 19 Edward III of England avenges Bannockburn
1340 Battle of Rio Salado October 30 Alphonso XI of Castile defeats Moslems
1340 Battle of Sluys June 24 Edward III beats Franco-Genoese fleet of Philip VI of France off the coast of Flanders and gains control of English Channel
1346 Battle of Crecy August 26 English longbowmen defeat French cavalry at Abbeville
1351 Battle of the Thirty Thirty French Knights from Chateau Josselin under Beaumanoir call out and defeat thirty English Knights under Pembroke and Brambaugh
1354 Battle of Sapienza Genoans destroy Venetian fleet
1356 Battle of Poitiers Edward the Black Prince captures King John II of France, France is in chaos
1362 Battle of Helsingborg - Danish-German War
1365 Battle of Adrianople Capture by Ottoman Turks
1380 Battle of Kulikovo Dmitri Donskoi of Moscow stops Mongols
1384 Battle of Atoleiros April 6 Nuno Alvares Pereira (portuguese general) defeats Castile
1385 Battle of Aljubarrota August 14 Portugal gains independence from Castile, John I establishes Avis dynasty
1386 Battle of Sempach July 9 Swiss defeat Leopold III of Austria
1389 Battle of Kosovo Polje Ottoman army gathered by Murad I defeats Serbs, ends Serb empire under Prince Lazar

Fifteenth Century
1402 July 28 Battle of Angora or Battle of Ankara Timur Lenk defeats and captures Ottoman sultan Bayezid I in Anatolia
1403 Battle of Shrewsbury
1410 Battle of Tannenberg (1410) or (a.k.a. Battle of Grunwald or Battle of Zalgiris) July 15 Poles and Lithuanians defeat Teutonic Knights
1415 Battle of Agincourt October 25 English longbowmen under Henry V defeat French under Charles d'Albert
1415 Battle of Ceuta captured by the Portuguese on August 14
1418 Siege of Rouen July 31 ? January 19 1419 Henry V of England gains a foothold in Normandy.
1420 Battle of Vitkov Hill
1420 Battle of Vysehrad
1421 Battle of Bauge. The French and Scottish forces of Charles VII commanded by the Earl of Buchan defeat the forces of Henry V commanded by the Duke of Clarence.
1421 Battle of Kutna Hora
1422 Battle of Nebovidy
1423 Siege of Salonika (Thessaloniki) Venice vs. the Ottoman Empire
1426 Battle of Usti nad Labem
1428 Battle of Orleans English forces commanded by the Earl of Salisbury with duke of Bedford besiege French city and are driven off with the loss of their siege engines by Joan.
1428 Battle of Patay The English flush a stag and Joan runs down all the English archers capturing the leaders; Earl of Shrewsbury (Talbot) and Fastolff
1431 Battle of Domazlice
1434 Battle of Lipany May 30
1439 Battle of Grotniki, Poland
1440 Battle of Anghiari Niccolo Piccinino overlord of Bologna defeats Milans Filipo Maria Visconti and is then opposed by Cosimo de Medici
1444 Battle of Varna November 10 Ottoman Murad II defeats Hungarians and Wallachians
1449 Battle of Alfarrobeira May 20, Afonso V of Portugal defeats rebels of Pedro, Duke of Coimbra
1449 Battle of Tumu Fortress
1450 Battle of Formigny The Count of Clermont and the Earl of Richmond use cannon to break up archers and defeat the English under Kyriell
1453 Battle of Castillone The Valois use cannon to defeat the Lancastrians to end the Hundred Years War
1453 May 29 Battle of Constantinople Ottomans destroy Byzantine Empire
1454 Battle of Chojnice
1455 Battle of St Albans May 22 first battle of the Wars of the Roses
1461 Battle of Towton March 29 Edward IV of England defeats Lancastrian forces
1462 Battle of Swiecin a.k.a. Battle of Zarnowiec or Battle of Schwetz. September 7 during the Thirteen Years' War between the Poles and the Teutons (Poles won battle)
1470 Battle of Negropont Venetian fleet fails to relieve colony of Negropont under Turkish attack
1471 Battle of Brunkeberg
1471 Battle of Tewkesbury May 4 Edward IV of England final victory over Lancastrians
1476 Battle of Grandson March 2 A Swiss army defeats the Burgundians under Charles the Bold
1476 Battle of Morat June 2 The Swiss defeat Charles the Bold again.
1477 Battle of Nancy January 5 Swiss pikemen defeat cavalry of Burgundy's Charles the Bold, who was killed
1485 Battle of Bosworth Field Ends Wars of Roses fought since 1460, Henry VII becomes King.
1487 Battle of Stoke -- Henry VII of England finally defeats internal opposition
1499 Battle of Sapienza
1500 Battle of Hemmingstedt February 17

Sixteenth Century
1507 Battle of Vouilile
1509 Battle of Dui February 2 Portugal's India viceroy destroys Moslem fleet, controls spice trade
1509 Battle of Agnadello (a.k.a. Battle of Vaila) - [French Wars in Italy]
1513 Battle of Flodden Field September 9 Henry VIII's army under Earl of Surrey killed James IV of Scotland
1513 Battle of Guingate (of the Spurs) Henry VIII and HRE Maximillian crush French
1513 Battle of Novara June 6 Holy League defeats France
1515 Battle of Marignan September 13 Francis I defeats the Swiss.
1521 Battle of Villalar April 23 HRE Charles V ends Spanish resistances to Absolutism
1525 Battle of Pavia Spain and Germany defeat France, Francis I of France is captured
1526 First battle of Panipat April 21 Mongols under Babur defeat sultan Ibrahim Lodhi
1526 Battle of Mohacs August 29
1529 Battle of Vienna Ottoman reach limit of empire, can't capture Vienna and settle in Buda
1538 Battle of Preveza Ottoman fleet defeats Spanish-Venetian fleet
1543 Battle of Wayna Daga - February 11 Ethiopian/Portuguese troops beat Muslim army.
1547 Battle of Mühlberg April 24 HRE Charles V captures elector of Saxony and lays siege to Wittenberg in the Schmalkaldic War.
1547 Battle of Pinkie September 10 Earl of Hertford guardian of Edward VI crushes Scottish resistance
1556 Second battle of Panipat
1560 Battle of Djerba
1562 Battle of Dreux ? Catholics versus Huguenots in France.
1568 Battle of Langside Scotland
1568 Battle of Heiligerlee May 23 Dutch army defeats Spanish army
1568 Battle of Jemmingen July 21 Spanish army under the Duke of Alva defeats the Dutch army
1568 Battle of Jodoigne Spain defeats Dutch army
1571 Battle of Lepanto Spain and Venice's fleets defeat Ottoman fleet
1580 Battle of Alcantara. Spain defeats Portugal.
1588 Battle of Spanish Armada's Destruction
1590 Battle of Ivry March 14 Henri IV of Navarre defeats Catholic League in War of the Three Henries
1596 Battle of Kerestes
1597 Battle of Turnhout January 24 Dutch troops defeat Spanish cavalry
1598 - Battle of Yellow Ford - Irish under Hugh O'Neill, earl of Tyrone, destroy English force
1600 Battle of Sekigahara or Battle of Sekugahara - Japanese General Ieyasu defeats three regents of son of Hideyoshi - he later establishes Tokugawa Shogunate
1600 Battle of Nieuwpoort June 2 Battle between Dutch (led by Prince Maurits) and Spanish army, led by Albrecht, archduke of Austria.

Seventeenth Century
1619 Battle of Sablat June 10, called Battle of Záblatí in Czech, during the Thirty Years' War.
1619 Battle of Sarhū the Manchus defeat Ming
1619 Battle of Wisternitz
1620 Battle of the White Mountain November 8 Battle deciding fate of Prague in Thirty Years' War
1622 Battle of Wiesloch April 25 Protestants under Count Mansfield defeat Catholics under Count von Tilly in Thirty Years' War
1622 Battle of Wimpfen (May 6)
1622 Battle of Höchst (June 20)
1627 Battle of La Rochelle
1631 Battle of Breitenfeld Leipzig September 17 Saxons and Swedes defeat Catholics under Tilly
1632 Battle of Lützen Swedes defeat Catholics but Gustavus II Adolphus is killed
1634 Battle of Nordlingen
1642 Battle of Edgehill October 23 first battle of English Civil War, a draw
1642 Battle of Brentford November 12 Royalist cavalry defeats Roundheads, but have to retreat later
1642 Battle of Lostwithiel (1642)
1643 Battle of Rocroi May 19 French under Duc d'Enghien destroy Spanish army and its military supremacy in Europe.
1643 Battle of Adwalton Moor June 30 Royalists beat Roundheads near York
1643 Battle of Lansdowne July 5 Royalists and Roundheads tie near Bath
1643 Battle of Roundway Down July 13 Royalists crush Roundheads in West country
1643 Battle of Newbury September 20 Roundheads save London from Royalists
1644 Battle of Marston Moor July 2 Oliver Cromwell Roundheads defeat king Charles I of England's Cavaliers securing the North for the Puritans
1644 Battle of Lostwithiel (1644) September 22 Royalists surround Roundheads west of Plymouth
1644 Battle of Newbury October 27 Roundheads block Charles' return to London
1645 Battle of Naseby June 14 Cromwell's Ironsides defeat Charles' Cavaliers
1645 Battle of Alford July 2 Covenanters defeated by Royalists under Montrose
1645 Battle of Kilsyth August 15 Montrose destroys Covenanters in decisive battle
1645 Battle of Philiphaugh September 13 Covenanters under General David Leslie surprise Montrose in camp, Montrose runs away
1647 Battle of Dangan Hill, Irish forces are defeated by British Parliamentary forces
1648 Battle of Preston August 17 Cromwell defeats William Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Hamilton
1650 Battle of Dunbar
1651 Battle of Worcester September 3 Cromwell defeats Royalists, Charles King of Scots escapes disguised as a servant
1651 Battle of Beresteczko
1652 Battle of Goodwin Sands (or Dover) First Anglo-Dutch War May 29 Blake's fire without DoW on Tromp's fleet initiates first Anglo-Dutch war
1652 Battle of Plymouth First Anglo-Dutch War August 26 De Ruyter's 36 MoW hold of Ayscue's 45 MoW, driving them away.
1652 Battle of the Kentish Knock (or Dover) First Anglo-Dutch War October 8 Blake beats back de Witt
1652 Battle of Dungeness First Anglo-Dutch War December 10 Tromp defeats Blake
1652 Battle of Blenau April 7 Great Conde commands Fronds against French under Marshall Turenne
1653 The Battle of Portland First Anglo-Dutch War February 28-March 2 Dutch admiral Tromp, outnumbered, loses a dozen man of war and 50 merchant man to Blake
1653 Battle of Livorno First Anglo-Dutch War March 13 Johan van Galen's ships defeat Bodley
1653 Battle of the Gabbard (or North Foreland) First Anglo-Dutch War June 12-June 13, English victory
1653 Battle of Scheveningen (or Texel) First Anglo-Dutch War August 8-August 10 English victory, Tromp killed
1656 Battle of Warsaw Charles X Gustavus of Sweden defeats Poland and is declared war upon by every country of significance in the Northern War
1658 Battle of the Dunes June 4 English and French defeat Spanish at Dunkirk
1673 Battle of Texel Dutch defeat English and French attempt at naval invasion
1675 Battle of Fehrbellin June 28 Swedes invade Brandenburg and lose
1676 Battle of Oland June 1 Danish-Dutch fleet defeats Swedish fleet in Baltic Sea.
1683 Battle of Vienna September 12 Jan Sobieski defeats Ottomans, lifts siege of Vienna
1685 Battle of Sedgemoor - the last battle on English soil.
1687 Second Battle of Mohacs August 12 Charles of Lorraine defeats Ottomans
1690 Battle of Beachy Head June 30 French defeat the English fleet under command of Admiral Arthur Herbert in War of League of Augsburg
1690 Battle of Fleurus Louis XIV's marshal Montmorency
1690 Battle of the Boyne William III of Orange defeats James II of England
1691 Battle of Szcelankeman August 19 Louis of Baden defeats Ottoman Turks
1692 Battle of La Hougue May 29 French lose 15 ships to England
1693 Battle of Lagos June 30 near Portugal Compte de Tourville avenges La Hougue
1693 Battle of Neerwinden July 29 duc de Luxembourg defeats English
1700 Battle of Narva Nov. 30 Charles XII of Sweden defeats Russians

Eighteenth Century
1704 Battle of Blenheim August 14 - Duke of Marlborough defeats French and Bavaria and Prussia (War of the Spanish Succession)
1706 Battle of Fraustadt February 3 - Sweden defeats Saxony
1706 Battle of Ramilles or Battle of Ramillies May 23 - Duke of Marlborough defeats the French in the War of Spanish Succession
1707 Battle of Almanza April 25 French forces defeat Portuguese
1708 Battle of Oudenarde July 11 Duke of Marlborough and Eugene of Savoy defeat French and besiege Lille
1708 Battle of Lesnaya September 28
1709 Battle of Poltava June 28 - Peter the Great of Russia defeats Swedish army
1709 Battle of Malplaquet September 11 - Prince of Savoy and duke of Marlborough defeat French
1734 Battle of Bitonto May 25
1741 Battle of Milan April 20
1741 Battle of Mollwitz April 10 - Prussia under Frederick II fights Austria in Silesian War
1744 Battle of Toulon (1744) February 22 - draw between British and Franco-Spanish fleets
1745 Battle of Prestonpans September 21 - Jacobite Stuarts under Bonnie Prince Charlie defeat English
1746 Battle of Falkirk January 17 - Jacobites defeat English dragoons
1746 Battle of Culloden Moor (or Battle of Culloden) April 16 - Jacobites lose to English
1746 Battle of Rocoux - France liberates Netherlands from Austria
1750 Battle of Kathio - Chippewas defeat Sioux and gain control of Minnesota
1755 Battle of the Wilderness (1755) - also called Braddock's defeat, British lose two thirds of their force to French and Indian allies in Virginia backcountry
1757 Battle of Fort William Henry August 4-9 - British defeated by French then Indians slaughter prisoners
1757 Battle of Kolin June 18 - Frederick the Great of Prussia loses to Austria in Seven Years' War
1757 Battle of Plassey June 23 - Robert Clive consolidates English rule over India
1757 Battle of Hastenbeck July 26 - French army defeats Hanoverian Army of Observation
1757 Battle of Gross-Jägersdorf 30 August - Russians under Stepan Fedorovich Apraksin defeat the Prussians
1757 Battle of Rossbach November 5 - Frederick crushes French, Louis XV says "After me, the Deluge"
1757 Battle of Leuthen December 5 - Frederick the Great crushes Austrians under Prince Charles of Lorraine
1758 Battle of Luisbourg June 8-July 26 - also Louisburg, British capture fort controlling entrance to St. Lawrence River
1758 Battle of Ticonderoga (1758) July 8 - also called Carillon, British badly routed after attacking French fort
1758 Battle of Crefield June 23 - Ferdinand son of duke of Brunswick drives French across the Rhine
1758 Battle of Zornsdorff August 25 - Frederick defeats Russians in Prussia
1758 Battle of Hochkirk October 14 - Austrians mildly defeat Prussians
1759 Battle of Ticonderoga (1759) - British capture French fort
1759 Battle of Brunswick April 13 - French defeat Ferdinand
1759 Battle of Minden August 1 - Ferdinand defeats French
1759 Battle of Kunersdorf August - Austria and Russia defeat Prussia
1759 Battle of the Plains of Abraham, part of the Battle of Quebec (1759)September 13 - English defeat French outside Quebec
1760 Battle of Landshut June 23 - in Bavaria, Austria captures a Prussian army
1760 Battle of LiegnitzAugust 15 - Frederick defeats Austrians
1760 Battle of Wandewash
1761 Third Battle of Panipat January 14 - Afghans defeat Marathas helping English
1763 Battle of Bushy Run August 5-6 British defeat Indians in Pennsylvania backcountry
1770 Battle of Golden Hill January 19 - in New York the first bloodshed between the patriots Sons of Liberty and their colonial oppressors
1770 Battle of Chesme July 6 - Russian fleet with British officers defeats Ottoman fleet
1771 Battle of Alamance May 16 - Colonial oppressors crush North Carolina patriots Regulators
1774 Battle of Point Pleasant October 10- Frontiersmen defeat Shawnees
1775 Battle of Lexington and Concord April 19 - Patriots lose 8 and with guerrilla action kill British
1775 Battle of Fort Ticonderoga (1775) May 10 - Allen and Arnold capture fort
1775 Battle of Crown Point May 12 - Seth Warren captures garrison
1775 Battle of Bunker Hill June 17 - British win a pyrrhic victory, their casualties double patriots
1775 Battle of Quebec December 31 - Arnold and Richard Montgomery driven from city
1776 Battle of Moore's Creek Bridge NC February 27 - NC patriots defeat Scottish Loyalists
1776 Battle of Long Island August 27 - William Howe crushes George Washington
1776 Battle of Harlem Heights September 16 - Washington repels Howe
1776 Battle of Valcour Island October 11 - Benedict Arnold escapes the British fleet under Guy Carleton
1776 Battle of White Plains October 28 - Howe inflicts casualties on George Washington's army
1776 Battle of Fort Lee November 19 - Cornwallis forces Greene to evacuate
1776 Battle of Trenton December 26 - Washington surprises Hessian force
1777 Battle of Ticonderoga (1777) -Americans abandon fort to avoid British artillery
1777 Battle of Bennington August 16 - Stark eradicates detachment sent by Burgoyne
1777 Battle of Brandywine September 9 - Howe drives George Washington's troops to Philadelphia
1777 Battle of 1st Saratoga Freeman's Farm September 19 - Morgan defeats Burgoyne
1777 Battle of Germantown October 4 - Howe kills 700 patriots while losing 534
1777 Battle of 2nd Saratoga October 7 - Gates (Benedict Arnold) defeats Burgoyne
1777 Battle of Stillwater
1778 Battle of Monmouth June 27 - GW stands off Clinton, Clinton continues retreat to NY, Charles Lee order of retreat leads to court-martial
1779 Battle of Kettle Creek February 14 - Pickens defeats loyalist brigade
1779 Battle of Briar Creek March 3 - Ashe loses 350 men near Augusta to British
1779 Battle of Stony Point July 15 - Wayne takes 700 prisoners in bayonet attack with only 15 patriot casualties
1779 Battle of Paulus Hook August 19 - Henry Lee drives British from New Jersey
1780 Battle of Charleston May 12 - Lincoln surrenders Charleston to Clinton
1780 Battle of Springfield June 23 - Greene defeats British
1780 Battle of Camden August 16 - Cornwallis crushes Gates, 900 patriots killed
1780 Battle of Fishing Creek August 18 - Tarleton defeats Sumter
1780 Battle of Kings Mountain October 7 - Patriots capture loyalists
1781 Battle of Cowpens January 17 - Morgan defeats Tarleton
1781 Battle of Guilford Courthouse March 15 - Cornwallis achieves a Pyrrhic victory over Greene and Morgan
1781 Battle of the Chesapeake September 5 - French Admiral de Grasse blocks British fleet, seals Cornwallis' fate
1781 Battle of Yorktown September 28 - American siege of Cornwallis begins
1781 Battle at Cape Verde Islands April 16 - French admiral Bailli of Suffren damages English naval squadron
1782 Battle of Sadras February 17 - French admiral Suffren (12 ships)) meets English squadron of 9 ships under Admiral Edward Hughes
1782 Iles des Saintes April 12 - Rodney defeats de Grasse by breaking through the French line
1782 Battle of Providion April 12 - French and English squadrons clash in an indecisive engagement
1782 Battle of Negapatam July 6 - Indecisive engagment between English and French fleets
1782 Battle of Trincomalee September 3 - English fleet damages French fleet but withdraws
1782 Battle of Chillicothe November 10 - George Rogers Clark defeats Shawnees in last battle of war
1783 Battle of Cuddalore June 20 - French fleet drives English fleet of shore of Cuddalore
1789 Battle of Turnhout October 27 - Belgian rebels defeat Austrian army
1790 Battle of Kepaniwai - King Kamehameha I unites Hawaii
1790 Battle of Fort Wayne October 18 - Little Turtle and Miamis defeat federal generals Joseph Harmar and Saint-Clair
1791 Battle of Wabash River - Arthur St clair defeated by Indians.
1792 Battle of Verdun August 20 - Prussians defeat French Revolutionaries
1792 Battle of Valmy - September French win and proceed to declare war on Europe
1793 Battle of Toulon - Napoleon gains fame as the French defeat the English
1794 Battle of Fallen Timbers August 20 - Wayne defeats Indians, ends menace
1794 The Glorious First of June May 28-June 1 - British Admiral Howe defeats a French squadron under Villaret
1794 Battle of Fleurus June 26 - Austro-German army under Saxe-Coburg relieves Charleoi ? French Revolutionary Wars
1796 Battle of Millesimo - Napoleon defeats Austrians in Italy
1796 Battle of Modovi - Napoleon defeats Piedmontese
1797 Battle of Rivoli January 14 - Napoleon's first decisive victory over Austria
1797 Battle of Cape St. Vincent February 14 - British admiral Jervis defeats Spanish fleet
1798 Battle of the Pyramids July 21 - Napoleon defeats Mameluks in Egypt
1798 Battle of the Nile August 1 - French fleet in Abukir Bay destroyed by Horatio Nelson
1799 Battle of Abukir July 25 - Napoleon and Joachim Murat defeat Turks
1799 Battle of Novi August 15 - Joubert is defeated and killed
1799 Battle of Zurich June 4 - Russian defeat French, later driven out
1799 Battle of Bergen September 19 - French beat English and Russians
1800 Battle of Stockash May 3 - French victory over Austrians
1800 Battle of Möerskirch May 15 - General Moreau beats Austrians
1800 Battle of Marengo June 14 - Napoleon defeats Austrians under Baron von Melas
1800 Battle of Hochstadt June 19 - French victory under General Moreau against the Austrians
1800 Battle of Hohenlinden December 3 - General Moreau defeats archduke John
1800 Battle of Pozolo December 25 - French victory over Austrians

Ripped Bag
Nineteenth Century
1801 Battle of Aboukir March 20 - British-Turkish army under Sir Ralph Abernathy defeats French Army of Egypt under Jacques de Menou
1801 Battle of Copenhagen April 2 - Nelson defeats Danish fleet
1801 First Battle of Algeciras July 6 - English naval defeat by French
1801 Second Battle of Algeciras July 12 - English naval victory over French, Spanish
1803 Battle of Delhi September 16 - British forces under Gerard Lake defeat Maratha forces led by French officer Louis Bourquien
1803 Battle of Assaye September 23 - English under Wellesley defeat Marathas under Doulut Rao Sindhia in Deccan
1803 Battle of Laswari November 1 - Lake defeats Marathas near Agra
1803 Battle of Argaon November 28 - Wellesley defeats Sindhia
1804 Battle of Farrukhabad November 17 - Lake defeats Maratha forces of Jaswant Rao Holkar
1805 Battle of Ulm October 17 - Napoleon forces surrender of Austrian army under Baron von Leiberich
1805 Battle of Trafalgar October 21 – Horatio Nelson defeats Villeneuve, signals "England expects every man to do his duty", Nelson killed
1805 Battle of Caldiero October 30 - French forces under Masséna defeat Austrians in Italy under Archduke Charles
1805 Battle of Austerlitz December 2 - Napoleon defeats combined Austrian, Russian forces
1806 Battle of Jena and Battle of Auerstedt October 14 - Davout, Napoleon defeat Prussians in separate battles
1806 Battle of Pultusk December 26 - indecisive battle between Napoleon and Russians
1807 Battle of Eylau February 8 - Napoleon fights indecisive battle with Russians, Prussians under Bennigsne
1807 Battle of Hailsburg June 10 - Napoleon repulses Russian attack
1807 Battle of Friedland June 14 - Napoleon decisively defeats Russians under Bennigsen
1807 Battle of Lemnos June 30 - Russian fleet under Admiral Seniavin defeats Turks in Aegean
1807 Second Battle of Copenhagen September 2-7 - British land, sea forces under Admiral Gambier and Gen. Cathcart destroy Danish fleet
1808 Battle of Revolax April 27 - Swedish force defeats Russians camped in Finnish town
1808 Battle of Pulkkila May 2 - Swedish force annhilates Russian force in Finland
1808 Battle of Bailen July 23 - Gen. Dupont surrenders to Spanish rebel forces
1808 Battle of Vimeiro August 21 - English, Portuguese forces under Arthur Wellesley defeat French under Junot
1808 Moonlight Raid November 10 - Swedish force under Gen. Sandels engage Russians near Virtabro in middle of night
1809 Battle of Corunna January 16 - French defeat Sir John Moore in Peninsular War
1809 Battle of Sacile April 16 - French forces under Eugene de Beauharnais defeated in Italy by Austrians under Archduke John
1809 Battle of Abensberg April 19-20 - Napoleon defeats Austrians in Germany under Archduke Charles
1809 Battle of Landeshut April 21 - Marshal Masséna unable to destroy Austrian left wing under Johann Hiller
1809 Battle of Eckmühl April 22 - Napoleon defeats Archduke Charles, forcing him to withdraw from Bavaria
1809 Battle of Regensburg April 23 - Archduke Charles makes good retreat in successful rearguard action
1809 Battle of Oporto May 12 - Wellesley defeats Marshal Soult, drives French from city
1809 Battle of Aspern-Essling May 21-22 – Napoleon’s first attempt to cross Danube near Vienna results in serious check by Austrians under Archduke Charles
1809 Battle of Wagram July 5-6 – Napoleon defeats Austrians of Archduke Charles at great cost, ending war
1809 Battle of Talavera de la Reina July 28 - Wellesley defeats forces of Gen. Victor, King Joseph Bonaparte in Spain; made Viscount Wellington
1809 Battle of Ratan and Sävar August 17-22 - Gen. Wachtmeister engage Russians near Umeå
1809 Battle of Ocana November 19 - Spanish forces under Areizago crushed by French forces of King Joseph, Marshal Soult
1810 Battle of Bussaco September 27 - Napoleon repulses attacks from Masséna, withdraws into Torres Vedras lines
1811 Battle of Fuentes do Onoro May 5 - Wellington, Masséna fight drawn battle
1811 Battle of Albuera May 16 - British under Gen. Beresford defeat Marshal Soult
1811 Battle of Tippecanoe November 7 - William Henry Harrison (US) defeats Tecumseh and Shawnee
1811 Battle of Tarifa
1812 Battle of Ostrowo July 12 - Grande Armée invades Russia and gets sick, horses, too
1812 First battle of Sackett's Harbor July 19 - US turns back British naval attack
1812 Battle of Salamanca July 22 - Wellington defeats French under Marmont. French evacuate Madrid, but soon return
1812 Battle of Fort Dearborn August 15 - Fort burned by Indians
1812 Battle of Smolensk August 16-17 - Russians under Peter Bagration, de Tolley defeated and retreat
1812 Battle of Valutino August 19 - Another failed defensive effort from Russians
1812 Battle of Nova Scotia August 19 - Isaac Hull's USS Constitution defeats HMS Guerrière
1812 Battle of Borodino September 7 – Kutuzov retreats after bloody battle. Napoleon enters Moscow
1812 Battle of Queenston Heights October 13 - US forces under Rensselaer defeated in attempt to capture town by British under Sir Isaac Brock, who is killed
1812 Battle of Virginia October 18 - Jacob Jones' USS Wasp defeats HMS Frolic
1812 Battle of Maloyaroslavets October 24 - Russians under Docturov defeat French, forcing northern retreat
1812 Battle of Madeira October 25 - Decatur's USS United States captures HMS Macedonian
1812 Battle of Aslanduz October 31 - Russians defeat Persian army of Abbas Mirza.
1812 Battle of Krasnoi November 16-17 - Napoleon drives off Russian forces attempting to block retreat. Heroism of Marshal Michel Ney
1812 Battle of the Beresina November 26-28 - French successfully cross river, despite being nearly surrounded by two Russian armies, ending retreat from Russia
1812 Battle of Brazil December 29 - Bainbridge's USS Constitution destroys HMS Java
1813 Battle of Raisin River January 22 - British Gen. Proctor defeats KT militia
1813 Battle of Guiana February 24 - Lawrence's USS Hornet sinks HMS Pea
1813 Battle of Mobile April 15 - Wilkinson captures Spanish
1813 Battle of York April 27 - Dearborn and Chauncey capture British garrison, burn capital
1813 Battle of Lützen May 2 - Napoleon defeats Russo-Prussian army of Wittgenstein
1813 Battle of Bautzen May 20-21 - Napoleon defeats Wittgenstein, who is only able to escape due to Ney's incompetence
1813 Battle of Ft. George May 27 - Lt.Col. Winfield Scott captures British fort
1813 Second battle of Sackett's Harbor May 28-29 - US Gen. Jacob Brown turns back British under Sir John Prevost
1813 Battle of Boston Harbor June 1 - HMS Shannon captures Lawrence's USS Chesapeake, Lawrence says: "Don't give up the ship"
1813 Battle of Stony Creek June 6 - British force of 700 under John Vincent defeat US force three times its size under William Winder, John Chandler
1813 Battle of Vittoria June 21 - Wellington defeats French under Joseph, forced to withdraw towards France
1813 Battle of Sorauren July 26-August 1 - Wellington defeats Soult, who withdraws across Pyrenees
1813 Battle of Great Britain August 14 - HMS Pelican captures Allen's USS Argus
1813 Battle of Dresden August 26-27 - Napoleon's last victory on German soil, over main Allied army of Prince Schwarzenberg
1813 Battle of Kulm August 29-30 - Marshal Vandamme defeated, captured by Allied forces
1813 September 3 - USS Enterprise captures HMS Boxer off New England Coast
1813 Battle of Dennewitz September 6 - Bernadotte, Bülow defeat Ney
1813 Battle of Lake Erie September 10 - Perry's fleet defeats British, Perry says "We have met the enemy and they are ours"
1813 Battle of the Thames October 5 - US troops under Harrison defeat British, Indians under Gen. Henry Proctor; Tecumseh killed
1813 Battle of Leipzig October 16-October 19 - (Battle of the Nations) Napoleon's army routed by Allies in Germany
1813 Battle of Chateauguay October 25 - US forces under Gen. Wade Hampton fight indecisive battle with British, withdraw from Canada
1813 Battle of Hanau October 30-31 - Austro-Bavarian army under Prince Wrede unable to cut off French retreat
1813 Battle of Tallasahatchee November 3 - US forces under Andrew Jackson defeat Creek
1813 Battle of Talladega November 9 - Jackson defeats Creek
1813 Battle of Chrysler's Farm November 11 - US forces under James Wilkinson defeated by much smaller British force under J.W. Morrison
1813 Battle of Bari
1814 Battle of Brienne January 29 - Napoleon defeats Blücher's Prussians
1814 Battle of La Rothiere February 1 - Prussians under Blücher defeat Napoleon
1814 Battle of Chanpaubert February 10 - Napoleon defeats Blücher
1814 Battle of Montmitrail February 11 - Napoleon defeats Blücher
1814 Battle of Chateau-Thierry February 12 - Napoleon defeats Blücher
1814 Battle of Vauchamps February 14 - Napoleon defeats Blücher
1814 Battle of Montereau February 18 - Napoleon defeats Schwarzenberg
1814 Battle of Bar-sur-Aube February 27 - Schwarzenberg defeats Marshal Macdonald
1814 Battle of Orthez February 27 - Wellington defeats French under Soult near Bayonne
1814 Battle of Craonne March 7 - Napoleon defeats Blücher
1814 Battle of Laon March 9-10 - Blücher defeats Napoleon
1814 Battle of Rheims March 13 - Napoleon defeats isolated Prussian corps
1814 Battle of Arcis sur Aube March 20-21 - Schwarzenberg defeats Napoleon
1814 Battle of La Fere Chanpenoise March 25 - Schwarzenberg defeats corps of Marmont, Mortier
1814 Battle of Horseshoe Bend March 27 - Jackson decisively defeats Creek
1814 Battle of Chile March 28 - Porter's USS Essex surrenders to HMS Phoebe, HMS Cherub
1814 Battle of Montmartre March 30 - Allied forces enter Paris, force surrender of Marmont, Mortier. Napoleon abdicates soon after; goes to Elba
1814 Battle of La Colle Mill March 30 - US forces under Wilkinson defeated by British in attempt to invade Canada via Niagara. Wilkinson relieved, replaced by Jacob Brown, with assistance of Winfield Scott
1814 Battle of Toulouse April 10 - Wellington defeats Soult, forced to abandon city. Fighting on southern front comes to end soon after, with news of Napoleon's abdication
1814 Battle of Florida April 29 - USS Peacaptures HMS Epervier
1814 June 28 - USS Wasp destroys HMS Reindeer in battle in English Channel
1814 Battle of Chippewa July 5 - US forces invade Canada under Brown, Scott defeat British under Phineas Riall
1814 Battle of Lundy's Lane July 25 - Brown's Americans take on British under Sir Gordon Drummond in violent indecisive battle
1814 Battle of Bladensburg August 24 - British forces rout Americans in Maryland, battle witnessed by President Madison. British move on to burn Washington
1814 September 1 - USS Wasp sinks HMS Avon
1814 Battle of Lake Champlain and Battle of Plattsburg September 11 - US squadron under Thomas Macdonough defeats British under George Downie. Same day, US land forces under Prevost fight indecisive battle with Americans under Alexander Macomb
1814 Battle of North Point September 12 - Land Battle complement of Battle for Ft. McHenry
1814 Battle of Ft. McHenry September 12 - Fort protecting Baltimore harbor holds out against British bombardment, inspiring Francis Scott Key's "Star Spangled Banner"
1814 Battle of Ft. Erie September 17 - US forces try to break siege of fort, but fail
1815 Battle of New Orleans January 8 - Jackson defeats British army of Pakenham, as news of Treaty of Ghent signed in December, not yet arrived
1815 February 20 - USS Constitution captures HMS Cyane and HMS Levant
1815 March 23 - USS Hornet captures HMS Penguin in last major engagement of War of 1812
1815 Battle of Tolentino May 2 - Joachim Murat, King of Naples, declares for Napoleon in Hundred Days, defeated by Austrians, forced to flee kingdom
1815 Battle of Quartre Bras June 16 - Ney fights indecisive battle against Wellington
1815 Battle of Ligny June 16 - Napoleon defeats Prussians under Blücher
1815 Battle of Waterloo June 18 - Napoleon attacks Wellington's army all day, but disastrously defeated on Blücher's arrival with reinforcements
1815 Battle of Wavre June 18 - Marshal Grouchy, assigned to prevent Blücher from joining Wellington, fights mildly successful battle against Blücher's rearguard
1817 Battle of Chacabaco February 12 - Chile free from Spain
1817 Battle of Mahidput December 21 - British forces under Sir Thomas Hyslop defeat Marathas under Holkar
1821 Battle of Rieti March 7 - Austrian forces defeat Neapolitan rebels against King Ferdinand I
1821 Battle of Novara April 8 - Austrian and Sardinian troops defeat Piedmontese revolutionaries
1822 Battle of Pichincha May 24 - Sucre defeats Spaniards near Quito
1822 Battle of Chios June 18-June 19 - Greek rebel fleet under Constantine Kanaris defeats Turkish fleet of Kara Ali
1822 Battle of Karpenizi August 21 - Greek troops under Marco Bozzaris defeat Turkish force under Mustai Pasha heading to reinforce Turkish troops besieging Missolonghi
1825 Battle of Danubyu April 2 - British forces under Sir Archibald Campbell defeat Burmese under Maha Bandula, who is killed
1825 Battle of Prome November 30-December 2 - Campbell defeats Burmese, led by Maha Nenyo, who is killed
1826 Battle of Ganja Russia defeats Persian invaders
1827 Battle of Huzaingo February 20 - Brazil defeats Argentina, Uruguay
1827 Battle of Navarino October 20 - Joint British, French, Russian fleets, under Admirals Codrington, Rigny, and Heiden, destroy Turko-Egyptian fleet of Tahir Pasha off Greek coast
1828 Battle of Akhalzic August 27 - Russian troops under Paskievich defeat Turks in Caucasus
1828 Battle of Praia Bay August 28 - Miguelite fleet in Portugal defeated by loyalists of Queen Maria in Azores
1829 Battle of Kulevicha June 11 - Russian troops under Diebitsch-Zabalkansky defeat Ottomans under Reshid Pasha in Balkans
1831 Battle of Grochow February 20 - Polish troops under Prince Radziwill defeat Russians under Diebitsch
1831 Battle of Ostrolenka May 26 - Russians under Diebitsch fight indecisive battle against Poles of Jan Skrzneki
1831 Battle of Warsaw September 6-8 - Russians under Paskievich defeat Poles under Dembinski and stamp out revolt
1832 Battle of Bad Axe August 2 - Illinois militia massacres Black Hawk's Saux and Fox
1832 Battle of Konya December 21 - Egyptian forces under Ibrahim Pasha defeat main Turkish army of Reshid Pasha in Anatolia
1833 Battle of Cape St. Vincent July 5 - British fleet under Sir Charles Napier defeats fleet of Portuguese usurper Don Miguel
1834 Battle of Santarén May 16 - Portuguese forces loyal to Queen Maria II (led by her father, Don Pedro) defeat forces of usurper Don Miguel
1836 Battle of the Alamo February 23 - Wm. Travis and Davy Crockett killed in siege
1836 Battle of Goliad March 27 - Capt. James Farrin troops massacred by Santa Anna
1836 Battle of San Jacinto April 21 - Texans capture Santa Anna
1836 Battle of Terapegui April 26 - Spanish constitutionalist forces loyal to Queen Isabella, supported by French Foreign Legion, defeat Carlists near Pamplona
1837 Battle of Huesca March 24 - Constitutionalists win decisive victory over Carlists in Spain
1837 Battle of Lake Okechobee December 25 - US forces under Zachary Taylor defeat Seminoles
1838 Battle of Blood River December 16 - Boer forces under Andreas Pretorius defeat Zulu force under King Dingane in Natal
1839 Battle of Nezib June 24 - Egyptian forces under Ibrahim Pasha defeat Turks under Hafiz Pasha (assisted by Prussian Captain Helmuth von Moltke)
1840 Battle of Magango January - Boer forces defeat Zulu King Dingane
1841 Battle of Canton May 24 - British amphibious assault captures city
1842 Battle of Kabul (1842) January 6 - Afghan forces force British to withdraw from city, which they had occupied for two and a half years
1843 Battle of Smala May 10 - French forces under Duc d'Aumale defeat Algerians under Abd el Kader
1843 Battle of Miani February 17 - British forces under Sir Charles Napier defeat forces of Baluchis in Sind
1843 Battle of Hyderabad March - Napier defeats Baluchis in Sind
1844 Battle of Isly August 14 - French forces under Marshal Bugeaud rout Abd el Kader
1845 Battle of Ohaeawai - British Army attacks Maori Pa, but fortifications too strong
1845 Battle of Mudki December 18 - Sikh forces invading British India defeated by force under Sir Hugh Gough
1845 Battle of Ferozeshah December 21-22 - British forces under Gough and Hardinge, Governor-General, defeat Sikhs under Lal Singh in hard-fought battle
1846 Battle of Aliwal January 28 - Sikh forces under Runjoor Singh defeated by British under Sir Harry Smith
1846 Battle of Sobraon February 10 - British forces under Gough decisively defeat Sikhs, and Punjab becomes British protectorate
1846 Battle of Palo Alto May 8 - US Gen. Zachary Taylor defeats Mexicans under Mariano Arista
1846 Battle of Resaca de la Palma May 9 - Taylor attacks Arista's retreating Mexicans
1846 Battle of Monterrey September 20-September 24 - Mexicans under Pedro de Ampudia defeated by Taylor's US forces in hard-fought battle
1846 Battle of Los Angeles August 13 - US briefly captures Los Angeles
1846 Battle of Santa Fe August 18 Kearney occupies Santa Fe
1846 Battle of San Pascual December 6 - Stephen Kearny fights inconclusive battle with Mexicans in California
1847 Battle of San Gabriel January 8 - Kearny defeats main Mexican force in California near Los Angeles
1847 Battle of the Mesa January 9 - Kearny defeats Mexicans in climactic battle of Californian campaign
1847 Battle of the Sacramento River February 28 - US forces under Alexander Doniphan defeat Mexican force near Chihuahua
1847 Battle of Buena Vista February 22-23 - Taylor's outnumbered men trounce Santa Anna's Mexicans
1847 Battle of Vera Cruz March 27 - Scott takes port city
1847 Battle of Cerro Gordo April 18 - Scott defeats Santa Anna
1847 Battle of Contreras August 20 - Scott's forces storm Mexican position defending Mexico City
1847 Battle of Churubusco August 20 - Another US force storms other main Mexican position defending capital
1847 Battle of Molino del Rey September 8 - Scott defeats Mexican force defending fortification in hard-fought battle
1847 Battle of Chapultepec September 12 - Scott takes fortified hill by storm in climactic battle of war
1848 Battle of Custozza July 24-25 - Austrian forces under Marshal Radetzky defeat Sardinians under King Charles Albert
1848 Battle of Boomplaats August 29 - British forces under Sir Harry Smith defeat Boers under Pretorius in Orange River area
1848 Battle of Pakozd September 29 - Hungarian forces defeat Austrian army of Count Jellachich
1848 Battle of Schwechat October 30 - Hungary
1848 Battle of Ramnagar November 22 - British forces under Gough repulsed by Sikhs under Shere Singh in Punjab
1849 Battle of Chilianwala January 13 - British forces under Gough fight another indecisive battle with Sikhs, resulting in Gough's dismissal
1849 Battle of Gujarat February 21 - Gough, before getting word of dismissal, crushes Sikhs
1849 Battle of Kapolna February 26-27 - Hungarian forces under Henry Dembinski defeated by Austrians under Prince Windischgrätz
1849 Battle of Novara March 23 - Radetzky defeats Charles Albert, forcing Piedmontese to make peace
1849 Battle of Segesbar July 31 - Hungarian forces under Jozef Bem defeated by Russians, Austrians under Paskievich, Haynau
1849 Battle of Temesvar Aug 9 - Austrian forces under Haynau defeat Hungarians under Görgei, Bem in final battle of war
1849 Battle of Chillanwalla - British defeat Sikhs
1849 Battle of Gujarat - British defeat Sikhs, Punjab annexed
1854 Battle of Alma
1854 Battle of Balaclava October 25 - Charge of the Light Brigade on Crimea under Cardigan
1854 Battle of Inkermann November 5 - Allies get another victory
1855 June 17 – Assault of Redan during Siege of Sebastapol
1855 Battle of Chermaia August 16 - Piedmont aids British in defeat of Russia
1855 Battle of Sevastapol September 11 - Russians evacuate with scorched-earth policy
1857 Battle of Chinhat June 29 – British troops retreat to Lucknow during Indian Mutiny
1859 Battle of Solverino June 24 - Both sides suffer in Austria
1859 Battle of Magenta June 4 - Austria withdraws from Italy
1861 Battle of Fort Sumter April 12 - P.G.T. Beauregard fires on Fort - first important battle of American Civil War
1861 Battle of Phillipi June 3 - Union under McClellan defeats rebels
1861 Battle of 1st Bull Run July 21 - Union under McDowell lose to rebels under J.E. Johnston, P.G.T. Beauregard, Jackson anointed Stonewall
1861 Battle of Wilson's Creek August 10 - Union forces lose
1861 Battle of Ball's Bluff October 21 - 1900 Union soldiers die

1862 Battle of Fort Henry February 6 - Ulysses S. Grant takes fort from west
1862 Battle of Fort Donelson February 16 - Grant takes fort
1862 Battle of Pea Ridge March 7 - Missouri saved for Union
1862 Battle of Hampton Roads March 9 - Monitor defeats Merrimac
1862 Battle of Glorieta March 27
1862 Battle of Shiloh April 6 - Rebel A. S. Johnston loses to Grant
1862 Battle of Island No. 10 April 8 - Union victory by Pope
1862 Battle of Ft. Pulaski April 11 - Union takes fort
1862 Battle of Puebla May 5 - Cinco de Mayo - Mexicans defeat French
1862 Battle of Whitney's Lane May 19 - Union campaign towards Little Rock, Arkansas halted
1862 Battle of Seven Pines May 31 - J.E. Johnston attacks Union forces, wounded, inconclusive
1862 Seven Days Battle June 26 - Robert E. Lee ends Peninsular Campaign of George McClellan
1862 Battle of Cedar Mountain July 30 - Jackson defeats Union
1862 Battle of Baton Rouge August 5
1862 Battle of Aspromonte August 29 - Italian royal forces defeat rebels
1862 Battle of 2nd Bull Run August 30 - Jackson, Lee, Longstreet defeat Pope

1862 - Battle of Richmond, Kentucky - August 30 - Confederates under Edmund Kirby Smith rout Union army under Gen. Horatio Wright
1862 Battle of Antietam September 17 - McClellan ends Lee's invasion of North, bloodiest day of war
1862 Battle of Perryville October 8 - Buell v. Bragg, indecisive
1862 Battle of Prairie Grove December 7 - Union secures NW Arkansas
1862 Battle of Fredericksburg December 13 - Lee routs Burnside
1863 Battle of Murfreesboro January 2 - Forces fight to draw
1863 Battle of Arkansas Post January 9 - Part of Vicksburg Campaign, fight for control of mouth of Arkansas River
1863 Battle of Port Gibson May 1 - in Vicksburg campaign, Grant defeats rebels
1863 Battle of Chancellorsville May 2 - Lee defeats Hooker's Army of Potomac, Jackson killed
1863 Battle of Jackson May 14 - Sherman, McPherson defeat Johnston
1863 Battle of Champion's Hill ("Big Black River") May 16 - Grant defeats rebels
1863 Battle of Gettysburg July 1-July 3 - Lee loses to Meade, Pickett's charge fails
1863 Battle of Vicksburg July 4 - siege from May 22 ends, Grant anointed "Unconditional Surrender"
1863 Battle of Helena July 4 - Confederate assault on river port fails securing eastern Arkansas for Union
1863 Battle of Port Hudson July 8 - last rebel stronghold on Mississippi surrenders
1863 Battle of Chattanooga September 9 - Rosecrans forces Bragg to evacuate rebel troops
1863 Battle of Chickamauga September 19 - Bragg defeats Rosecrans, George Thomas of US anointed "The Rock of Chickamauga"
1864 Battle of Meridian January 14 - Sherman occupies town and destroys things
1864 Battle of Olustee February 20 - Union can't take Florida
1864 Battle of Sabine Crossroads LA April 8 - Banks Union Red River Campaign halted by rebels
1864 Battle of Fort Pillow April 12 - N.B. Forrest takes fort, massacres black soldiers
1864 Battle of Poison Spring April 18 - Part of Red River Campaign in Arkansas, black troops massacred
1864 Battle of Marks' Mill 25 April - Part of Red River Campaign in Arkansas
1864 Battle of Jenkins' Ferry 30 April - Part of Red River Campaign in Arkansas
1864 Battle of the Wilderness May 5 - Grant and Lee meet inconclusively
1864 Battle of Spotsylvania Court House May 8 - Grant and Lee meet inconclusively, Grant writes to Halleck "I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer"
1864 Battle of Resaca May 13 - Sherman defeats Johnston
1864 Battle of New Market May 15 - Confederate forces halt Union army under Franz Sigel from advance up Shenandoah Valley
1864 Battle of Cold Harbor June 3 - Lee repulses Grant, rebel general says "This is not war, this is murder"
1854 Battle of Piedmont June 5 - Union forces under David Hunter defeat Confederate defenses on march to Staunton, Virginia, upper Shenandoah Valley
1864 Battle of Brices Crossroads June 10 - N.B. Forrest routes Union force almost three times as large
1864 Battle of Petersburg June 15 - Lee repulses Grant at back door to Richmond
1864 Battle of Cherbourg France June 19 - USS Kearsarge sinks CSS Alabama
1864 Battle of Kenesaw Mountain June 27 - Johnston repulses Sherman
1864 Battle of Monacacy July 14 - Union Gen. Lew Wallace slows up Jubal Early, saving DC
1864 Battle of the Crater
1864 Battle of Atlanta July 22 - Sherman turns back Hood
1864 Battle of Petersburg July 30 - Burnside loses Battle of the Crater
1864 Battle of Mobile Bay August 23 - David Farragut takes port, says "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead"
1864 Battle of Atlanta September 2 - Sherman occupies Atlanta from Hood
1864 Battle of Winchester September 19 - Sheridan defeats Early
1864 Battle of Cedar Creek October 19 - Sheridan defeats Early, drives rebels from Shenendoah Valley
1864 Sherman's March to the Sea November 16 - Sherman lays waste to South
1864 Battle of Nashville November 30 - Hood attacks Thomas but loses
1864 Battle of Heligoland (1864) May 9
1865 Battle of Fort Fisher January 15 - Union takes fort
1865 Battle of Wilmington (North Carolina) February 22 - Last rebel port falls
1865 Battle of Bentonville March 13 - Sherman defeats rebels
1865 Battle of Fort Steadman March 25 - Lee breaks siege
1865 Battle of Washington D. C. Febuary 19 - Lee crushes defenses
of Washington.
1865 Battle of Five Forks April 1 - Sheridan routs rebels in last important battle of American Civil War
1866 Battle of Burkersdorf June 28
1866 Battle of Königgratz - (Sadowa) Prussia, led by Count Helmuth von Moltke, defeats Austria in Austro-Prussian War, resulting in Prussia taking over as prominent German nation from Austria
1866 Battle of Custozza - During Austro-Prussian War
1866 Battle of Lissa July 20 - Austrian Admiral von Tegetthoff rams and drives off Italian fleet under Persano. First clash of ironclads
1868 Battle of Arogee April 10 - Napier's Anglo
1870 Battle of Sedan September 1 - MacMahon's French lose to Germans in Franco
1867 Battle of Big Hole - Nez Percé Indians clash with US Army
1870 Battle of Rezonville-Mars-la-Tour August 16
1870 Battle of Gravelotte-St Privat August 18
1870 Battle of Sedan September 1
1876 Battle of Little Big Horn June 25 - Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse of Sioux defeat Custer in Montana
1877 Battle of Plevna December 10 - Russians, after reverses, defeat Ottomans
1878 Battle of Shipka Pass - Russians defeat Ottomans
1879 Battle of Isandhlwana and Rorke’s Drift - begin Zulu War
1881 Battle of Majuba Hill - in Boer War
1882 Battle of Tel al-Kebir - British forces defeat Egyptian army under Colonel Urabi.
1883 Battle of El Obeid - Mahdi wipes out Egyptians controlling Sudan
1884 Battle of Foochow - French fleet destroys Chinese fleet at Foochow
1885 Battle of Khartoum January 26 - Mahdi takes city from Chinese Gordon
1887 Battle of Dogali January 24 - Ethiopians crush Italians
1890 Battle of Wounded Knee December 29 - Sioux crushed in last Indian Wars battle
1894 Battle of Yalu River September 17 - Japanese fleet barely defeats Chinese off Korea
1896 Battle of Adowa March 1 - Abyssinia (Ethiopia) defeats Italy
1898 Battle of Manila Bay May 1 - Dewey says "You may fire when you are ready Gridley"
1898 Battle of Las Guasimas - First major land battle of Spanish-American War.
1898 Battles of the San Juan Heights - El Caney San Juan Hill Biggest land battles of Spanish-American War
1898 Battle of Santiago de Cuba July 3 - Admiral Cervera's Spanish fleet destroyed trying to escape blockading US Fleet and reach reinforcements
1898 Battle of Omdurman September 2 - British under Kitchener ambushed by Sudanese dervishes
1899 Battle of Colenso - during Second Boer War
Ripped Bag
Twentieth Century
1900 Battle of Paardeberg February 17 - 27 - British capture forces of Boer general Piet Cronje
1900 Battle of Spion Kop January 24 in Second Boer War
1904 Battle of Port Arthur February 8 - Japanese defeat Russians; start of Russo-Japanese War
1904 Battle of Mukden
1904 Battle of Yalu River May - Japanese defeat Russians (Russo-Japanese War)
1904 Battle of Dairen May 30 - Japanese defeat Russians (Russo-Japanese War)
1904 Battle of Liaoyang October - Japanese defeat Russians (Russo-Japanese War)
1905 Battle of Tsushima May 27 - 28 - Japanese win a decisive victory over Russian fleet in the Straits of Tshushima (Russo-Japanese War)
1908 Battle of Marakesh August 23 - Mulay Hafid successfully revolts against Morocco Sultan
1913 Adrianople - First Balkan War
1913 Battle of Dul Madoba
1914 Battle of Vera Cruz April 21 - US occupies Mexican town
1914 Liège August 4 - 17 - Germans invade of Belgium; start of World War I
1914 Battle of the Frontiers August 7 - September 4 - Germans invade France:
Battle of Mulhouse August 7
Battle of Lorraine August 14
Battle of the Ardennes August 21
Battle of Charleroi August 21
Battle of Mons August 23
1914 Battle of Stalluponen August 17 - First battle on the Eastern Front in World War I
1914 Battle of Gumbinnen August 19 - 20 - Russians defeat German Eighth Army, advance to river Vistula
1914 Tannenberg August 26 - Samsonov's Russian Second Army encircled and destroyed by the German Eighth Army
1914 Battle of Heligoland Bight August 28 - First major naval engagement of World War I - heavy German losses
1914 Battle of First Marne September 5 - German invasion of France halted by Allies
1914 First Battle of the Masurian Lakes September 9 - 14 - German Eighth Army defeats Rennenkampf's Russian First Army
1914 Battle of Antwerp September 28
1914 First Ypres October 31 - November 22 - Early trench warfare; "Kindermord bei Ypern"
1914 Battle of Coronel November 1 - Admiral Graf Spee defeats Admiral Cradock
1914 Battle of Lodz November 11 - Russians take city, lose it on December 6
1914 Battle of Cracow November 16 - heavy casualties to Austria and Russia
1914 Battle of Lowicz November 30 - December 17 - Russians take city
1914 Battle of Kolubara December 3 - 6 - Serbians drive out Austrians
1914 Battle of Falkland Islands December 8 - British defeat Admiral Graf Spee
1915 Battle of Dogger Bank January 24 - Admiral Beatty drives off Vice-Admiral Hipper's raiding force, sinks Blucher
1915 Battle of Gallipoli - Fisher proposes, Churchill takes blame, Kemal says to Turkish troops, "I do not order you to attack, I order you to die"
1915 Battle of Afiun-Kara-Hissar - Turkish assimilation of Armenians
1915 Second Ypres April 22 - May 25 Germans use poison gas
1915 Battle of Loos September 25 - 28
1915 Battle of Sair Bair
1916 Battle of Verdun February 21 - December Five-month battle kills 700,000
1916 Battle of Jutland May 31 - last engagement of the German High Seas Fleet
1916 Brusilov offensive June - Russia nearly collapses Austria but losses are staggering
1916 Battle of Mouquet Farm
1916 Somme July - Four month battle, bloodiest in history
1916 Battle of Romani August 3 - in Egypt
1917 Vimy Ridge April 9 - Canada's finest hour
1917 Passchendaele July 31 - also known as Third battle of Ypres. Three-month battle costs Britain 400,000
1917 Battle of Caporetto October 24 - Also known as the Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo - Italians defeated by Central Powers, driven back to Venice
1917 Battle of Cambrai November 20 - December 7 - First successful use of tanks
1918 Battle of Tampere March 8 - April 6 in Finnish Civil War
1918 Battle of Cantigny May 28 - US First Division wins in first independent action
1918 Battle of Bellau Wood June 25 - US Second Division Marines capture woods
1918 Battle of Second Marne July 17 - Allies halt four month German drive
1918 Battle of Amiens August - British force Germans to Hindenburg line
1918 Megiddo September 19 - Allenby's British crush Ottoman army
1918 Battle of Meuse Argonne Forest October 8 - Private Alvin York attacks German machine gun nest
1918 Battle of Vittoria Veneto
1918 Battle of Chateau Thierry
1920 Battle of Warsaw - Poles defeat Red Army
1921 Afiun-Kara-Hissar - Second Greek-Turkish War
1921 Battle of Anual July 21 in Morocco, Spanish army loses to Rifi berbers of Abd el Krim.
1936 Battle of Guernica in the Spanish Civil War
1937 Battle of Guadalajara in the Spanish Civil War
1937 Battle of Lugou Bridge July 7 - Japanese victory triggered outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War
1937 Battle of Nanjing early November to December 13 - Japanese victory after 2 months siege of the capital of Republic of China.
1938 Battle of Tai er zhuang March 27 - Chinese claim strategic and moral victory over Japanese
1939 Battle of Halhin Gol
1939 Poland September 1 - October 5 - Start of World War II in Europe
1939 Battle of the River Plate December 13 - Graf Spee chased into Montevideo harbour and scuttled
1939 Battle of Suomussalmi December 8 - January 7, 1940 - Winter War
1939 Battle of Tolvajärvi December 12 - Winter War
1940 Battle of Dunkirk May 27 - June 5 - Evacuation of defeated British Expeditonary Force
1940 Battle of Britain July 9 - October 31 Germans try to bomb Britain into submission - RAF answers with fighters
1940 Battle of Taranto November 11-November 12 - British carrier based planes destroy Italian fleet in Taranto Harbor.
1940 Battle of Hundred Regiments August - September
1941 - 1945 Atlantic
1941 Battle of Denmark Strait May 23 - Bismarck sinks HMS Hood
1941 Battle of Crete May 20 - June 1 - Paratroops capture Crete, suffer many casualties
1941 Operation Barbarossa June 22 - German invasion of Russia
1941 Battle of Pearl Harbor December 7 - Japanese destroy US Fleet in surprise attack
1942 Battle of Macassar Strait January - US and Dutch forces attack Japanese convoy
1942 Dražgoše January 9 - First frontal engagement on Slovenian soil with the German occupier
1942 Battle of Java Sea February - Japanese wipe out Allied naval squadron
1942 Battle of Corregidor April 9 - General Wainwright's troops surrender, forced on Bataan Death March
1942 Battle of Nanos April 18 - 800 Italian soldiers lay siege to 50 Slovene partisans. Partisans break through, nine were killed and eleven were captured
1942 Battle of the Coral Sea May 4 - US loses USS Lexington; Japanese lose big
1942 Battle of Midway June 3 - US loses USS Yorktown; Japanese lose four aircraft carriers
1942 Convoy PQ-17 - 27 ships leave Iceland on June 17 for Murmansk – on July 5 10 ships reach Murmansk
1942 First Battle of El Alamein July 1 - British Eighth Army stops Rommel's Axis forces invading Egypt
1942 Battle of Sevastapol July 2 - Captured by Germans after eight month siege
1942 Battle of Changsha - Chinese claim victory over Japanese
1942 Battle of Guadalcanal August 8 - Beginning of Allied action in Solomon Islands
1942 Battle of Savo Island August 9 - Japanese sink four US cruisers
1942 Battle of Dieppe August 19
1942 Battle of Stalingrad August 22 - February 2, 1943 - City beseiged by Paulus' German Sixth Army; from November 23 the Sixth Army is surrounded and destroyed by Russians
1942 Battle of the Eastern Solomons August 24 - Japanese aircraft carrier Ryuho sunk
1942 Battle of Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea August 25
1942 Battle of Bloody Ridge September 12
1942 Battle of Cape Esperance October 11 - near Guadalcanal
1942 Second Battle of El Alamein October 23 - November 4 - Montgomery's Eighth Army forces Rommel out of Egypt
1942 Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands October 25 - near Guadalcanal, USS Hornet sunk, but Japanese withdraw
1942 Operation Torch November 17 - Allied landings in North Africa
1942 Naval Battle of Guadalcanal November 12 - US defeats Japan
1942 Battle of Tassafaronga November 30 - off Guadalcanal
1943 Battle of Osankarica January 8 - Over 200 Germans massacred all 69 men and women of the Pohorje battalion. Germans lost 19 men and had 31 wounded
1943 Battle of Guadalcanal February 8 - Allies take the island
1943 Battle of the Kasserine Pass February 14 - 25 - Battle between US and German armored forces in Tunisia
1943 Battle of Bismarck Sea March 2 - US sinks Japanese transports
1943 Battle of Warsaw Ghetto April 18 - 5000 Jews and 5000 Germans die, Jews confined
1943 Battle of Castle Turjak September 19 - Slovene partisans took the castle guarded by the Slovene village sentries
1943 Battle of Kursk July - Germans attack Kursk salient at Orel and Belgorod; Russians drive them back; arguably the largest battle ever fought
1944 Battle of Cisterna January 29
1944 Battle of Monte Cassino May 11 - 18
1944 Battle of Aachen
1944 Battle of Normandy June 6 - August 25 - Allies invade northern France across the Normandy beaches (Operation Overlord); hard fighting from Cherbourg to Caen; Germans surrounded and destroyed at Falaise
1944 Battle of Philippine Sea June 19 - Major carrier battle; US lose 27 planes and destroy 402 Japanese planes
1944 Marianas Campaign - US invasions of Saipan, June 15, Guam July 21, and Tinian July 24
1944 Battle of Fontenay June 25
1944 Battles of Tali-Ihantala June 25 - July 10 - Finnish stop Soviet offensive
1944 Operation Dragoon August 15 - Allied invasion of Southern France
1944 Operation Anvil August 16 - Second Allied invasion of Southern France
1944 Battle of Peleliu September 17
1944 Battle of Arnhem September 17 - 26 - The major battle of Operation Market Garden; Allies reach but fail to cross the Rhine; British First Airborne Division destroyed
1944 Hürtgen Forest October 6 - Stubborn German defence
1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf October 23 - 26 - Largest naval battle ever fought?
1944 Operation Queen November 16
1944 Battle of Monte Castello November 25 - February 12, 1945 - Brazilian troops fight Germans in Italy
1944 Battle of the Bulge December 16 - January 27, 1945 - German counterattack in Ardennes; General McAuliffe says "NUTS" at Bastogne
1945 Operation Elephant January 26 - Allied offensive in Netherlands
1945 Battle of Mindanao March 10 - US invasion of Philippines
1945 Battle of Iwo Jima March 26 - After a month, US takes the island
1945 Operation Varsity March 17 - 134 Allied gliders land troops in Weisel
1945 Battle of Berlin April 26 - May 2 - Hitler commits suicide
1945 Battle of Poljana - Last battle of World War II in Europe
1945 Battle of Okinawa June 21 - US takes Japanese Island in the Ryukyus; many casualties
1948 Israeli War of Independence - State of Israel established on May 14; war with Lebanon, Syria, Transjordan, Egypt and Iraq; many Arab refugees
1950 Battle of Inchon September 14 - UN retakes South Korea, reaches Seoul in 12 days
1950 Battle of Chosin Reservoir November 27
1951 Battle of Heartbreak Ridge September 23 - After 37 days, heights fall to UN
1954 Battle of Dien Bien Phu - France loses Indochina when besieged here, from 1953 (First Indochina War)
1956 Battle of Suez - Britain, France, Israel attempt to retake canal, Ike says No
1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion - US-backed attempt to capture Cuba
1962 Battle of Namka Chan - Chinese-Indian War
1967 Six Day War June 5 - 10 - Israel defeats Egypt, Jordan and Syria, occupies Golan Heights, West Bank, Gaza Strip, Sinai Peninsula
1968 Tet Offensive January 30 - North Vietnam loses militarily but turns the tide of US opinion against the war
1969 Football War July 14 - Between El Salvador and Honduras
1973 Yom Kippur War October 6 - Israel, taken by surprise on Holy Day, defeats Egypt and Syria. See also Battle of Latakia
1975 December 7 Indonesia invades East Timor
1982 Falklands War April 2 - June 14 - Britain recaptures Falkland Islands from Argentina
1983 Battle of Grenada October 25 - US invasion
1991 Operation Desert Storm February - Coalition forces eject Iraq from Kuwait
1993 Battle of Mogadishu October 3 - Policing mission gone wrong, US soldiers trapped against militia in a populated city

Thats likely not even a full list..

If you want I can get a full list of known names of the men and women that died fighting.

These battles and wars have been waged since men could throw stick and stones.

If it wasn't for fighting a lot of you wouldn't be here. You wouldn't have the freedoms you have. Be thankful..
There are lots of fallen soldiers everywhere.
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