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Need opinions on these vinyl that I just picked up
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Hi All

Someone was getting rid of a whole lot of promo & other vinyl, so I picked up a couple. Thoughts on the selection:

Agenda: Heaven

Armin van Buuren presents Darkstar: See me, feel me

Blank & Jones: Beyond Time remixes

Coco: I need a Miracle (bootleg)

Delerium (remix by Matt Darey): Heaven's Earth

DJ Tomcraft: Gothic

DJ Tomcraft: Prosac

Faithless: Why Go (3xLP)

Friends of Matthew: Out There

Gaia: 4 Elements (produced by Armin van Buuren)

Taucher: Pictures of a Gallery

Three Drives: Sunset on Ibiza

Underworld: Born Slippy (3xLP), but only the 2,3 were there.

Yahel: Devotion

Cost me less than $40 for the lot.

- A.
Of the tunes on that list that I'm familiar with, I'd say it was a great pickup for the price. The Yahel, Underworld, Armin, Delerium, and Coco singles are all phat tracks. Watch out for Heaven's Earth though -- I think it's up near 140bpm which can be tricky to work into sets sometimes.
Yeah, if you have the Nettwerk release of it, Heaven's earth is very fast, and the bass is very muddy, it's a tough one to mix.
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