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Someone Be A Good Samaritan
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I have the decks, i have the vinyl, got pretty good, so what now ?

How do you get residency in a club, they don't exactly post for DJ's, And a person from the UK who lives in the south of england who spins trance is pretty rare (Due to the ing garage movement) any ideas...cos right now, i'm just sitting in my bedroom playing talla feat 2xlc - no signs of life and thinking in my head, Dr-he-heam, dream, dream, dream, dream .
Nobody starts from the top, so the best you're going to do with no experience is try going round a few bars in your local town/city, and ask if they are looking for anybody to do warmup sets early on in the evening, say 6-8 or something. This does mean that you probably won't be able to spin your trance, but the experience is all good. If you do get a job, and they like you, they may move your set to a Saturday evening, and maybe do an 8-10 slot or something. If this works out, go round more bars and try to get as many slots as you can. If you do this for a while (at least a year, maybe 2) you could then probably try going to a few of the smaller clubs in the area and saying "look, I've got all this experience" and name all the bars you've played in. If they like you, you might get to do the warmup set (starting from the bottom again!) and so on.

By the way, I've just made all of that up, but I'm pretty sure that's the way to go about it!

Good luck!
Johnny Eckhardt
Make yourself a demo tape (several copies) and take them around to your local clubs along with contact information (how to get ahold of you). Take them in person, don't mail them to the clubs.
if u can get up to the midlands area, ie derby and leicester way, i know Hotdog are looking for new talent. if u could knock up some Hard Trance demo CDs (they want CDs, not tapes) im sure u'd get a fair hearing. my m8 is also pretty friendly with the promoter and i may even b able to get u a number or something. anyway, just a thought...
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