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slight sound distortion on certain tracks?
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this is kinda hard for me to explain, but when playing/ripping certain tracks from vinyl, i get some distortion on the highs, usually on the vocals.

as an example.. i bought the hybrid - morning sci-fi album on vinyl and ripped all the tracks so i could listen to em on my pc, they all sound perfect except the last track, Blackout.

if you've heard the album, you know how how-pitched the vocals get.

ive messed with the anti-skate / weight etc settings but it doesnt seem to help, is it the record itself?

im using Concorde Nightclub E's
I've got the same problem on my copy of MRE - The Deep Edge.

It just distorts right out and it was doing it from the first time I played it (was sealed when I bought it).

Tried everything from changing deck settings, cleaning record, different stylus etc. I think it's just a dud copy :nervous: :(
Bad pressing
Worn stylus
could me the mixer over emphasising it or somewhere in the recording chain.
If you're recording these tracks digitally, you may want to increase the sampling rate (e.g. 48 kHz instead of 44.1 kHz) and/or use a higher bit depth. If you're sampling too slowly, really high frequencies may end up recorded as low frequencies, which can be disconcerting to say the least.

The three most likely sources of distortion are
  1. Low sampling rate if you're recording digitally
  2. Driving something (mixer, amplifier, speakers, eardrums) too hard
  3. Failing equipment (e.g. worn stylus)
  4. Bad record (possibly due to one of the above)
sorry - should have mentioned that its happening out of my monitor speakers aswell (as in, not recording issues)

it COULD be a dud copy i suppose, just weird that theres another track on that same side and that sounds fine. hmmm weird

thanks for the replies, ill try another stylus i guess.
Crap monitors?
Gain too high?
Master too high?
Eq boosting too much?

Follow the signal path from the record forwards and check everything and find it by the process of elimination....

It might be the record is supposed to have distorted vocals...?? Just a thought.....
It's happening w/ my new copy of Phil Green's The Trance EP. Sounds like it's a worn out record & the highs distort. I think it's most definitely a bad press 'cause it's not my gains, EQs or the settings on my tone arm. Pretty new Nightclub Es also.

I'm gonna email Chemical tomorrow to see what my options are.
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