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Help with my decks! Platter problem or Vinyl?
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Hi guys, im stuck at college bored so i thought'd id post and try my luck for help.

I got Gemini pt2400's and sometimes when i stick vinyl on it, the platter just stucks, or spins reallllllly slow. This makes it impossible to beatmatch etc.. anyone know why it does this?

Is it the vinyl or something or is my platter ed? it happens so random, it will work fine for a few weeks, then in the odd day the platter will stop. it only happens on 1 deck, and im no longer on warranty. What will i do?

And do u guys know any good places to sell decks? i need rid of these so i can get tehnics!! tried the TA sell bored, record shop, a few other boards, any suggestions?
not exactly the best for sale ad ive seen....
'occasionally stick- but work 99% of the time...'

Are they belt drive? Might be the root of the problem...
I think your TTs are belt drive.
Dj Thy
PT2400 are direct drive.

Try to find out if they do it without any vinyl also. The only cause it would do it with vinyl on the platter is that the centerhole is too tight on the spindle, and it's almost impossible even then to blame the vinyl, because it would mean there's hell of a lot of friction between the platter and the vinyl, or the motor has a flaw (which it's most likely). Try to find out if you can recreate that behaviour without anything on the platter, then try to inspect carefully where potential problems may be.
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