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Building up a tranceset
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hi all

just wondering... how do you all build op your sets?
first start with progressive, then melodic?
or first melodic and at the end more progressive?
I'm gonna spin on @ cartuningmeeting 2morrow here in Belgium (Diepenbeek) and I don't have an idea with what to begin...
This kind of decision should be mostly your own, because it defines your style as a DJ. Listent to a few livesets and get an idea of what defines certain DJs from others.
A liveset from Nu-Nrg and from Tiesto will be 2 different styles indeed!!
as mentioned,
it's your own style that defines it.

think of foreplay and then giving it hard,
it depends how soft or hard you want it. or they want it.

oh and, satisfy yourself first. always. your personality and style will surface that way.
Most Dj's recomend that you visit the venue before hand (like a week before) to get a feel for the scene. Based on that, the Dj's will select their forst two or the songs. The rest of the tracks are just whatever the DJ feels that the crowd wants to hear. If I'm spinning and the crowd is happy just groovin away to some progessive stuff then by all means i will keep the proggy bumpin. However, if they want to go hard I will choose records that will satisfy that.

Another big thing is what order you are in the lineup. I'm assuming that your an opener so let me tell you that you job as an opener is to start out with tracks that will make people tap their feet and get them in the mood (progressive and tribal are great for this i find). Then you play the odd well know slower track and you lure everyone to the dancefloor and keep them rockin with slower until the headliner, or next DJ comes on. Ultamitly your set wants to be hitting it's peak (when the crowd is goin well) right when the next Dj takes over. This means that you CANT just step up on the decks and play massive tracks becuase the crowd will be sick of them by the tim ethe real massive track playing DJ steps on. I know alot of Djs that are good mixing wise and track selection wise, but they just don't know their role as an opener...

ENJOY and play the tracks that you like! :)
HOpe ive helped!

~Seany G
So if ur an opener, ur kinda like takin one for the team? :eyes: :conf: :rolleyes:
i don't agree totally with that being said about "opening for a headliner" unless of course that is actually the case.. most promoters book Dj's based on there style of music, and if there music is hard, then thats what is expected.. i am sure the promoters will stick you in a timeslot or room that is suited for your style.. I guess it depends on the venue and the promoters.. All in all, if i was playing out, i wouldn't feel comfy playing stuff that doesn't appeal to me..

my 2 cents..

idd :) when i'm a warming up dj the best i can play is progressive and then build up to some melodic stuff :)

thx all!
hi guys , i was ganna asking the same question about " how to building up a trance set" as teknasia's question,thxs for all u guys post, if any of u can give me some comments of my live set below my sinature plz ..:)
Originally posted by bent
So if ur an opener, ur kinda like takin one for the team? :eyes: :conf: :rolleyes:

lol, thats one way to put it, i guess. the warm up dj is a very important part of the night. try think back to some time when you got to the club really early, you cant have the music pounding away at 138+bpms, it would just sound rediculous. you need to have some more groove type music playing and work your way up to the fast and more energetic music.

when your the warm up guy you're laying the foundation for the evening, your making the people in the club feel comfortable, and easing them into the night. you still have to play good music and get their heads bobbing and feet tapping, and lure them out onto the dancefloor. If anything i think its almost harder to be the warm up guy because the people your playing to are not messed up yet, and fewer in numbers so odds are they are paying more attention to the music your playing. At 4am i'll dance to pretty much anything with a beat but at 11 pm you need to impress me.
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