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behringer mixer djx 700 vs dx 1000
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Hi there, accidently posted this on a different sector forum, so apologies for repeating myself to some..... Im posting my first question to the world of electro heads and hoping for any advice??

im looking at buying my first mixer, and have decided that the cheapness of the behringer wins for the home studio setup im only getting into at the moment.

however i seem to continue to run into hit and miss reviews and am wondering if there are any specific tips over the new 4 channel djx 700 or the 7 channel dj 1000. The main reason i am considering more channels is i am planning to use the mixer not only for small time party mixing, but also as a recording/producing tool though the computer. Id be plugging in synths, soundcards, speakers, other computers... Not sure if i will actually need all the seven, four might be enough, but wondering if its worth having a few extra just in case?? and if the quality of the two varies at all??

thanks for any help at all peoples.

cheers. :clown:
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