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what do you think of this Dj stand by QuikLok
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Sleek, attractive "Z" design is perfect for live DJ performances
Patent-pending, foldable "Z" structure sets up and folds down in seconds
Features a spring-loaded, dual pin, height adjustment system that instantly releases and locks the structure into the desired height position.
Strong, Stable and Safe - Absolutely no shake at all !!
Accommodates two turntables, full rack or half rack mixer, single or dual CD player
Turntable holders rotate a full 360
Width adjustable platforms
Constructed with computer-welded, 14-gauge steel

Found it in toronto @ $600 (2 different places) .. cheaper anywhere else?

its friggen expencive.
Prodigy Child
oh thats in expensive, and theres like nothing to you get a free toaster to.
ok I'm cool now.
looks pretty good, but ain't worth 600 bux, think of all the vinyls you could get.....sweeeet.
that is the only thing holding me back .. ugh, but i have seen them up close, and they are UNF!!

You could easily have upwards of $3k sitting on that thing.... I would pay ~$400 for a well-built, portable stand. If it lives up to their claims of not flexing, etc. I think it's probably nearly worth the asking price. It's not out of line with say a portable aluminum massage table that has to be able to support at least 600lbs.
they are very sturdy... here are the specs..

Specifications: Front to back bottom leg depth: 20.9" - 53 cm
Overall Depth: 22" - 56 cm
Base side to side width: 34.5" - 87.8 cm
Overall width: 64.5" - 164 cm
Top to bottom height positions: 26" (66 cm) to 39" (99 cm)
(measured from floor of first tier to top of base)
Center platform width adjustment range: 7.9" (20 cm) - 20.5" (52 cm)
Frame tubing size: 30 x 50 mm
Weight capacity: 250 lb. - 113 kg
Weight: 57.3 lb. - 25.8 kg

The quiklok site sells them for 549US , in toronto here, they are 599CAD . wierd..

DJ Nuclear
I like my DJ table better. I got it at office max for $50. It's 8 feet long, holds two 1200's, two cd players, a mixer, and my monitors. Folds up in seconds for transport ;)
it looks good but $600 is a rip off, probably costs like $30 to make
I guess it would be cool if you're a mobile jock.... but it just looks too minimalist to me.... no 'cool' factor (like a nice fusion btwn form & function). too industrial, no design form.
$600 can buy alot of vinyl...and you can pick up a cheap table to hold it...

It's a nice idea but I'd never spend that much.

For that kind of price, it had better hold two CDJs up on the top there. If anyone gets this and has a mixer about the size of a DJM-5/600 on it, with two TTs, and CDJ(s), please post pictures! :)
I was just thinking the same thing. That would be a more marketable picture to have that.
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