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paul van dyk - for an angel 2002
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i was recently looking through and it turns out that at one point, paul van dyk released another version of for an angel in 2002. it's called "Paul Van Dyk - For an Angel 2002" and it's on Fingers Burnt Record. Now i'm not sure if this is a fluke on the part of, or if it was a true release, or a bootleg release. so i was wondering that if anybody has it would they be willing to sell it? plz let me know via email,, or PM me. thanx a bunch.
dj aki
could that be
Fingers burnt - For a Devil??
it's not by PvD but you can check it at .
it might not be the one you are looking for, but you can check it yourself.
have you ever heard the antic or artic remix of the song "silence" by katana, the drums sound like that and it's a lot harder than the original "for an angel" i'm at school right now so i can't check but i'll do so when i get back home...was the original "for an angel" on deviant records or vandit records? i'm not sure, please let me know...thanx
unless they took the entire sample from "for an angel" and then remade the track and called it something else, then i have no problem, but called it "paul van dyk - for an angel 2002" which i'm guessing means it was an official release by paul van dyk...i might be wrong

you can go here to listen to the sample:

i think that should work, if not then just go to the website, and search for "for an angel" it'll be the third/last one down.

thanx again
dj aki
i checked
and they sounded the same.
hey, they are infact the same, thanx a bunch dj aki, i owe you one.

also, do you know if is a good place to buy records, cuz they say they have it in stock, and they also have a couple of older tunes that i want in stock, and i'm kinda hesitant to order from them.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chemical is great. Shipping to the states is cheap and if something is wrong w/ your order you send it back and they'll replace/ refund you.
thanx a lot surfer B, i read through the other posts in the "dodgy online record stores" forum, and the people over there recommended chemical too, so i went ahead and ordered the paul van dyk one along with ayla and another record. i hope it does take like 4 whole weeks to freakin' get here, can't wait to play it (hard & loud!!!) i love their stock, and they have very decent prices, it all depends on the price of shipping now...

thanx a bunch guys
starting to get addicted to these forums now!!
dj aki
yeah, they are good. i always use them. like suferb said, they have the cheapest shipping and also their records are kind of cheap. their records are clean(if you check their "about us", you'll see that nobody touches actual record) so yeah, don't worry, it'll come in about a week
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