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Atomix MP3 Mixing software
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Lover Boy
Im not interested in being a DJ but I do want2 mix sum of my own CD's 2geta, I currently use Atomix MP3 becuase its got beatmatching, r there ne other good software mixing progs out there (preferable with sum sort of beat matching):conf:?
Traktor shows u the BPMs, and when u change the pitch it shows u the new bpm as well. But sometimes i find that even though the numbers match, its not beatmatched perfectly. Also its got a litle meter taht tells u how far the beats are misaligned, but that also s up sometimes ...
I use VirtualTurntables 1.8 by Carrot Innovations. Is highly customizable and very effective. The program allows you to manually calculate the BMP. You can download the trial version before you buy it. Here's the link
PCDJ is another option, but I prefer atomixmp3 over the others...
Ibiza Dreams
AtomixMP3 is a damn fine program at a very cheap price. I've tried most other mixing programs out there (Traktor, VTT, PCDJ) but I keep coming back to AtomixMP3 for its simplicity yet effective mixing capabilities. You can crank out very nice quality mixes with it after some practice and creativity, it just takes some timing and pre-planning for recording full 80 minute mixes. The only real problem i've had with it is when you change the pitch even just a little, in most tracks you can hear quite a bit of distortion in the highs and mids, it can be a pain in the ass. Other than that, Atomix is the best value.
if you dont want to be a dj and want to make mix cds then use acid pro. beatmap the tracks and lay them out exactly as you want them. you can make flawless mixed cds in only a couple hours.
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