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Celtic FC awarded "UEFA Fair Play Award"
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UEFA has honoured the Club’s supporters with the presentation of the 2003 UEFA “Fair Play Award”.

UEFA has paid tribute to Celtic supporters following their fantastic performance throughout the Club’s UEFA Cup run last season, culminating in the UEFA Cup Final when around 80,000 supporters travelled to Seville to back the team.

UEFA has expressed its admiration for the Celtic support, the way in which supporters created such a magnificent ‘fiesta’ in Seville and for the sportsmanship which they demonstrated at the Final.


What more can I add??
big dave
yep i was one of them "80'000"

IMO there was a bit more than that though lol

one of the best atmospheres ive experienced! even alkthough we lost :(

cmon the hoops
good to see we won one award last season then. lol.

its not before time our fans were rewarded for somthing cos there is no othre set of fans in the world that could muster a support like that with such little trouble and creatimng a such a great atmosphere. fair play indeed.

I also hope the celtic board begin to take notice of the fans commitment cos at the moment they are not awarding the fans with what they desrerve and thats a rather substantial money injection into the club.
Aye, and the natives are getting restless....

..remember what happened the last time we felt like this...
Dj O'Callaghan
Aye good we won something. After being cheated out of the finals. I actually thought there would be big trouble when we lost however the fans all proved me wrong. :)
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