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what happens when you have to provide all the sound equipment?
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Hey TAs. how's it goin?

I've got my turntables on the way in the mail soon and I'm gonna start DJing asap.
I got a quick question tha tI'm sure others might need answering too.

If for example you hafta DJ at a place such as a cafe or house party, and they have no sound system for what has to be played, what's a good equipment setup to bring..
I'm guessing an amp and loudpseakers. I've seen portable setups, but I just don't know where to start. I would never bring my receiver b/c it's too clunky and the wiring is so weak and flimsy.
I need a quick-plugin-setup. Where should I start? any brands? products? to look for specifically??
oh yea and hopefully designed for outdoor use too.

I'm seriously considering buying one of these:

I'm not sure about that..... next of all what's a good price range for these setups??

That one ^above^ .... is that "DJ-oriented" enough?
John Smith.... DAM!!! thats looks space age man what is that thing? How much it cost?
Depends on what kind of setup youre going for. First i would suggest getting a flight case for your decks, one that you can fit a your mixer in too.

The easiest option is probably to get some powered speakers, that way you dont have to lug an amp around as well. My other option would be to get a rack mountable powered mixer, again so you dont need an amp, and some regular speakers.
thats just for pa i dont think itl be good for music

loud music*
Originally posted by Breeze
John Smith.... DAM!!! thats looks space age man what is that thing? How much it cost?

it's called a fender passport, they have 4 models. the one i posted was the most expensive ($825US), it's 125 watts per side, and has bose speakers in it.

I have heard they actually pound it out pretty good, and are not just for talking over. I am planning on buying some for playing small rooms, they would be enough. they also have a line out, so you can hook them to another amp and use them just for monitors in a larger setup.

the smallest model is:

those are more made for talking over, and are only $429US
just rent something,u have a larger budget that way and its cheaper.

It takes many partys to get the 800 back..
To be honest, I'd rather just spend the money once..

Is there anything besides these Fender models?
Dj Flesch
No offense, but have some respect and don't play at places that don't have ANY sound system at all. If they don't even have a reciever and speakers (like most normal households in the world do) then why in God's name would you want to spin there? It's obvious that they have not a clue about what good sound is etc. Have some self respect and don't play in places that are below a DJs standard. If you want a decent setup for home use, then great, but you should never be expected to bring your own setup as a Trance DJ. Wedding DJs, sure, but not a club DJ.

Acid John
so? if your booked at a place where there isnt an adequate sound system, and it is expected that you will bring a decent sound set up, then you have to or you wont get the booking (only applies when the booker pays you accordingly for having to bring a soundsystem)

plain and simple!
yeah, once you are a bigger DJ, you should never have to worry about this. But just starting out (you only just got your mixer right) if you need to bring the system then do it.
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