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Best software to make a mix??
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What software does everyone use to make a mix cd... I'm not talking recording a mix from your turntables... but actually using the software to do the mix...
If you have no idea about mixing then use MixMiester, but if you do I have only suggestion: NI TRAKTOR DJ Studio v2.
I have a full dj setup (with tt's and cd players,etc) so I can mix no problem, just wondering what people use to create a mix without equipment.

When pro's create a CD that is not created live (correct) It's created in a computer??? What software are they using? Other than Pro tools? What are they using to perfect a mix?
Well, no, pros use what they should use -- TTs. But some compilations are mixed digitally using some sequencing software (kind of ACID) and usually its stated on the CDs cover with "digitally mixed".
ya if u dun want to mix it live...use mixmeister because it lets you setup up the song and match the beats and stuff like that before you record it and its pretty good too.
AFAIK, most of the pros use some kinda Pro Tools system for knocking out "digitally mixed" mix CDs.

For those on a more realistic budget ;) most programs that allow you to change the length of digital audio will do. Ideally you want to be able to effectively change the sample rate rather than timestretching, because the quality will be better. I've used both ACID and Nuendo for making a mix CD, and reckon ACID is better for the task.

For the record, I've tried using MixMeister and didn't like it very much. Seemed much more geared to radio use than static tempo beat-matching to me.
Well, I tried using Cubase last night to do it... And it works for what I want to do so far... Obviously I'm not too deep into it yet. But it seems pretty easy to mix. I just time stretched the songs to match BPM and it was pretty easy from there to make a simple mix...
It just takes forever for my computer to time stretch something.

Now to try the more advanced parts of the program... It's hard to visulaize what I want to do on a computer. But it seems to be going OK so far....
Arturia storm 2.0
Ableton Live
and of course Traktor is really good too !
Traktor for sure, and there's a program some people have been findout about called Atomix.
if you want to layout a mix cd but not do it can use acid pro. it lets you beatmap songs to .001 bpm. then you can line em up..change volumes, eqs, ect. when you get what you like just save the file. you can make flawless mixed cds in a relativley short period of time. i usually do this if i have a bunch of singles i like but dont want to just listen to the singles.

Let me advise from experience, since you probably will get 30 different answers...
I used about every software program a couple years back.
Of course, with these programs, its ideal to mix .mp3 format, cause wave is large and takes up memory.
I used to use mixvibes pro. very good program. Eqs on each channel, etc.
I believe they have a newer version, probably with some improvemnts. I remember using version 1 & 2, then 3... always an improvement

Then, you got Tracktor.. When tracktor came out, I believe i was getting my decks at the time.. Just as good as mixvibes pro or even better, because from what I remember, the pitch gets very specific or precise lets say. I used it once or twice, its very good and nice, but I still preferred Mixvibes, because that is what I got used to.
So I would recommend the latest Traktor or Mixvibes Pro.

keep in mind that you will need to sound cards, its ideal you use something at least as good as sound blaster live, cause other cheaper ones may not perform that well.

The different with cheap and good programs is the feel of it. The good ones feel more like real cd players, while cheap ones seem like a computer game or something. So, if ur gonna buy equipment eventually, use a good one...
forgot to mention for live mixing what i use. i also tried all the programs...traktor, atomix, mixvibes, virtual turntables. my fav by far was also mixvibes pro. it was just like having 2 cd decks on your computer. i managed to but a second sound card for about $20. so 2 soundcards and mixvibes is the setup i used before i got decks.
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