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need help buying slipmats
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dj dothan
I need help buying slip mats! I'm not sure which slipmats r good for scratching yet not to slippery. I heard that vestax slipmats are good but im not sure where to buy them in New York City.

Help me!

dj dotan
Flash Bastard
i don't scratch but .. i use regular technixs slipmats on my gemini's :D
Actually, you don't need special slipmats for scratching... Like bastard sayd here, the technics slipmats are excellent cuz there isn't too much paint on it. Paint can damage records...
big dave
you can pick them up from one of the many online record stores!

depends where you live! or

and american and an english store
Or in shops where they sell vinyls, they usually sell slipmats too...
If you are looking for scratching slipmats...try butter rugs
DJ Tranz
Originally posted by u4ea
If you are looking for scratching slipmats...try butter rugs

yup, I know quite a few people that actually use them for regular mixing as well, cueing is a lot easier and less wear on the needle when you backspin to cue up a record because you use less force.

The latest in advanced technology built for skratch DJ training and high performance. Often imitated, but never duplicated. The Butter Rug v. 2 continues its light speed innovation ahead of the rest when the superminds from SlipmatSource and Thud Rumble search for new ways to make your skratching feel like it's gliding through air. Extensively tested by Inspector Q himself through the most rigid standards. Accept no substitutes.
that pic is actually the packaging the mats come in, and the actual mats are plain brown or black in color. we sell them for 19.95 per set.
We have slipmats we have designed in our store and we also make custom slipmats. When I say custom I mean custom!!! We work with our clients until they agree on a picture of the slipmats and then they are shiped to them. The customer will be sent pics of the slipmats until they are completely to their liking.We also make "Thin Ice Speedmats" for the Dj's that like to scratch. You can find the slipmats at this link...

Thanks for checking us out and if you buy slipmats thanks for your business in advance.
If you want a cheap trick to make any slipmat more slippery, just cut one of those plastic sleeves that records come in to the size of your slipmat and place it underneath between the platter and the slipmat. ;)


Originally posted by PivotTechno


dude why are you spamming that ? All that site is is an Email address
Originally posted by Adam420
dude why are you spamming that ? All that site is is an Email address

They sell so hipster slipmats that you have to make a personal application e-mail to make an offer.
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