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I miss my best friend :(

Registered: Dec 2003
Location: In A Bathroom.

Daniel Bell's set the first year I went to DEMF was ridic - out of hand.. but it was also live.

Nice to be able to see him again!

Although you are far away
I know you'll always be
Near to me
Near to me

R.I.P. DarkAngel 12-16-o9

Old Post May-05-2010 18:03 
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dj greasy
tranceaddict in training

Registered: Jun 2005
Location: Uncle Touchy's Naked Puzzle Basement

Originally posted by euphoria
There are no vip tix, you have to get a table to get into vip.

VIP up there is mad nice, though... provided you're not paying for it :P

Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Old Post May-05-2010 20:41  United States
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never turn into a pumpkin

Registered: Mar 2004
Location: CYN NYC!

Originally posted by Frequency Frank
It's up on the CL-Rec website. Could be old, but that's what it shows. In other news, Dustin Zahn @ Love on 5/20...there!

And thanks, I'm regretting the date, not the actual marriage, lol.

HOLY FUCKKK SHIETTTT, DUSTIN ZHAN@!@$!$!$%$@^#$^@@@@%# ive been waiting for this dude to come for the loooooongest! this guy is siiick def not missing out on this.

...e d u bb z...

Old Post May-06-2010 06:02  Colombia
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Ultimate EM Source

Registered: Oct 2000
Location: Long Island, NY

May 6th - May 12th -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New York-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tony Humphries & Hex Hector --- Thursday 05/06/10--- Cielo (NYC)
Markus Schulz -w- Zack Roth, Royal Sapian, Matt Lange, Jacob Henry & Dezza --- Friday 05/07/10--- Pacha (NYC)
Sarah Goldfarb --- Friday 05/07/10--- TBA (NYC)
DJ Three --- Friday 05/07/10--- Love (NYC)
Cevin Fisher --- Friday 05/07/10--- Water Taxi Beach (LI City)
Sharam --- Friday 05/07/10--- Quo (NYC)
Danny Teneglia --- Saturday 05/08/10--- Pacha (NYC)
Infected Mushroom & Kaskade --- Saturday 05/08/10--- Roseland Ballroom (NYC)
Jeff Mills -w- Sleepy & Boo --- Saturday 05/08/10--- Sullivan Room (NYC)
Chriss Vargas --- Saturday 05/08/10--- Santos Party House (NYC)
Washington DC-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bobina --- Thursday 05/06/10--- Ultrabar (DC)
Bad Boy Bill --- Saturday 05/08/10--- Glow/Fur (DC)
Matthew Dear --- Monday 05/10/10--- Muse (DC)
Mike Swells --- Friday 05/07/10--- Rise (Boston)
Juan Madrid --- Saturday 05/08/10--- Rise (Boston)

May 13th - May 19th -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New York-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Alex Pearce --- Thursday 05/13/10--- Cielo (NYC)
Andy Moor & Mike Saint-Jules -w- Ali Mahmud & Frank Chiarello --- Friday 05/14/10--- Pacha (NYC)
David Squillace --- Friday 05/14/10--- Love (NYC)
Moby (DJ Set) --- Friday 05/14/10--- Webster Hall (NYC)
Davide Squillace & Konrad Black -w- Andrew Vogt --- Friday 05/14/10--- Littlefield (Brooklyn)
DJ Boris --- Saturday 05/15/10--- Pacha (NYC)
Sean Tyas & Simon Patterson -w- Ryan Tyas --- Saturday 05/15/10--- Webster Hall (NYC)
Stacey Pullen -w- Sleepy & Boo --- Saturday 05/15/10--- Sullivan Room (NYC)
Roger Sanchez --- Saturday 05/15/10--- Santos Party House (NYC)
Criss Vargas --- Sunday 05/16/10--- Water Taxi Beach (LI City)
Danny Krivit & Tedd Patterson --- Sunday 05/16/10--- Santos Party House (NYC)
New Jersey-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Eric Morillo --- Thursday 05/13/10--- Deko Lounge (NJ)
Washington DC-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Roger Sanchez --- Thursday 05/13/10--- Ultrabar (DC)
Matthew Dear --- Friday 05/14/10--- Muse (DC)
Above & Beyond --- Saturday 05/15/10--- Glow/Fur (DC)
Lazy Rich --- Friday 05/14/10--- Rise (Boston)
Victor Calderone --- Saturday 05/15/10--- Rise (Boston)

May 20th - May 26th -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New York-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Angel Morales --- Thursday 05/20/10--- Cielo (NYC)
Benny Benassi & Steve Aoki --- Friday 05/21/10--- Pacha (NYC)
Chucky --- Saturday 05/22/10--- Pacha (NYC)
Nic Fanciulli -w- Sleepy & Boo--- Saturday 05/22/10--- Sullivan Room (NYC)
Martin Eyerer & Crazy Larry --- Saturday 05/22/10--- Love (NYC)
Victor Calderone --- Saturday 05/22/10--- Santos Party House (NYC)
DJ Theo --- Sunday 05/23/10--- Water Taxi Beach (LI City)
Booka Shade --- Wednesday 05/25/10--- Music Hall Of Williamsburg (Brooklyn)
Washington DC-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Paul Oakenfold --- Thursday 05/20/10--- Ultrabar (DC)
Adultnapper --- Thursday 05/20/10--- U Street Music Hall (DC)
Benny Benassi --- Saturday 05/22/10--- Glow/Fur (DC)

May 27th - June 2nd -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New York-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Seth Troxler --- Thursday 05/27/10--- Cielo (NYC)
Simian Mobile Disco --- Thursday 05/27/10--- Santos Party House (NYC)
Eddie Halliwell --- Friday 05/28/10--- Pacha (NYC)
Paco Osuna & Barem -w- Sleepy & Boo --- Friday 05/28/10--- Cielo (NYC)
Marco Carola & Onur Ozer & dOP --- Friday 05/28/10--- TBA (NYC)
Alter Ego --- Friday 05/28/10--- Webster Hall (NYC)
Chus --- Saturday 05/29/10--- Pacha (NYC)
Ellen Allien --- Saturday 05/29/10--- Santos Party House (NYC)
Junior Vasquez --- Sunday 05/30/10--- Cielo (NYC)
Michael Mayer --- Sunday 05/30/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
Washington DC-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
DJ Chucky --- Thursday 05/27/10--- Ultrabar (DC)
Menno De Jong --- Saturday 05/29/10--- Glow/Fur (DC)

June 3rd - June 9th -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New York-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dixon -w- Tamiur & Fahad --- Friday 06/04/10--- Love (NYC)
Tom Stephan -aka- Superchumbo --- Friday 06/04/10--- Pacha (NYC)
Mark Knight --- Saturday 06/05/10--- Pacha (NYC)
Timo Maas --- Saturday 06/05/10--- Santos Party House (NYC)
Brad Miller, Mike Saint Jules & Wayde Rafnel --- Saturday 06/05/10--- Santos Party House {Basement} (NYC)
Tom Middleton --- Sunday 06/06/10--- Water Taxi Beach (LI City)
Craig Richards, Ryon Elliot & Taimur & Fahad (DAY PARTY) --- Sunday 06/06/10--- TBA (NY)
DJ Koze --- Sunday 06/06/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
New Jersey-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dirty South --- Wednesday 06/02/10--- Deko Lounge (NJ)
Washington DC-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
James Zabiela --- Thursday 06/03/10--- Ultrabar/Lima (DC)
Rich Webb & Roberto Gonzalez --- Saturday 06/05/10--- Glow/Fur (DC)

June 10th - June 16th -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New York-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hernan Cattaneo --- Friday 06/11/10--- Pacha (NYC)
Joris Voorn --- Friday 06/11/10--- Love (NYC)
Switch --- Friday 06/11/10--- Webster Hall (NYC)
M.I.K.E., The Thrillseekers & DJ Eco --- Saturday 06/12/10--- Webster Hall (NYC)
Afrojack --- Saturday 06/12/10--- Santos Party House (NYC)
DJ Heather & Colette --- Saturday 06/12/10--- Sullivan Room (NYC)
Italoboyz (DAY PARTY) --- Saturday 06/12/10--- TBA (NY)
Dam Funk --- Sunday 06/13/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
Washington DC-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Joris Voorn -w- Timo Maas --- Thursday 06/10/10--- Ultrabar/Lima (DC)
Sharam --- Saturday 06/12/10--- Glow/Fur (DC)

June 17th - June 23rd -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New York-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Oscar G --- Friday 06/18/10--- Pacha (NYC)
Steve Lawler --- Sunday 06/20/10--- Water Taxi Beach (LI City)
Fred P --- Sunday 06/20/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
Washington DC-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Steve Lawler --- Thursday 06/17/10--- Ultrabar/Lima (DC)
ATB --- Saturday 06/20/10--- Glow/Fur (DC)

June 24th - June 30th -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New York-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Green Velvet --- Thursday 06/24/10--- Santos Party House (NYC)
Dave Dresden --- Friday 06/25/10--- Cielo (NYC)
Jonathan Peters --- Saturday 06/26/10--- Pacha (NYC)
Peter Rauhofer, Marco Da Silva, Ana Paula & Steven Grodin --- Saturday 06/26/10--- Roseland Ballroom (NYC)
Kenny Larkin --- Sunday 06/27/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
Washington DC-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Laidback Luke --- Thursday 06/24/10--- Ultrabar/Lima (DC)

After June 30th -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

New York-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Miss Kitten --- Friday 07/02/10--- Webster Hall (NYC)
Kaskade --- Saturday 07/03/10--- Lily Pond (LI)
Rich Medina --- Sunday 07/04/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
Victor Calderone --- Monday 07/05/10--- Water Taxi Beach (Gov Island)
James Holden --- Thursday 07/08/10--- Cielo (NYC)
Boyz Noise --- Thursday 07/08/10--- Santos Party House (NYC)
Matthias Tanzmann & Clive Henry --- Saturday 07/10/10--- Littlefield (Brooklyn)
Alex From Tokyo --- Sunday 07/11/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
Todd Edwards --- Sunday 07/18/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
Ashley Beedle --- Sunday 07/25/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
Linkwood--- Sunday 08/01/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
Floating Points --- Sunday 08/08/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
Frank Gossner --- Sunday 08/15/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
Prosumer --- Sunday 08/22/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
Optimo --- Sunday 08/29/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
ELECTRIC ZOO --- Sat/Sun 09/04/10---09-05/10--- Randalls Island (NY)
SB Residents --- Sunday 09/05/10--- Yard (Brooklyn)
New Jersey-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Deadmau5 -w- Richie Santana & Peter Bailey --- Monday 07/05/10 The POOL at Harrah's Hotel & Casino (AC)
Deadmau5 --- Tuesday 07/27/10 Wellmount Theatre (NJ)

The EnigmaT Website
Every Party I've Ever Attended

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Old Post May-06-2010 10:28  United States
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Milk was a bad choice!

Registered: Aug 2005
Location: New York

EDIT: Thanks Enigma!

Website // Facebook // Soundcloud // Push The Night

Last edited by BradMiller on May-07-2010 at 18:52

Old Post May-06-2010 19:45  United States
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Supreme tranceaddict

Registered: Aug 2005
Made Event Presents Paco Osuna + Barem @ Cielo - Friday, May 28

Made Event welcomes the Spanish techno conquistador Paco Osuna back to New York along with Argentine techno wonderkid and Minus favorite Barem at Cielo on Friday, May 28th, 2010.

Paco Osuna’s hard, driving brand of techno fuses tribal percussive beats alongside the more surgical sounds associated with the acclaimed Minus label. He’s known for three-deck sets of dark synth rhythms and talent for driving any dancefloor crazy with variations in rhythmic tension. Osuna began his rise to prominence in 1999 with a residency at the famed Ibizan hotspot Amnesia. Then, in 2006 he created Barcelona’s Club4, which brought the likes of Carl Cox, Marco Carola, and Matthew Dear to its DJ booth. That same year, he created his own label Mindshake, which released material from artists like Paul Ritch, Ambivalent and Andrea Ferlin. His skills have also entered him to the Plus8 ranks, including two Plastikman remixes for the label’s 100th release.

Barem perfectly personifies the new breed of electronic musician. Growing up entirely in the digital age, he fully utilizes intuitive software programs to spontaneously express ideas and emotions. In 2005, Barem was introduced to Minus boss Richie Hawtin, which eventually led to the debut of his well received EP Never Better Then Late. Listening to the EP, it’s clear he concentrates most of his energy into creating powerful basslines that define his sound. His expansive use of reverb and delay creates a massive space for the subtle percussive elements to skip and snake while distant, sometimes eerie melodies often occur on a random, secondary level as a result of these interacting elements. For Barem, the bottom line is to keep things simple and stay true to the old school minimalist approach that first got him hooked on the music.

Listen to Paco Osuna's May Mix - Here -

Check Out Barem's Rhythmism Portrait - Here -

Friday, May 28th, 2010
Made Event presents
with BAREM
Opening Set by
Sleepy & Boo

18 Little West 12th Street
New York City
Doors at 10pm
21 and over with valid state issued photo ID
$15 advance tickets while supplies last @
Tickets also available at
Rebel Rebel, 319 Bleecker St NYC 212.989.0770
Event Info Line: 917.723.9381

Made Event NYC Dates
May 28 Paco Osuna + Barem @ Cielo
June 25 Dave Dresden @ Cielo
July 8 James Holden @ Cielo
September 4-5 Electric Zoo: New York’s Electronic Music Festival @ Randall’s Island Park

About Made Event
Made Event, helmed by Mike Bindra and Laura De Palma, working with a team of industry leaders, is committed to excellence in the programming, promotion, and production of electronic dance music events. They stand at the vanguard of their field due to the world-renowned caliber of entertainment and expert production values they bring into a variety of distinctive and innovative venues. With over 25 years of combined experience, and over 400 successful events produced in New York City, including the inaugural Electric Zoo festival, and at Winter Music Conference in Miami, Made Event continues to set the bar for quality electronic music events. For more info, please go to

Home || Facebook || Twitter

Old Post May-10-2010 20:58  United States
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Zack Roth
Supreme tranceaddict

Registered: Feb 2003
Location: .....

Thursday, June 10th - James Zabiela @ Cielo


Old Post May-11-2010 00:39 
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4 bags deep

Registered: Nov 2005
Location: Jersey Shore

Carlo Lio --- June 19 --- Deko Lounge


[QUOTE=thisisyumpop]I am a Wealth Management Advisor accused of selling and partying on a public forum where the NYPD street crimes and drug units read threads to get info on parties to shut down. This is not some bumblefuck hood, it is very serious. They could get my ip and investigate me over a lie. I could lose my entire career. The people on ta that know this are serious, this is too much[/quote]

Old Post May-11-2010 15:30 
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let the music use you up

Registered: Dec 2003
Location: the county of kings..ny

Originally posted by Scoops
Carlo Lio --- June 19 --- Deko Lounge

wow and wow
might check this out

we scream,we dance,we laugh,we love to the beats...non stop with the beats

Old Post May-11-2010 15:36  United States
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Supreme tranceaddict

Registered: Sep 2003
Location: Dirty Jerz

Luke Fair
June 18th
Boat Party

According to his website...anybody have any more info? If this is really going on I'm so there...

SOS Addict

Old Post May-12-2010 03:16  United States
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Keepin it real....

Registered: Feb 2005
Location: Upper West Side NYC

Originally posted by Scoops
Carlo Lio --- June 19 --- Deko Lounge

Carlo is a Toronto local and REALLY good (the couple of times I have heard him). Definitely worth checking out!


Old Post May-12-2010 17:30  United States
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Registered: Sep 2003
Location: New York

AGORIA : Balance 016 Album Release Party @ Secret Location, NYC - May 21st

Friday, May 21st, 2010
Biatch Corp presents III Anniversary Party with
'Balance 016' Album Release Party
Ascii Disko
Miss Eleanor

Biatch Corp welcomes acclaimed French DJ Agoria to New York City to celebrate their 3rd Year anniversary on Friday, May 21st, in a brand new perfect secret loft location in Manhattan. Hot off the heels of his acclaimed Balance 016 edition and a successful Winter Music Conference debut, forward-thinking Frenchman Agoria is set to kick off his North American tour in NYC as he makes his way to the Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit. With his recent spell-binding DJ sets at the Listed Balance album release party and at the infamous Sunday School For Degenerates party in Miami, Agoria is now ready to bring his distinct track selection and mixing style to some of North America’s most forward thinking venues.

Agoria, otherwise known as Sebastien Devaud wasn’t bitten by the dance music bug until he was out of his teens, but once he began hunting imported 12”s from the US and Germany in his native France, there was no turning back. His production career began in 1999, with his debut album Blossom and first compilation following in 2003 – and it was clear even in those early days that a serious new talent was emerging. Blending the throb and groove of deeper, stripped-back techno with a keen sense of musicality, emotion and atmosphere, his is a sound that transcends beyond mere dancefloor disposability. His 2007 At The Controls compilation set a new standard for minimal tech-house with its impeccable programming and seductive mixing.

2010 has marked a banner year for Agoria with the release of Balance 016. After raising the bar to unprecedented heights in 2009 with Joris Voorn and Will Saul’s stunning additions to the Balance series, Agoria provides yet another standard-setting mix from one of the most sophisticated, forward thinking, and inspiring names in techno. “The concept of both CDs is all about balance. Literally. In my mind a balance is not a middle position; it’s a perfect equilibrium. I’m trying to be as close as possible to this idea. I have tried to find this fine line where the balance is just right.” To accomplish this perfectly-weighted contrast, he’s cherry-picked from a myriad of genres and subgenres in his “beat open-minded” fashion, combining a wealth of material from newcomers across the spectrum (including no less than 12 exclusives!) with more established producers, classics and unknown gems from his broad musical past, and put it all together in an unconventional, challenging manner. “In the end, more than a DJ compilation, this is a manifesto of my passion for music and for mixing” he explains.

Balance 016: Agoria has been hailed as the compilation of the month by several publications including IDJ Magazine, Tillate Magazine, Raveline, Tsugi, DMC, Inpress, 3D, Time Off. This superb compilation is as deep and rewarding as a well-woven novel, the dénouement of the story unfolding as the mix evolves through Agoria’s musical DNA. Yet another essential addition to the compilation series that is fast becoming the new benchmark for ambitious DJs and demanding listeners alike.

Ascii.Disko is the project of multi-instrumentalist/DJ Kat D.D. Rokk. Formerly of Slown and also a member of Venus Vegas, in Ascii.Disko he crafts a mix of rock and electronica inspired by techno, acid house, and electro. The Madrid-based musician released singles such as "Einfach" and "Immer/Strassen," as well as his 2003 self-titled full-length debut. He has released two successful albums (Ascii.Disko and Ali-as in) and 12" on labels like Moonboutique, Dance Electric, Television Re-cords and Pale Music and did countless remixes .

RSVP at to get location
New York, New York City
12:00am -10:00am, 21+
$25 in advance at

Electronic Night Life

Old Post May-13-2010 13:00  United States
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