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snake inverter

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Originally posted by Mr.Mystery
We have officially become our parents.


or another way to put it, we're getting old as fuck

Old Post Nov-16-2017 16:18  Canada
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Supreme tranceaddict

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The funny thing is, back in the early 00's, there was a group that Mixmag coined as "Dad Housers" - basically people who had grown up in the first wave of dance music in the very late 80's and 90's, but then had kids, gold old and complained about "kids these days".

I was technically in the the second wave, growing up on tapes that my older Brother in law had of club events and Essential mixes.

It changed a bit over time (the golden age of trance, then prog, and house came back in various slightly different iterations etc), but I feel like EDM was definitely a generationally defined thing; I really don't know anyone that was really in to trance, house or prog that went on to EDM. Sure maybe some who take or leave it and would probably just as much go out to an 80's night, or school disco themed night or one of those girls that used to be in to whatever any club DJ was playing, but I literally haven't met a single person that actually made the switch to EDM.

Orginally posted by Paradox Lost I kind of miss the days when the top 100 was almost evenly shared between prog snobs and trance crackers. Sasha and Digweed would always break up a trance dominated top 10, and then all the most respected names in house and prog would bring up the rear in the 10-25 spots. Nick Warren was nearly a resident in the 30-40 slot, and even second-string players like Seb Fontaine stood a chance of coming in at the bottom 90.

But it still seems like there's a small contingent of RA readers who vote on this thing, with Paul Kalkbrenner making a re-appearance, and Solomun and Maceo Plex (RA 100 top 10's) making their debuts.

Same here and I think you're right about RA. Those that vote are going for the "big names" on RA such as Maceo plex and Solomun (although I have no idea why the latter gets so much live, every set I've seen from his has been turd and the guy can barely mix). All the rest of the RA votes are probably so niche in comparison to the EDM voters that they don't register.

Orginally posted by Sykonee
Nah. It's 18 year olds attending their first Tomorrowland, while being 'encouraged' by PR teams sharing voting iPads in the audience to vote for these guys, that are the main voting base.

Also, bot farms out of India.

You're right. I remember when an unknown DJ from wales - DJ Jimpy - breached the top 20 from no where and everyone freaked out.

Turned out the weeks before the polls, he paid to have several thousand pre filled stamped voting postcards filled out and gave them out at his gigs at the end of the night. There was a post box right outside the club and everyone just dumped them in there. It was in the days where a few thousand votes got you in the the running.

I think he got banned the next year, but the point is this was back in something like 1999 or 2000 so even back them people were gaming the system.

I have no doubt that certain DJ's that have never written their own tracks and call pressing play "djing" have hired bot armies or automated votes.

Old Post Nov-16-2017 18:38 
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