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Posted by knowhope on Apr-16-2012 13:58:

How do you like to get drunk?

Wether it be alone, beer, cocktail, gin-tonic. What's your preference?

I've come to the conclusion that i can only get drunk happily with scotch only and with a 32$ a bottle of Aberlour Abudhabi, i can't complain.

Posted by Silky Johnson on Apr-16-2012 14:06:

Wine, beer, or vodka. Whiskey makes me too rowdy and mean, and gin and rum both make me puke.

Posted by Acton on Apr-16-2012 14:07:

..... and lots of it. Anywhere.


Posted by knowhope on Apr-16-2012 14:09:

I've always wanted to do an experiment. Drinking 1 type of alcohol and recording my attitude. I have always thought Tequila and Whiskey (including Scotch) made me aggressive.

Imagine you breaking that bottle and swiftly shoving that broken head into someones throat.

Edit: Acton, straight or mixed? Chilled in the freezer or room temperature?

Posted by Intellekshual on Apr-16-2012 14:13:

With good company, ideally.

I like Gin, Vodka, White/Rose Wine and Beer sometimes. I'm not very picky.

Posted by Moongoose on Apr-16-2012 14:23:

Originally posted by Intellekshual
With good company, ideally.

That. If theres good company around it doesnt really matter what youre drinking (unless its something really disgusting).

The only alcohol i drink outside of social events is red wine, which i like like, but then again i dont drink that to get drunk.

Posted by Meat187 on Apr-16-2012 14:55:

I live in Bavaria. So beer, obviously.

Posted by Redd on Apr-16-2012 15:15:

blue label

or anything with alcohol in it

Posted by WittyHandle on Apr-16-2012 15:22:

Posted by zyklon-jay on Apr-16-2012 15:23:

the nice weather is making me miss booze.

Posted by Moral Hazard on Apr-16-2012 15:46:

Posted by Halcyon+On+On on Apr-16-2012 15:46:

Posted by WittyHandle on Apr-16-2012 15:57:

That scene in The Office where Meredith takes a shot of Purell

Posted by Blake on Apr-16-2012 17:49:

Preferably with some quality bud.
I've been drinking a lot of Green Dragon over the past few months.
This weekend was vodka and some extremely potent pot brownies.
I learned that it is indeed possible to consume too much THC.

Posted by Adam420 on Apr-16-2012 18:02:

I realized that I pretty much need straight booze to have a good drunk. Beer takes too long and takes up too much room/makes me need to piss all the time. So pretty much pound those shots. It's not how I like to drink but if I wanna be straight up drunk that's pretty much what I need to do. Mixed drinks are usually far too sweet for me.

Posted by Sushipunk on Apr-16-2012 22:08:

The only thing I don't touch any more is tequila, because I don't remember shit the next day.

Posted by Intellekshual on Apr-16-2012 22:21:

Originally posted by Sushipunk
because I don't remember shit the next day.

They all do that to me. ..though sometimes it's a good thing.

Posted by Vernon Wanderer on Apr-16-2012 23:51:

I hate strong drinks in big quantities(more than 2 shots), same story wih beer. So if i'm getting drink I do it via some nice, normal alcohol level drinks aka Sommersby, Breezers, red wine, gemišt(whatever you call it in english, it's white wine and mineral water) and things like that, combined with some spirits every now and then.

Edit: food is also a must, so is fresh water. If there isn't any I feel like shit and ditch everything until I get that sorted out Has a lot to do with my damaged liver.

Posted by Spam on Apr-17-2012 00:32:

I like to mix and match my drinks throughout the night so that I'm never drinking the same thing twice. I follow no rules, so I'll drink everything from straight whiskey (although I fucking hate it, I'll do it if someone tells me to man up) to fuckin' apple margaritas.

90% of my heavy drinking nights involve a double Vodka+Redbull, a 9oz glass of red wine, a pint of whatever I deem the best beer available where I'm drinking, a shot or two of tequila, a polar bear, an amoretto sour, and then I wing it from there.

When I'm drinking alone, I don't often get drunk, but when I do it's from a few (too many) cans of BitBurger or a bottle of Fifth Leg.

Posted by harrisonford265 on Apr-17-2012 06:22:

Beer and chicken

Posted by BTG on Apr-17-2012 06:24:


on occasion, i'll get a thing of whiskey...and sometimes even tequila (though I don't much like the taste and I never have anything to mix it with besides coke or milk..and both do not taste very nice).

Whiskey and Tequila both make me much more alert than beer...i also feel bloated and shitty when I drink beer...but hard liquor is much harder on your liver.

wine is ok, but I like sparkling white wine over others.

I just like to burp.

Posted by knowhope on Apr-17-2012 13:54:

We can all agree on Tequila being the devils piss.

Anyone else drinks while studying? I've been sippin' Sotch while studying... Feel left alone. Maybe an AA meeting should be considered, but i'm not sure there are any in Korea, since everyone drinks out of their minds here.

Posted by Halcyon+On+On on Apr-17-2012 14:38:

Originally posted by BTG
tequila...I never have anything to mix it with besides... milk.


Posted by Halcyon+On+On on Apr-17-2012 14:43:

Tequila tastes fantastic if you are taking shots of an actual Resposado or Anejo. There's often a price correlation (as with most things), but you cannot get a shitty, mass-produced tequila like Cuervo and expect it to be tasty straight.

One of the best shots of anything I've ever had was an Extra Anejo that had been aged in cherry casks for 12 years. It was incredibly smooth and sweet, and was the colour of an old brandy.

Posted by SYSTEM-J on Apr-17-2012 15:23:

On the cheap and with friends. I can't remember the last time I drank on my own.

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