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-- 16 id's 1998-1999 [trance, prog trance]

Posted by lumbergh on Apr-11-2012 04:58:

16 id's 1998-1999 [trance, prog trance]

Hey all,

have a bunch of id's I've been chasing forever with no luck.
Blue - Intensity (Loop Traffic Mix)
Preformation Kuiper Belt
X-Connection - Funky Drive

Any help would be appreciated,

Posted by RebeL9 on Apr-12-2012 08:27:

The psy track is 12 Moons - Beyond Infinity, but pitched up like hell.

Posted by lumbergh on Apr-12-2012 10:58:


Just listened to it on Youtube & see what you mean about it being pitched up, they weren't too subtle at all.

Posted by lumbergh on Apr-18-2012 02:44:

I've added all the id's to a single archive for those who don't want open each link separately. Link in the first post

Posted by lumbergh on May-14-2012 14:21:


Posted by lumbergh on Aug-13-2012 05:03:


Posted by Rayb on Aug-19-2012 00:56:

Samples are a bit short...

1st one, sounds a bit like: Mike Koglin - The Silence
(the Vocals)

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