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Posted by Daegal_Brain on Sep-20-2010 21:37:

Movement: 8 part trance mix from 1992+

**Edit : Am updating dead links. Last page of thread has th emost recent parts on Soundcloud. I dont have enough space there to host all 8 parts sorry, so the rest will be fileshare sites **


A project here mixing my personal favourite trance tunes from 1992 onwards. There will be at least 8 parts to this, and am doing it "properly" (E.g on turntables + cd decks)

I hope you like it, thanks for checking it out.

Movement Part 1 *Re-uploaded*



L.S.G - Blueprint version 2 (1994)
Humate - Love StimulatiOn (1993)
L.S.G - Hearts (1994)
Dance to Trance - Hello San Francisco (1992)
Metal Master - Spectrum (Casper Pound mix)(1992)
Hardfloor - Acperience 1 (1993)
Daytura - devotion (1993)
Brainchild - Synfonica (1993)
Paragliders - Paraglide (Humate Mix) (1993)
Brain child - Symmetry (1994)
Spicelab - Falling (1994)

Movement Part 2

Link: **reuploaded **


Blue Amazon - Hypersleep (1993)
Union Jack - 2 full moons & a trout (Casper Pound mix) (1994)
4Voice - Eternal Spirit (1993)
The Visions Of Shiva - How Much Can You Take? (1995)
Cosmic baby - Loops of Infinity (1994)
Cosmic baby - Fantasia (1994)
Transa - Prophase (X-Cabs Rmx)(1996)
Sola Nova - Sola Nova (Camembert & Beaujolais mix) (1996)
The Ambush - Sun (1994)

Posted by Vernon Wanderer on Oct-06-2010 00:49:


Posted by Daegal_Brain on Oct-06-2010 19:53:

Edit: Link updated

Thanks for you feedback guys!

Part 3:

Dune - Keep the secret (1997)
The lost Tribe - Gamemaster (1997)
Three Drives - Greece 2000 (OMGcantyoujustleaveitalone live edit(1998)
YOMC - F**k up your ears (1997)
Marc et Claude - La (DJ Taucher remix) (1997)
DJ Rodd Y ler- Lifesigns (1998)
Fire & Ice - Beyond my control (1999)
Aurora - Hear you calling (Fire & Ice mix) (1999)
Transa - Enervate (1998)
DJ Tom Stevens - Odysee (Underwater mix)(1997)
Westbam - Wizards of the sonic (Matt Darey mix) (1998)

Posted by Sandsider on Oct-07-2010 04:43:

Thumbs up

Your choices of tunage are outstanding ..this is a must-keep series. I salute you sir , many thanks.

Posted by Lews on Oct-07-2010 07:52:

I'll be downloading these and eagerly awaiting the next parts!

Posted by infiniteJEST on Oct-07-2010 08:42:

Let the records show that I am a part of this thread.

Posted by netroM on Oct-07-2010 13:48:


Posted by chesco on Oct-07-2010 18:25:

Will be downloading all of these.

Edit: Megaupload doesnt seem to be playing ball with me, can these be upped anywhere else?

Posted by Daegal_Brain on Oct-11-2010 20:06:

Originally posted by chesco
Will be downloading all of these.

Edit: Megaupload doesnt seem to be playing ball with me, can these be upped anywhere else?

Yeah I know its not very reliable...seems to be "temporarily unavailable" from time to time. But active now.

Hmmm maybe should move to soundcloud....

Posted by Meat187 on Oct-28-2010 08:55:

Where's the rest of this?
Bring it on!!!

Posted by Daegal_Brain on Nov-09-2010 23:50:

Originally posted by Meat187
Where's the rest of this?
Bring it on!!!

Nearly there! The sampling takes a while...ditto the stupid vinyl trickery

Posted by Evolve140 on Nov-10-2010 06:22:

Exciting! I only know one or 2 DJs who are close friends of mine who have been around this long, which makes everyone else a POSER!!! Fuck yeah.

Posted by Evolve140 on Nov-10-2010 08:13:

im a poser woser.

Posted by Daegal_Brain on Feb-14-2011 20:40:

Edit: Updated download link

Hi all

Massive delay from me in getting this next part recorded, its a bit longer than all the others at just over 2 hours, and has a but more trickery with the mixing.

First up, the link:



The Olmec Heads - Spiritualised (1999)
Andy Ling - Fixation (1999)
Arrakis - Aira Force (1998)
Fire & Ice - Neverending melody (1999)
Vimana - We Came (1999)
The Art of Trance - Madagascar (1999)
Freestate - Different Ways (2000)
Digger - Church of Ra (1999)
Push - Universal Nation (Ferry Corsten mix)(1999)
Binary Finary - 1999 (1999)
That Airscape remix (1999)
Digger - Nanuki (1999)
Gigolo - Al Paradis (Matt Darey Remix (1999)
Transa - Supernova (1999)
Running out of the blue (Vinyl 'mash up')
Pablo Gargano - Trance in Saigon (1997)
Skynet UK – Open the floodgates (1999)
Cherrymoontrax - In My Electric House (1996)
Blue Planet Corperation - Overbloody flood (1993)

Once again this is 90% vinyl with a the odd cd and a sampler to help with tricks.

A few notes about the tracks:

Big thanks to Alex Buck for reminding me about Andy Ling a few years back, wow has that tune not aged at all, and likewise Markus for Arrakis which I almost don't dare play anywhere because its so your track on the London circuit. After that this goes into a few of my 'weapon' tunes, Vimana is an almighty masterpiece from Tiesto and Ferry before they got too big to keep working together. Fire and Melody for me is perhaps one of the all time greats. Its sad. But yet massively, massively euphoric....a really superbly judged piece that just keeps creeping up on you with its huge classical undertones to it.

I've also included 2 tunes by Digger which are on the same 12 and probably one of the most wanted bits of trance from any Dj who knows their stuff. Took me years to get this and it was a birthday gift which has to be about the best present ever! How can this be one record - Church of Ra is a big Corsten-eque hands in the air track whilst 'Nanuki' uses a subtle trible chant with some immaculately contained chords to hook you in - just outstanding. As the mix moves into the 2nd half A lesser known Matt Darey here with a hypnotic harmonica sample from an old 60s TV show thats taken me a long time to acquire (and thanks to a fellow TA as well). A few harder tunes nearer the end - I wasn't sure about putting 'In my electric house' on as its basically a rave anthem more than trance but its a classic uplifting tune and hopefully brings back a few memories. Finally an old psy trance rarity from Blue Planet Corperation to end. 18 years old and still sounding supurb.

Thanks for checking this out and feel free to post feedback, or abuse

Posted by Vernon Wanderer on Mar-11-2011 20:40:

Hell yes! Downloading. Tracklist looks interesting

Will probably listen tonight. Cheers!

Posted by Syntonic on Mar-12-2011 05:00:

Thumbs up

Damn, these look really tastey. Grabbing them all. Thanks

Posted by Meat187 on Mar-14-2011 15:26:

Just listened to part 4.
Awesome work dude, especially the final was kick-ass in your face euphoric Trance like I love it.
And lol at "That Airscape Remix"

You say there'll be 4 more parts?
Can't wait for those, hurry up man!

Posted by Daegal_Brain on Mar-22-2011 20:09:

Cheers all!

Part5 is slowly underway but probably a month away or more in all honesty

"And lol at "That Airscape Remix"


Posted by DJ5OH on Mar-23-2011 13:48:

massive tunes

Posted by Sandsider on Mar-26-2011 08:16:

Another classy set from your good self . An absolute belter , many thanks.

Posted by tszodie on Mar-27-2011 03:32:

Can not wait good sir .. But I will, quality takes time so take yours

Posted by Daegal_Brain on Jul-20-2011 20:14:

Part 5 of this series moves into the naughties loosely covering tracks from 2000 – 2002, with all the usual samples and a bit of trickery. Once again a mostly vinyl based set.

To kick things off, there is an intro mash up featuring Annie Lennox (And Jim Morrison, just for kicks) who has an incredibly powerful and haunting voice. When teamed up with remix maestro’s Gabriel & Dresden, they produced a timeless progressive-vocal trancer: “A Thousand Beautiful Things” which I’ve mixed back into a number of tunes in this set. This is followed by an early production from Kuffdam & Plant - “When I’m missing you” is not as quick as their more recent productions and I just love the drifty nature of this tune. You’ll hear more from these guys in part 6. James Holden and the ITWT label then follow with what are essentially strong filler tunes before we head more into anthems thanks to Tiesto.

Monkey Forrest deserves a special mention as one of the best tunes out, doesn’t sound a day old after 8 odd years since the first release and these two ITWT release here I think were their best, for me at least. Top tune on here for me is the just epic Fire & Ice “Lost Emotions 2001.” This was always a weapon for me in my record bag as I never heard anyone play this until the Bryan Kearney remix came out far more recently. Honourable mention as well to Mat Silver for his super crisp “Blue skies” which was the debut release on Above the Sky Records. “Memories” also features which is on the flipside. A spot of trance trivia for you: The vocals in both are from Mat Silver’s wife. You’ll be hearing plenty more from Above The Sky in the parts that follow.

As the mix heads toward its climax I slipped in another lesser played Matt Darey remix: “Rise” which is definitely one to play your friend if they’ve just split up with their girlfriend/boyfriend...ditto “troubled soul” which became a local anthem at London trance night “Knowhere” I used play at regularly – had to put that in for you guys! We then tail off into Seven Cities to leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling I hope!

Thanks for listening, and check out previous 4 parts if you haven’t already. Part 6 in a couple of months.


Aria – Dido (2000)
Annie Lennox - A Thousand Beautiful Things (Gabrielle & Dresden Remix) (2003)
Kuffdam & Plant - when I'm missing you (2003)
Accadia - Into the Dawn (James Holden Remix) (2001)
King of Clubs - Revelation (2001)
Paul Oakenfold – Southern Sun (Tiesto mix) (2002)
Moby – Extreme Ways (Tiesto mix) (2002)
Midway – Monkey Forrest (2002)
Moogwai – Viola (2000)
Push - Strange World (2000 remake) (2000)
Moon Project - Moments are forever (2001)
Fire & Ice - Lost Emotions 2001
Matt Silver - Blue Skys (2000)
DJ Air - Alone with me (Flutlicht mix) (2002)
Mass Effect - Alphascan (2002)
Matt Silver - Memories (1999)
Gabrielle - Rise (Matt Dary remix) (2000)
Lamai - Troubled Soul (2001)
Solarstone - Seven Cities (Solarstone 2002 remake)

2 options to download:

Length: 130:11
Size: 297.97 MB

Posted by Sandsider on Jul-21-2011 06:53:

Thumbs up

I have been giving this series a lot of listening time lately , this addition is greatly appreciated. You are a star, sir. Many thanks.

Posted by Daegal_Brain on Jul-21-2011 20:50:

Originally posted by Sandsider
I have been giving this series a lot of listening time lately , this addition is greatly appreciated. You are a star, sir. Many thanks.

Thanks very much mate very kind! I cant quite figure out how to end this at the moment...part 8 might go back to the start!

But anyway thats for later

Posted by Vernon Wanderer on Aug-02-2011 09:19:

Faved the pt.5 on soundcloud. Just thought I'd give it a bump

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