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-- Erlend Oye - Ghost Trains (stereotypy remix) Deep/Minimalist House

Posted by Omega_Blue on Sep-16-2010 15:12:

Erlend Oye - Ghost Trains (stereotypy remix) Deep/Minimalist House

Erlend Oye - Ghost Trains (don't be lonely mix v2) by Stereotypy

*NOTE- Amount of downloads via Soundcloud has been MAXED OUT. click hyperlink below for download link*

Download Link HERE

I've had this track up on my soundcloud for quite a while now, but the download limit was reached this morning; so while moving the track to permanent hosting (thanks, nou and wrzonance!) i decided to post it up in case any of you guys haven't checked it out already.

this is basically a minimalistic deep house approach at the original erlend oye track- but don't be fooled, when i say "minimalist" i don't mean hipster-mnml, i mean it's deep house with a minimal amount of instrumentation. drums, bass, rhodes, 1 synth. and even though it's my "laziest" piece, production-wise, it's also my most popular track on soundcloud for some reason, lol.

enjoy. questions, comments, and/or constructive criticism greatly appreciated.

Posted by Owsey on Sep-18-2010 15:42:

I found the vocals to not be my cup of tea, and the intro felt a little lifeless to me with nothing but some drums. But overall I really enjoyed everything else. Very chilling tune, well done!

Posted by kevin shawn on Sep-22-2010 22:05:

I like this alot! Total chill vibe...

Would like to hear this but sped up too I think a B side remix is in order eventually Again good vibe.

Posted by Artois on Sep-23-2010 14:14:

great work on this really full track groovy and amazing emotional atmosphere in it

Posted by Omega_Blue on Sep-23-2010 15:59:

hey, thanks for the feedback fellas. i'm thinking about redoing the entire thing- keeping the basic ideas, but maybe changing the arrangement slightly to make it more dj-friendly, as well as updating/tweaking some of the instrumentation so it doesn't sound as muddy. that and the vocals feel a little flat to me, like, literally flat. i think they're like... a demi-semitone off or something. lol

Posted by -FSP- on Sep-23-2010 16:35:

I like the vocal. Reminds me a bit of norm talley. It may be your laziest track, but good ideas pretty much build themselves. Can't really give any feedback on this one, it's already good.

Posted by G. Cazali on Sep-23-2010 19:24:

no need to speed up the track in my opinion
love the vocals , love that snare

great remix

Posted by EddieZilker on Sep-23-2010 21:28:

Totally awesome track, sir. Love the vibe. Definitely has that 'deep' feel to it. Even though the elements seem minimal, they're definitely up to some intricate stuff.

Very nicely done.

Posted by MSZ on Sep-24-2010 05:47:

agree with the others, this sounds great. the sounds are all well chosen and contribute to the overall vibe you achieved. very good work son i am not disappoint.

Posted by theterran on Sep-24-2010 23:09:

Oh that rhodes is indeed nice. Bass is nice as well.

Very reminiscent of Moby from back in the day. (Probably the vocals that do this)


The obligatory : Very nice work m8

Posted by Omega_Blue on Sep-25-2010 06:53:

thanks fellas; your feedback and encouragement motivates me to become better and work harder.

i haven't lately, but i'm getting back in the groove now as we speak. it's been too long since i last was productive.

Posted by EgosXII on Oct-06-2010 09:50:

fucking love erlend oye, used the sample from sudden rush in a track a while ago too

nice work on the track man, adds something nice over the original, different, but still a 'remix'

Posted by Nemesis44 on Oct-07-2010 22:36:

This is really good, not what I would usually go for myself but I recognise quality when I see it. Not much else to be said that has not already been said.


Thanks for helping to depress me... been hammering away at a track for a while that I just completed, posted it here then started listening to you guys and what you are doing... green with envy at the moment. :P

Posted by JimHighLife on Mar-12-2012 23:39:

Nice and deep. Great sounds, great beats! Well produced!

Posted by Allied Nations on Mar-13-2012 00:51:

not bad at all!!

mix could be jucier sounds a little flat over here but overall very nice lads!

erland is always a winner, glad you kept it real

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