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Posted by GuvLuuver on Jan-09-2006 22:13:

Be Cool! prog house ID

ok... this track seems to be blowing up in Toronto( i.e Guv, and comfort zone), and ive only been able to make it out there a couple times in the past 2 months, but there is a track that deko-ze plays alot... and ive heard j prez drop it too... i dont know the vocals in the track, but it starts out with spanish guitars playing a few chords, then has some vocals, then the bass drops in and becomes very high pitched and distorted. lol... great explanation right? lol, o well... hopefully someone knows what track i am talking about. thanks for the help!!!


Posted by breakawayj on Jan-10-2006 20:10:

big fat maybe.....

DJ Chus pres The Groove Foundation - That Feeling (D Formation remix) Deko-ze opened with it this passed sunday at zone....lots of good remixes of this track, getting play everywhere.

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