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-- PPK - "Love Unlimited"

Posted by leftymo on Mar-16-2004 03:21:

Dancing Dude Old one I think, sample provided!

Hey, I heard this track once off a stream... (can't remember which), but it was at least 1 1/2 years ago...

Anyone know the name? awesome vocals... and the beat rocks too! (no beat sample though)

thanks in advance!

Posted by BEACHBOY on Mar-16-2004 08:55:

sounds very nice, wouldn't mind knowing this...

Posted by lx_xl on Apr-06-2004 03:17:

Wow, I really like this!! It kinda reminds me of that Braveheart melody, don't you guys think?

Posted by cracka_DJ <> on Apr-06-2004 03:38:

dj sakin & friends - nomansland?

Posted by leftymo on Apr-06-2004 05:41:

nope, that's not it.

Wow, I think I've got people stumped!

It doesn't have any of the bagpipes (like in braveheart).

Posted by Tream on Apr-12-2004 11:06:

PPK - Love Unlimited , radio mix I think


Posted by leftymo on Apr-13-2004 00:46:

That's the one!

Thanks a a bunch!!!

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