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-- Who Would Win in a Fight- a horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses?
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Posted by *HaRRy* on Oct-12-2003 14:30:

Who Would Win in a Fight- a horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses?

Although the horse-sized duck would have the height and power advantage,if the 100 duck-sized horses were well organised and used shrewd strategy to distract and confuse their opponent they could deliver fearful hoof powered kicks to the giant duck's soft underbelly. Herein lies the horse sized duck's weakness.


The horse sized duck would win. It could flap its huge wings to cause confusion and break up any potentially lethal synchronised mini horse attacks. its huge thick skinned webbed feet would not only squash multiple horses, but would also be immune to bites. With its big beak it could scoop up and swallow mini horses whole. Therefore it would just be a matter of time before the duck won through.

Posted by DJ Mikey Mike on Oct-12-2003 14:37:

If the Horse sized Duck approached such a battle with 'Zangief' tactics in mind, it could spread it's wings and go into a 'spin' like state with low swoops. The 100 Horses would be unable to get anywhere near the Duck which would result in victory for the Duck

Posted by joeh on Oct-12-2003 14:43:

lol i cant believe that was in your local paper.

imo the 100 duck sized horses would win.

Posted by ClubHarder on Oct-12-2003 16:42:

I reckon the horse sized duck wud win, if it used the already mentioned methods of attck, being the wing attack and spinning methoed. Also it could go on a rampage n squash all the lil horses with its webbed feet, or take flight and nose dive them, or do massive horse sized shits on to them all, or perhaps use a ultra loud quacking methiod to confues the 100 horses and then peck them to death with is bill

Posted by CraSHer[UK] on Oct-12-2003 16:56:

personally I think the 100 duck sized horses would win

Posted by dj_mdma on Oct-12-2003 17:58:

are u all retards?! of course the horse sized duck would win! think of how big one of those Shire horses are and think of how big a duck is...

duck sized horses would be shit

something that could fight the beast and win would be duck sized hamsters!

Posted by KilldaDJ on Oct-12-2003 18:14:


think of it in terms of size

a horse sized duck would be eaten alive by 100 duck sized horses

100 duck sized horses would be the mass of a 2 storey house or something

Posted by TiestoFanMatt on Oct-12-2003 18:52:

Tought question, does size beat qauntity? mmmm...I think size will win

What u think the bookies would say about this?

Posted by tu_face on Oct-12-2003 19:01:

you guys are forgetting the many different types of battle that can occur.. for example, in a mid-air dual 100 duck-sized horses would not stand a chance. but on the other hand, if the fight takes place in a cave, then the mini horses would win hands down due to their outstanding manouvreability and team work.

but i do agree, in a good portion of all the circumstances that there might be surrounding the battle, the horse-sized duck would win.

Posted by Jigglypufffff on Oct-12-2003 19:17:



I jus creased wen i read that !! the monster sized duck all the way!

Posted by Yella Fella on Oct-12-2003 19:54:

horse size duck can just squish the bastards... or... maybe it can do a chun li on em

Posted by DJ Mikey Mike on Oct-12-2003 20:00:

Originally posted by Yella Fella
.. or... maybe it can do a chun li on em

Now now lets not get silly. A duck of this size and mass is not going to be very manouverable, so the high air dives are out of the question, and the legendary 'chun li kick' will only be held back by the ducks webbed feet that will act kind of like a large fan, consequently causing to much air resistance to pick up the speeds required for such a kick.

Posted by Yella Fella on Oct-12-2003 20:11:

can always do a spinning bird kick, mind the pun

Posted by Spin Doctor on Oct-12-2003 20:26:

The duck sized horses would win without contest. Strategically placed kicks and bites to the duck would have it down onto the ground in seconds. Once its on the ground it would be a simple clear up job for the horses.

If the horses are dark and attack at night they would also have a good camouflaged advantage.

We could also selectively breed midgets so they are small enough to form a mounted guard to ride the horses then they would be unstoppable.

Posted by Luke Terry on Oct-12-2003 21:42:


if the duck went hyper the stomping on the relatively huge feet would take out so many of the horses they wouldn't know what to do

Posted by Martin McG on Oct-13-2003 12:05:

i reckon the mini me horses could win it

i have never seen a violent duck before but horses, they are bastards!

Posted by Ste on Oct-13-2003 12:08:

i must of spent an hour explaining the duck sized horse has far superior attack and defence options!

Posted by Ian on Oct-13-2003 12:11:

imo the power of numbers would win

Posted by Ste on Oct-13-2003 12:23:

but the fact they have number counts for shit when they cant do anything to the duck.

- their bites wudnt penetrate its thick leg skin which wud be about an inch thick when horsesize.

-their kicks wud be like a cats kick like when they grab u and bit and kick but a tiny bit more painful, also the horses have to turn around to kick thus are vulnerable during attack.

-the duck cud jsut lift off and land on the repeatedly.

Posted by Misty Kitty on Oct-13-2003 12:30:

Im with the horse sized duck on this one, the foot span alone could crush a couple of duck size horses in one step, he could fling them for car lengths with that beak.

And just think of the size of the eggs, not in battle (unless the duck plans to sacrifice its young in the name of battle) but for our food

Posted by UglyDave on Oct-13-2003 14:45:

the horse-sized duck would kick the shit out of the mini horses..

Posted by UglyDave on Oct-13-2003 14:47:

Originally posted by Ian^
imo the power of numbers would win

naw, 1 wee shorse could do nothing to the duck, so like, all the duck would have to do is swipe his big webbed feet and flatten about 10 mini horses with one blow.

it'd be a one horse race


Posted by *HaRRy* on Oct-13-2003 15:57:

the wings on the horse sized duck are obviously going to be big and strong enough to throw any small horses such a distance that on landing all their bones will break.

Posted by tu_face on Oct-13-2003 17:39:

another thing to consider.. what if the battle is to be faught in space..? the zero G battle would only have one outcome.. the duck sized horses would win because they can attack the horse sized duck from all angles at one.

and regarding the spinning bird kick, of course a horse sized duck could do that, as the angle of its feet is 90 degrees from the upward position of the duck, so thus when the duck flips 180 degrees the feet would still be perpendicular, and thus not creating very much air resistance. all that however is beside the point, as the main concentration of the attack is reasonably high off the ground, and duck sized horses could easily dodge such an attack.

Posted by dj_mdma on Oct-13-2003 19:17:


a horse sized duck would have the ADVANTAGE in space due to it being able to utilise its wings as a form of balance. it could be able to perform Zangief manoueveres with no trouble at all.

duck sized horses WOULD be able to attack from all angles, however, as there hooves are very small they would not be able to propel themselved in the right direction to co-ordinate an attack. I think you'll find that they would only float around whilst pathetically kicking their legs to try and attack the duck, whilst the duck looks on and laughs as it bats them around with its wings!


Lets put it into comparison. Would a man sized hamster be able to fend off 100 hamster size men?

Point proved, southerners win again!

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