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-- Oriental Express - "Starship"

Posted by darksteppin36 on Aug-03-2003 23:35:

PVD Casino, Berlin (02-07-2003) Unknown track

This track comes after " Orietal Express - Starship" but gets cut off for a commecial. It isn't labeled on PVD's website. It from PVD soundgarden (Live from Casino, Berlin (02-07-2003) The other link didn't work so use this one CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE!!!

Posted by SportTrance on Aug-04-2003 00:06:

not sure how legit that is or if ya've already seen it, good luck tho

Posted by darksteppin36 on Aug-04-2003 00:43:

Yeah I seen that thread and I have the track list but it is missing this song. The tracklist from the website goes from #5 to #7, it skips #6.
1 Love Commitee Love Rules [Low Spirit]
2 Ext 119 The Zone [Moonshine]
3 Pulser My Religion (Lange Remix) [White Label]
4 DJ Flex Digital Club [Cyper Records]
5 Orietal Express Starship [White Label]
20:30<------------------------------------IT SHOULD BE HERE!!!!
7 Starchaser Fallin Star [Vandit Promo]
8 DJ Icey Beyond [Tree Rec]
9 Dave Swayze Constant Love [Yeti Records]
10 Andrea Doria Bucci Bag [White Label]
11 Best Night Bootleg [White Label]
13 Lisa Marie Experience Keep on jumpin [Dance Department]
14 Cosmicmann I love you [White Label]
15 Franssen & Lowdown Blame It [Intec]
16 Dream Traveler Structure [Fade Records]
17 Chris Fortier Whateveritis [Fade Records]
18 Rockets Electric Delight - Im Trallazzi Remix [JT Company]
20 Deep Sound Luis Diaz [White Label]
21 Playing with the stones White Label [White Label]
22 Sharam Keep on Moving [Low Spirit]
23 Ruff Driverz pres. Arrola Dreaming [Inferno]
24 Sanctury 2 Dejure [Nebula]
25 White Label White Label [White Label]

Posted by SportTrance on Aug-04-2003 00:46:

well its Fettster's cue that caught my eye.....

Posted by darksteppin36 on Aug-04-2003 22:39:

C'mon I know someone has to know what track it is.

Posted by Sand Leaper on Aug-05-2003 22:39:

I'd like to know what this is as well.

Posted by darksteppin36 on Aug-09-2003 04:08:

Your not trying hard enough people.

Posted by armandzadza on Aug-12-2003 03:05:

This is Oriental Express - Starship.

Paul van Dyk played it on the Radio One show from the Love Parade. Looks like the tracklist is off.

Posted by Laushinameee on Nov-30-2004 19:27:

yes the sample is oriental express, youve made up the extra track in the tracklist. It doesnt exist.

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