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-- get this woman off national television

Posted by {b.s.e.} on Jul-12-2006 14:24:

get this woman off national television

nancy grace.

die screaming.

Posted by washout on Jul-12-2006 14:28:

she will get aids.

Posted by {b.s.e.} on Jul-12-2006 14:34:

i doubt she puts out enough to contract.

anthrax would make me happier.

Posted by Lebezniatnikov on Jul-12-2006 15:07:

Yet another reason the Natalee Holloway thing should not have been news: it started Nancy Grace's career.

Posted by menid on Jul-12-2006 15:41:

Yeah, I knew exactly who you were talking about before I even clicked on the thread.

Posted by colonelcrisp on Jul-12-2006 15:45:

i think i should start a new cnn show called "politically incorect mark" then pose the question "what would nancy grace do if natalie holloway was black....."

i hate that woman more than martha stewart......... she is living proof that a southern accent lowers your iq automatically by 200 pts.

giving her airtime is the equivalent of giving mentally handicapped people firearms........ the idea was doomed from its conception.

Posted by Slylee on Jul-12-2006 16:31:


good call!

i can only watch her show for about 3 minutes. my bf and i make fun of her all the time. she's obnoxious.

Posted by colonelcrisp on Jul-12-2006 16:45:

from wikkipediea

Grace has been criticized as one of the prime media practitioners of "missing white woman syndrome". She has given the Holloway case a lot of attention, but has also vigorously defended Jennifer Wilbanks, the Atlanta-area woman who staged her own disappearance. Despite evidence showing planning and intent to deceive, Grace was opposed to the idea that Wilbanks, who later pled guilty to making false statements, should be charged with anything. In her defense, Grace occasionally airs cases of people who have gone missing or who have been victimized and aren't receiving the same high-profile national attention. Many of these cases involve African-American women and children. In general, the criticism of Nancy Grace suggests that her passion overwhelms her legalistic reasoning.


that about sums it up lol "missing white woman syndrome"

Posted by guster on Jul-12-2006 17:39:

i agree with you under one condition.

we get this ventriloquist shithead off the air too:

and get bob novak off too.

Posted by Marc Summers on Jul-12-2006 17:43:

Originally posted by menid
Yeah, I knew exactly who you were talking about before I even clicked on the thread.

I actually thought this thread was going to be about ann coulter.

Posted by Groundhog Boy on Jul-12-2006 18:24:

The sad thing is that she's an icon to bitchy women everywhere who see her success as justification for their behavior, as though that's how you become successful. She's got this "shoot first, ask questions later" philosophy and jumps to conclusions about her stories all the time, condemning people before even getting a small percentage of the facts. The Duke lacrosse case is a prime example, as I recall her calming her rhetoric after more details started coming out.

If I had been on a jury when she was a prosecutor and she behaved even close to the way she does on TV, I'd want to acquit simply because I couldn't trust her and her half-informed, emotional conclusions.

Posted by colonelcrisp on Jul-12-2006 18:44:

too bad married with children is no longer on the air, i believe "no-mam" would have womething to say about her man hating rage....

man she is a bitch

Posted by RapidFire on Jul-12-2006 19:13:

yep. that bitch is SO FUCKING ANNOYING.

and while we're at it lets take down all of CNN.

Posted by Ygrene on Jul-12-2006 19:14:

I'd like to punch that leather sportcoat she's wearing.

Posted by infinity HiGH on Jul-12-2006 19:25:

Originally posted by Temperate
I actually thought this thread was going to be about ann coulter.

same here. but she's another one that should be locked up in a box with no holes.

Posted by StanVoid on Jul-12-2006 19:36:

i read the first part of the thread title "get this woman off" and said "OK"

Posted by tubularbills on Jul-12-2006 21:09:

paula zahn > nancy grace

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